I need YOUR input.

This genius idea entered my mind while I was thinking of my next blog post – Ask the people when THEY like to read your content. Like I said – genius.

While I personally like to read new blog posts on a regular basis (from those I follow, as well as from previously unknown to me authors), that is not something that works for me every time. Unfortunately, I often get swept up in extracurricular activities during the week, or am just too tired to consciously read creative things. It is when I have more time that I cherish the posts I read. That is when I am able to stop and think as I read, instead of just skimming through and not adding any value to my own life, the one of the writer or anyone else’s who might be reading the same piece. The weekend is when I tend to have some more free time. It does not always come easy, and sometimes I even have to fight for it (not with my fists, of course), but chances are I have more reading time then. Evening hours are preferable for me. During the week, that is the only time I would look at WordPress. On the weekends, that is also my prime time, but I sometimes add time for WP during day time, as well. Because of all that I just described, my own posts are usually written on a Sunday night. The Creative Writing posts are scheduled for Mondays at this time, since they are a separate category and so I wanted to keep it somehow “away” from the rest.

But here I am, wondering about YOUR reading patterns. I know how easily good writing can get lost in a sea of other posts, and that is unfortunate. Not that I am boasting about the quality of my writing… But sometimes it is easier to spark a debate when people are engaged in real time. Beautiful things can come out of a back-and-forth conversation, an exchange of ideas!

With that said, I really wanted to create a poll to make it easier for you guys. So that you could just click a button and be done with it. But! All the research that I have done in the past hour or so tells me that I am unable to add a poll to my blog post, unless I upgrade my account to one with a “Business plan”. Not happening.

Your time is precious, and I would like to make the most of it, so PLEASE share your usual reading days and times. Thank you in advance! Feel free to share with your community, so we can get a bigger audience.

11 thoughts on “I need YOUR input.

Add yours

      1. I settled on which day would fit my schedule the best. For me, it’s Wednesdayish. The reason is that I theorize my blog is too lighthearted for the start of the week and too ‘serious’ for the weekend. That thought process is a little extra though lol

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