CW: I found my way to you.

“Write about getting lost and finding an alternative way –
it can be literal or metaphorical.”
– a prompt for this week’s CW piece.

When I was a kid, I would spend my summer vacation at my grandparents’ house out in the countryside. They were my father’s parents, who had a rather tiny little house, but a substantial piece of land away from the hustle and bustle. They grew wheat and potatoes and beets and cabbage and strawberries and apples and many more things I cannot remember at this time. Sheep and chicken would always be present near the house. Back then, I did not appreciate all the homegrown meat, veggies and fruits as much as I should. You always appreciate it more when you lose it… However, what I always did appreciate was the surrounding flora.

My cousin, five years older than me, would be the one to always come up with some new and fun things to do when we got bored. We were city kids stuck with two older people in the middle of nowhere, where the “store” would come to you. Well, to be more precise, we had to walk downhill for a couple of miles to get to a van, which would deliver freshly baked bread. There was a specific time at which the van would come, which meant no sleeping in for us. After we picked up the fresh bread and milk, we would have to hike uphill to get back home. Now I see it as exercise, but back then it was just annoying. However, that was our unmonitored time, with no adult supervision, allowing us to chase one another with bows and arrows, push each other into stinging nettles, or just come up with pranks we would try and pull off later. My cousin was older, so he had the upper hand in whatever ideas he came up with. But all in all it was mostly fun. I miss those times of innocence and laughter…

As much as I adored my older cousin, every now and then, I would reach my limits. There were only so many times I could hide in the barn or in the attic before someone walked in for one reason or the other and my cover was blown. Sometimes I just needed some alone time. One day, I just started walking uphill from the house. Up a path I have walked so many times before, but never walked past the horizon. This time I wanted to see what was behind the horizon. The path between my grandparents’ house and the “horizon” was a rather open one, so I expected someone to yell after me the more I distanced myself from the safety of our home. Every step I took, I was further from what I knew and closer to the unknown. That was exciting! Nobody called for me. I turned around, and the already small house was now even smaller. My feet just kept on going.

When I got to the top of the hill, I discovered a dense forest to my right, which I decided to explore. People living nearby would walk this forest in search for mushrooms in the early morning hours, after it had rained. Because of that, there was no clear path in the forest, which would take you from one end to the other. Instead, the paths were like veins, crisscrossing at random. It was mid-day, so the sun was up above me, but the trees’ crowns obstructed most of my view of the sky. Lost in my thoughts, I walked in what I thought was a straight line. However, soon enough, the entrance to the forest closed behind me and I was just surrounded by trees. Just walking straight ahead was not always convenient with various bushes and shrubs in the way. Finally, I snapped back into reality and realized that I was not sure which way I should go in order to return home.

There was a brief moment of panic, but I quickly regained my composure and soldiered on, making a conscious effort not to walk in circles. After what felt like an hour (a few minutes more likely), I begun to see more of the sun and I thought I returned home. I did not. But what I saw was worth the trouble. A clearing, a meadow in the middle of the forest. It was nothing I have not seen before – pristine, waist high grass with various wild flowers, but at that moment, the way the sun was hitting the blades of grass, the way I found the sunny reprieve when I was lost… I found it beautiful. It was a spiritual moment for me. My way back home was not found just yet, but I received a sign from the Heavens that I am not lost. There is hope and my Guardian Angel will guide me home. As I was about to stand back up from my sitting position, a doe walked past the meadow. Calmly and surely. She stopped in the middle of the meadow for a second (just a few feet away from me), looked around and walked back into the forest.

I swear, the doe looked at me before walking back into the forest. So I waited a few seconds so as not to spook her, and then followed her into the forest. She was gone as quickly as she appeared. Back on my own I was, but this time I was armed with a feeling that all was going to be alright. After a few minutes, I reached the end of the forest. I stood at the border between the forest and the rest of the world. It was now clear to me that I got turned around in the forest, because I was to the right of the house, instead of in front of it. Nonetheless, I knew where I was now. During my walk I must have created something of an inverse “L” path in the forest somehow. Worried that the whole house was out looking for me, I hurried home. However, it turned out I was gone for much shorter than I thought, since no one even noticed I was really gone. Dinner was served and the rest of the day went on uneventfully, but I never forgot how I was almost engulfed in darkness and then I got saved by the light…


18 thoughts on “CW: I found my way to you.

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  1. Lovely post! When I was younger I would read my mother’s family saga books. I still enjoy tales about children now, and I’m sure it was because of my early ‘training’ reading those sagas. I really could picture you and your cousin but in my imagination, it was my usual generic rural American house! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for taking a look!
      That’s something that I miss – I never really got a lot of family saga stories, so I had to build my own. And now they wonder why I’m so secretive. They all are the same way.


  2. You know what Goldie? As far as I can say that I “know you”, I have always known you are a realistic person. One that doesn’t search hidden meanings behind events.
    But every now and then you surprise with a more spiritual side of yourself! And I love it!

    You know how to keep interested!
    Keep on doing that! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Andrea. I’m glad you are able to see those different sides of me.

      I re-read that story before I posted it and thought that I would write it differently this time around. I’m not sure if it would be better or worse. In the end, I decided to leave it as it was. I don’t want to erase my past. But it’s motivating for me to think that my writing is improving.

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      1. Plenty of times. But I sometimes purposely get lost to let life guide me. There’s plenty to explore when you get lost. I haven’t however gotten so lost that I panicked. Now that, I hope won’t happen. E.g. find yourself kidnapped and dropped off in the middle of a desert. 😮

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  3. I think I remember reading somewhere that when you’re lost and try to go straight, you inevitably end up looping around to the right — which would tie in with your ‘inverse L’ thingy. Of course, that may all just be poppycock 🙂

    It’s no longer that easy in the UK to get lost. Have to go a long way these days to find an area of untouched ground…. Just keep going and you hit a road eventually.

    One thing I miss from my childhood (in the days before I began to grok maps and get a sense of the reality) is the feeling of vast emptinesses to explore. There was an area of woodland and shrubs near where I lived as a child, which I think had never been cultivated or tended in any way — at least, not for years, if it ever had. I used to have fun exploring that. It seemed to go on for miles, though I’m sure it didn’t. Sadly it’s not there anymore: it was long ago built over.

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