CW: You set us on fire.

 “Smoke, Fog, and Haze: Write about not being able to see ahead of you.”
– writing prompt for today’s CW piece.


You tied me with a wire
and set the house on fire.

You wanted to test me
and thought you could best me.

With you I tried to reason
but you said it was treason.

I begged you to free me
but you laughed at my plea.

Soon the house was filled with smoke
and we both began to choke.

You wanted to hurt me so bad
that it all became quite a fad.

Through the smoke you could not see
that you trapped yourself with me.

You set us both on fire,
leaving our relationship
on a funeral pyre.


Do not be blinded by rage. Remember that fire takes no prisoners. You might not be able to outrun it. It will consume you.


Stay golden,



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31 thoughts on “CW: You set us on fire.

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  1. Its so well written. Right from the wire and fire reference to that of the funeral pyre. Anger is indeed so very detrimental!! Yet people choose to harbour rage and hit out in blind fury over the slightest of things.. Your post is a beautiful reminder to keep calm..

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  2. Your poem is definitely something to reflect on in our own lives. Rage and resentment can definitely blind us, not allowing us to live in the moment, and appreciate what’s in front of us. Not until we learn to completely let go of our own attachments and negativity, is when we’ll achieve true happiness. That’s my take on it.

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