CW: The key that does not unlock any doors.

“A key is missing on your keyboard”
– writing prompt for this blog post.

t was a gloomy day yesterday. The fall season was n full swng – t was cloudy, rany and rather cold. n the evenng, decded to make myself some tea to go together wth my bluberry scones  just took out of the oven. The ran was comng down heavly, creatng waterfalls whch enveloped my house. t was a perfect day for Netflx and chll. Lterally. Wrapped up n a blanket, n bed, surrounded by popcorn, scones and oolong tea wth a spoonfull of honey and a sde of lemon,  was ready to battle the rest of the mserable day.

Another season of “Stranger thngs” s to ar n just a couple of weeks, so wanted to refresh my memory on what happened n the prevous season. My Mom used to tell me not to eat n bed, but who would lsten to such nsane advce, rght?! You know those slow-mo moments n the moves? That happened to me yesterday. Towards the end of the frst epsode, got a leg cramp from havng my laptop and varous plates propped up on my legs. had to reposton. My body reacted qucker than my mnd. As moved, saw the mug of honey tea tltng towards my laptop’s keyboard. *nsert a gf wth me screamng out: “Nooo” and reachng towards the mug n a faled attempt to prevent the dsaster from happenng*

t was too late. The stcky tea has splled over the rght sde of my keyboard. Majorly pssed, jumped out of the bed, sendng the popcorn flyng all around my room. “Ths cannot get any worse” – thought to myself. The towel grabbed, was able to wpe away some of the lqud off from my keyboard, but t dd not take long to notce that some of the keys were not workng properly. Most lkely because of the honey stll beng underneath some of them.

Qute confdent n my computer sklls, proceeded to remove some of the affected keys, n hopes of cleanng under them. Somewhere, between the rage and despar, used too much force on the key and am now unable to put t back n. s the most mportant key for selfsh people lke me, because t enables me to wrte about ME. Oh, what am gong to do wthout t? am already lookng for a new laptop. Ths mght be enough of a good excuse to get a new pece of equpment.

Hope that dd not annoy you too much!!!

6 thoughts on “CW: The key that does not unlock any doors.

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  1. H, Golde… just vstng on a ?RandomRad! 🙂

    Hope that dd not annoy you too much!!!

    Not at all; thought t was brllant!

    …although, t has to be sad, a tad sloppy:

    […] oolong tea with a spoonfull of honey[…]
    […] up on my legs. had to reposition[…]
    […] some of the liquid off[…]
    […] me to write about ME[…]

    (Hope that dd not annoy you too much! ;))

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