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Here I go again, disrupting my blog’s flow. (If there ever was one…)

Long story short, I just wanted you all to know that I have not forgotten about you. There have been plenty of great posts published in the last two days, and so I shared my thoughts on those in the comment sections of almost all of them. Aside from showing my appreciation, I also shared personal stories and started some conversations. Unfortunately, almost all of them were never posted. After I would hit the “Post comment” button, my comments would just vanish. No “Your post is awaiting moderation”, no error given. Just nothingness.

Image result for nothingness

Is the picture a good enough visual of nothingness? In a way, I also feel like I am in purgatory.

Image result for purgatory

It makes me wonder if I even exist… Maybe there is no me?

After being tired of trying to figure this out on my own, I reached out on the forums, where my threads are automatically closed and marked as 47 years old.

Image result for shock

Some weird stuff, right?

Finally, I found a way to actually chat with someone about my problem. One person (because he was stumped like me) rerouted my issue to someone who hopefully knows more, while the other blamed it on Aksimet (the spam grabbing firm that works with WordPress). Of course, Akismet does not see why I would be considered “Spam”. (CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS? Are my comments really worth less than nothing?)

Image result for crying

As a result, I have WordPress and Akismet people working on this, and hopefully, someone will solve this mystery.

If it is not too much to ask, could you go to “My site”-> “Comments”->”Spam” and see if any of those are from me? It might be of great help in resolving my problem.

So, I apologize for not congratulating you on your blog’s milestones, for not encouraging you to keep writing, for not expressing how beautiful and thoughtful you post is…

Please wait for me. I hope to come back.

Image result for take my hand

EDIT no. 1: After posting this initially, I received a suggestion in the comments, which seems to have resolved the issue. So now I am trying to make up for lost time and re-do the lost comments just so I have an excuse to stay up late. I am still waiting for official responses from the two involved support parties.

EDIT no.2: A day later I thought all was fixed. Akismet basically came back and said they had no reason to believe it was on their end. With the issue seemingly fixed, I kept commenting away on the “First Friday” blog for new posters. And then, all of a sudden… the issue is back. What fixed it the first time does not seem to fix it now. Maybe there is a limit to how many comments we can post per 24h? So back to comment prison I go.

EDIT no.3:ย Last night I thought I had found a workaround. I was able to post comments while reading things in the Reader format. So I went on, deep into the night, discovering new blogs, making suggestions, etc. This morning I discovered that these comments do not register on the official page. Oh, how this is so cruelly funny.

EDIT no.4:ย By now, it was a swing of emotions, but I was calm and collected. Even when WP and Akismet decided to only see the “everything is fine now” email, and skipping the “oh, the problem is back” one. In the end, Akismet said they made some adjustments and things should be ok now. I wonder what those adjustments were and why did they not see any issues in the initial stages of my problems. What changed? Anyway, I am grateful for their prompt responses and help and am happy to be back in the commenting saddle. For now.

38 thoughts on “Beware!

Add yours

    1. Yes, I went from shrugging it off, through frustration, then through fury and am now at the “laughter of an insane person” stage. For my sanity’s sake, I, too hope it gets figured out.

      Comments on my site seem to be fine. It’s just the ones I make on others people’s sites.

      Thanks for your support!

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  1. I hope they figure it out and fix it soon.
    I unconsciously noticed your absence in my comment section๐Ÿ˜‚(if that’s a thing).
    Your comments are always well thought out.
    Keep up the good work! โค

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  2. OMG I do understand the stages of frustration you have been going through. It’s been two weeks now that I have problem with my iphone. Nobody seems to know how to fix it. Going to buy a new one tomorrow because I can’t post anything on Instagram nor leave a comment. Can only write in French. Every attempt to write in English and the message is transform into something weird that makes me sound like I am drunk. I am at the stage of laughing about it. Because I did send a couple of weird messages before noticing it. Thankfully it was to people I knew very well so they thought it was funny. Hope your problem will soon be fix.

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    1. *faints*

      I always had my (Gr)avatar logged in (or so I thought), because of being logged in to WP and seeing my icon…
      But, as you suggested, I actually went into Gravatar’s site, logged in with my WP account and all of a sudden… I seem to be able to post comments again. What the heck?

      I’m still waiting on a word from the “experts”. Curious what they will say.

      But hopefully this solved my problem for good. I will give this a day or two to make sure.



    1. REALLY? That makes me feel a TINY bit better. Of course, WordPress tells me that I seem to be the only one having problems and no one seems to be able to fix it.

      My conspiracy theory says that it has something to do with the new feature under “Reader” menu – “Conversations”. In technology something always seems to break when something new is added…

      Thanks for letting me know.

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        1. Well, that is my newest and most tame theory. Some are wilder and more personal (probably less probable).

          This is stopping me from discovering new talent. I could be saving the world, instead I am powerless…

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  3. I love the humour as well. Laugh or cry? I choose to laugh as I have lost about 100 people who followed my blog and I theirs and we haven’t managed to meet up since. I have many new followers and readers whom I follow in return, but I do miss the others who were regular readers. Marilyn resorted to some interesting tactics to find me and on my blog, I posted the update from wp regarding phones if that helps. I’m at a loss as to how I could get my lost friends back, but hopefully, they’ll “accidentally” find me again and I, them. In the meantime, I’m completely entertained in finding you and many other bloggers of note.

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  4. Reblogged this on One day at a time… and commented:

    A day (or so) ago, I noticed a comment in the “All” folder under the Comment section, which was not showing in my Notifications. The comment appeared in my Notifications hours after I replied to it. The same thing happened today. Apparently, other people are experiencing similar issues.

    I just wanted to keep you all updated. You might want to take a look at your comment section (“Spam” and “All”). There might be some comments hiding from you.


  5. I think this is the kind of thing that gives comedians a lot of their material. Turning frustration into a stand-up monologue….
    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who goes crazy with malfunctions. (I am technologically challenged. :/ ) I didn’t even know there was a Spam setting in my comments.

    PS Love the dog pictures. Those facial expressions do say it all, don’t they?

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    1. I’ve never thought of myself as funny (to others), but I do amuse myself sometimes. Things not working as intended can be annoying. Especially when they prevent me from things I feel the strong need to do.

      I’m glad you know about the Spam folder now. You’re not the only one. Trust me. That’s why I think sharing it with others (even though negative) is a good thing.

      Yes! I thought so, too about the dogs.

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    1. I’ve had other people tell me they’ve disabled it, too. I still use it, but I choose it to show me what it does, so in the end I have control over it. I can’t imagine people actually trusting in it and not filtering it themselves.

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