Welcome to Act III of the hashtag week – #WednesdayWisdom!

[If you somehow missed #MondayMotivation or #TuesdayThoughts, be sure to click on the hyperlinks and check them out, like, comment and share. They are just as applicable today.]


Athlete, artist, librarian, miner, zoologist are just some of the professional titles associated with various people. But have you ever heard of social titles? Descriptions of roles we play in our social circles, i.e. family, friends? Probably not. And for the most part, we never really think about it. Until the time that one link goes missing from the chain… THEN we reminisce about the good ‘ol days, when Bob used to be the sounding board to our ludicrous ideas, and when Mom used to cook us chicken soup when we were sick. Even when we were already all grown up…

In any relationships that we form, we instinctively search for those who will be the yin to our yang. Those who will not only be compatible, but also fill in our shortcomings. If you never take off your rose-colored glasses, you want someone in your life to keep you grounded, someone who is maybe more of a realist and will challenge your Utopian views. I am sure we all have a comedian/ entertainer in our families or circle of friends. Someone who is bound to make us laugh no matter what. We might also know someone who is usually very eager about our new ventures, cheering us on no matter what. There is also probably someone who seems to know it “all”, always ready to provide advice.

We often take people for granted in our everyday lives. Sometimes, these roles are so ingrained in us that we do not allow people to act outside of the scope of their “role”. We tend to say: “What is wrong with you?” when they suddenly stop cracking jokes, or are more free-spirited than before. Today, try to reflect on what roles some people play in your life, and make it known to them that you are appreciative of what they do for you.

As a bonus exercise, try and figure out what role YOU play in your family/ circle of friends. It might make you feel better about yourself when you realize that you play an integral part in your group’s dynamic, or if not – it will help you figure out that you could do better. Either way, it is a win for the day!

What is YOUR unofficial title?


Lyrics for today are from the song “Wisdom” by the band – Mother Mother:

“Folding my clothes
And I feel useless
Don’t think I know
How to do this

Once I was told
But like any misfit
I spit on some good advice


Wisdom, wisdom
Where can I get some?”

Hmm? What did you say? I did not hear ya.

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