CW: Walking Through An Unknown Door – collab

As you probably noticed (you better have!!!), there was no CW post earlier this week, and I felt awful about it. My apologies. But I sure hope this makes up for it. It is a collaboration poem that I worked on with Meher. On her page (<– click, click, click) you can find the second poem her and I produced. Be sure to read both and let us know what you thought about it.

The prompt for the below poem was “fearing the unknown”, while the one that you can find on Meher’s page was inspired by “chains and shackles.”

The sun is setting,
As she sits on the beach,
Reflecting on what she’s done,
And what she was going to do.
As she reminisces over the events passed,
She is struck by the episodes,
And all the glories she never forecased.
She thinks of all the alleys and crossroads.
She knows how it feels to be a know-it-all,
She knows what time does.
She fears the unanticipated falls,
She fears to step in the scenic fuzz.
This strikes her as odd,
She’s never afraid of anything.
And yet, here she is- considering not living,
For the sake of avoiding failure.
Maybe she could stop thinking,
About what is and what isn’t happening.
Maybe she could walk and act a bit more,
Instead of losing time on this shore.
The sun is rising,
As she carefully closes the door on her past,
And nervously opens,
The door to her future.
Big thanks to Meher for her willingness to collaborate with me, her patience and her inspirational prompts. It was my first go at co-writing a poem with someone other than myself. Hope you enjoyed it. I know I did.
P.S. I added coloring (green – me, purple – Meher), so that I give credit where credit is due and that I know when I read this poem decades into the future.

Stay golden,



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