Those deadly avocados…

Ha! So you all thought that avocados are good for you? Well, think again. The future of avocados does not look so green anymore. Take a sneak peek at the article to see how avocados are secretly out to kill you.

We have all seen… not – so – smart people, but there has always been hope in me that there are limits to that “not – so – smartness”. But then something comes along and I have to rethink those limits. I have been proven wrong yet again.

The trending topic is: “Injuries caused by an avocado”. No, not really. More like: “Injuries caused by mishandling an avocado”. It seems as if we are having an epidemic of people with lacerations caused by sharp knives while cutting an avocado.

A few years back I got a pack of store-bought hot – dogs for my lazy days. I could not control my giggling when I saw a warning note inside the package urging me to cut those hot – dogs for my potential kids so they would not choke. I have not seen such warnings anywhere in the world but in the U.S.A. Things might have changed since then… Some people just need things spelled out for them.

Because doctors are tired of seeing silly people with avocado wounds in their offices, they suggested that warning labels be placed on avocados. “Perhaps we could have a cartoon picture of an avocado with a knife, and a big red cross going through it?” – Simon Eccles, honorary secretary of the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, who treats about four avocado-hand sufferers a week. That would mean that we cannot use a knife to cut open an avocado. I am urging all of the inventors to come up with a device, which would be safe (not have any parts that could wound or kill someone) to use when an avocado was needed.

It seems that people cannot always estimate the ripeness of the avocado correctly, which can lead to injuries. I am freaking out here. Did anyone sue the farmers growing avocados, yet?! Because they are soooooo unsafe (sarcasm). Anyone can cut themselves while prepping ANY kind of fruit/ vegetable/ meat, etc. Do we need warning labels on all? It scares me to know that we live among people, who would rather blame an inanimate object for something THEY are at fault for.

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  1. No, I’m afraid I don’t pay attention to avocados too much lately. I’m saving up for a car, so I have to stop smearing this stuff on toast, according to financial boffins that have been wrong and out-of touch since the mid-1990s…

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    1. Ah, yes. I remember reading an article about how millenials will never be able to afford a house, because they spend all of their money on avocados. It surely is a fashionable item to buy/ have around/ eat. But they are currently rather expensive.

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  2. Hahaha I enjoyed reading this! It’s so true, we seem to take life too seriously. Where is our sense of humour? Perhaps if we laughed more, we wouldn’t be so frustrated all the time!

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  3. It’s so true! We don’t need to be told all the time that we need to be careful and it’s exactly our fault if we’re not 😁

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  4. Hilarious. Love this re-posting of old posts, especially since I haven’t read all of them. Your humor is extremely amusing, as usual.

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