CW: Not my cat.

“Write a complete story about a cat in 55 words.”
– CW prompt for today.

We always had dogs, so I was a dog lover. Never really cared for cats. One day, my coworker asked me to cat sit for her, which I wasn’t too excited about. She had this antisocial cat who did not care for anyone. Somehow, we bonded. And to my coworker’s surprise, became great friends. Cats…


5 thoughts on “CW: Not my cat.

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  1. I really liked this…and that picture is the image of my cat Ginger, she lived to 21, maybe 22 years old, never sure with a rescue how old they actually are…anyway, your post hit the nail on the head. Some cats are special like that and non cat lovers end up connecting with them. Ginger was one of those.

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