Welcome to Act V (and last) of the hashtag week – #FridayFeeling!

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“How are you?” We often hear that question, which is not really a question. It’s more of an acknowledgment of your presence. But when I ask: “How are you?”, I actually want to know how things are with you, so feel free to let me know in the comments how you feel today. I am here for you.

How do –I– feel? Hmmm… somewhat conflicted, I would have to say. As a person who works a M-F 9-5 job and has a lot going on outside of work, I find myself internally thorn when the weekend comes.  Naturally, a part of me is excited about the prospect of being lazy and not doing anything of substance for the next two days. But another part of me walks into my home and pulls the OCD alarm. *sigh* There are so many things to be done. “It’s Friday. Calm down.” “Look at all this mess. If you don’t take care of things now, it will just get worse.” And so my thoughts wrestle. I start prepping food, but then I decide to sit down and rest a bit. Then I get distracted and realize that time flies and I cannot just procrastinate the whole day, so I get up to do things, but then I get overwhelmed and rebellious. I need to rest at some point!

After the initial frantic stage, I calm myself down and formulate a plan. A restful weekend is needed, but there are some things that I should take care of before the start of next week. Therefor, I wrote down a list of things I should do and actually feel like it will not ruin my weekend completely. Aside from that, I gave myself permission for unlimited breaks. Having a visual list will motivate me to accomplish those tasks, but the world will not end if I do not finish it all.

Breaks are something I greatly value, and so should you. They are not just things lazy people do, but they are also essential to a productive person. An overload is a real thing. Our body and our mind can only handle so much. Your productivity suffers when you skip or cut your breaks out entirely. Moreover, insufficient breaks lessen your creativity. We surely do not want that to happen!

Inner conflict is my #FridayFeeling, but I am happy to say that I remain dedicated to the “do things” and “rest” balance. Your breaks can be insanely productive if you take them at the right times, for long enough and in the right way. It is now possible to take a break without feeling guilty about procrastinating!

So take a break; your brain will thank you!


Lyrics for today are from the song “Drinking Class” by Lee Brice :

“We all know why we’re here
A little fun, a little music, a little whiskey, a little beer
We’re gonna shake off those long week blues
Ladies, break out your dancing shoes
It don’t matter what night it is, it’s Friday
It’s Saturday and Sunday…”

3 thoughts on “#FridayFeeling

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  1. It’s Monday, just returned back to work after a long weekend (annual leave), and I’m already ready for it to be Friday! I know what you mean about the productively thing. I sometimes sit at my desk at work and feel really motivated to go home and say… Clean/tidy up the living room, but then when I get home I just collapse onto the couch and just rest. If only us humans didn’t get so tired so easily! P. S. Loving the cat picture.

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    1. I’m glad you liked the cat 🙂
      Coming back to work after a long week is a great test of our “can do attitude”. It seems as if the world stopped when we were out of the office and now all of a sudden everything needs to be done ASAP. Take a deep breath. Please, don’t kill yourself with all the work you got to do. And Friday will come soon enough!

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