We owe it to ourselves and others to learn and to teach.

Today’s society is becoming increasingly rude and uncultured. While I understand that kids can’t always sit still in church, or that they can cry out loud on cue at the store, I do not understand the adults.

In a recent article I read, a guy could not get people to quiet down at a coffee shop, so he used what they were talking about against them. They were discussing potential business details and its name. The author of the article flat out bought the domain with the name of the business the people came up with. Some might think that was spiteful, but after what I see around me more often than not, I think it was genius.

On another occasion, an obnoxious woman left her dog’s poop on an airport’s terminal floor without trying to clean it up in any way. The author of the article says that there was a special pet zone for that kind of business nearby, but I understand that she wasn’t aware, or that the dog just had to go. However, she could have made more of an effort to find someone to clean it, instead of proceeding with her life like nothing ever happened.

Of course, such insane behavior stems from childhood and the lack of any sense of direction from the parents. I see a woman with a 7-year-old on a bus and they are both sitting in the “elderly/disabled” seats. All the seats are taken. An old lady gets on and she is clearly having issues with coordinating the whole “standing/holding on for dear life situation”. I know that the mother or the child might not be feeling well, or have a disability of their own, but they are laughing and chatting away while intermittently playing on their phones. They see the old lady. They do nothing!!! The child doesn’t get up, the mother doesn’t tell her to. I have to be the bad guy, so I politely ask them if maybe they are both disabled. The kid looks at me as if I’m from Mars. The mother rolls her eyes and tells her kid to just sit in her lap. They go back to playing on their phones. The old lady thanks me and sits down. What an accomplishment! Before there were 2 people sitting, now it’s 3!!!

A 5-year-old keeps running up and down the aisle in church while her mother does nothing. The kid is not so little anymore. She should have SOME sense of what church is and how to behave in it. When the child runs past me for the nth time I whisper to her asking to go back to her pew. The mother sees it and comes to reprimand ME. Ok, I understand that – she is being a protective lioness over her cubs and she will take care of the situation herself because after all, she has realized that she should try to parent her child sometimes. Oh, that is NOT what happened. She ran to her other daughters and told them all about it. You can only assume what she said to them after them all turning around and looking at me as if they were going to kill me.  That is even more dangerous than the lack of parenting. It just instills the “snowflake” idea in them even more.

Once on a bus, a woman in her 20s puts her nearly-finished-drink on the floor and then… changes seats, leaving the cup behind. Everyone can forget, right? So I remind her. Firstly, she gets mouthy with me and then proceeds to perform more physical acts of contempt like trying to spill the remains on me (scattering different parts of the plastic cup around the bus) and trying to pick a fistfight. No one around cares. If no one cares, why bother. It must be I who was in the wrong. I must be nitpicking. One person cannot change the world, which is going downhill fast…

For the love of all that is holy, please do NOT be that person who listens to their music on their phone loud through the speaker in a crowded place. It’s called being respectful. Or, please do not talk about BS on speakerphone for an hour either when random people surround you.

If we were more RESPECTFUL of one another the world would be prettier, we wouldn’t be as stressed and we would all be more peaceful.

36 thoughts on “We owe it to ourselves and others to learn and to teach.

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  1. hmm I think some of the things can be annoying , but we can not change them we can change ourselves and to get used to it , the people you met were really nice like the women with the kid she told her kid to get if she had refused as saying I came first you could have done nothing could you? nope also were not there any man who could have got up instead maybe , and if people start to be this careful maybe it will be hard to breath we have to adjust with each other , take care

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      1. yea both sides have to adjust then life goes on , everyone do not agree with the taught thing they have there different mind set on what should be okay , i am not going to call you anything ๐Ÿ™‚
        your welcome

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          1. well the thing is , a teacher teaches a kid, a mother teaches her child if other than that someone teaches , giving advice is okay but it should not turn into criticism or like bossing around cause in the end you have your own wheel of life to drive the direction you want , it can be then called an annoying mother in law or like maybe an old grandma ๐Ÿ™‚ lol

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              1. its not perfect that is its not boring just like sadness vs happiness like its said in imperfection there is perfection
                I hope you had a lovely Christmas and holiday was just thinking about you yesterday

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          2. but I agree some people are really rude in public places and do not respect the other at all, I met these kinds of people all a lot who thinks they rule the world and does not care about the other at all so yeah i can understand you where your coming from to be honest

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        1. Oh, not at all! I am aware that not everyone agrees with me. In fact, I welcome an exchange of thoughts and feelings. That is a way for me to see something from a different angle. I hope you’re having a great weekend! (And Merry Christmas if you celebrate)

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          1. that’s great a load off of my chest , and thank you ,have a lovely Christmas take care (i do not celebrate but i will enjoy the weekend) and wish you best wishes ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Recently, on a crowded flight, someone was playing a game without headphones. It really amazed me that someone would actually do that. Fortunately, it stopped after a while, perhaps someone talked to him, or he became aware of the racket he was making.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your encounter. I’m right there with you on the “amazement” part. So glad it did not continue for too long. Sometimes, when I’m in an extremely forgiving mood, I put me own headphones on (if I have them) and test if I can hear the other sound, if so… it’s a sign that they are way out of line.

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  3. I think it depends on where you live. In my neck of the woods, thankfully, I don’t see much rudeness. But when I travel, I see it all the time. The problem is that you make yourself a target, as you’ve shown, if you try to take things into your own hands. ‘Be the change you wish to see happen’ is good advice for these kinds of situations, I think.

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  4. This exactly why I avoid going outside and human contact as much as possible.
    I am easily annoyed by such behavior.
    I also can’t stand when people criticize me when I show such behavior because I sometimes tend to have a “fuck you all” attitude.

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      1. Interesting. I had people tell me all my life I should create more of a “fuck you all” mentality. And now they suddenly need me to be social again.
        Make up your mind.

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