Yesterday, I came up with a great idea for a #ThrowbackThursday post, but somewhere between it popping into my head and now… it vanished. I have no idea what it was. How is it that sometimes I still think that those “genius” ideas will not float away without me writing them down?

Do you sometimes forget the things you want to write about? Or is it just me?


Today I look back on my prom. It was just a couple months before high-school graduation. It took us countless hours to perfect synchronized waltzing, which was a “must – do” and involved all the teachers and students. Needless to say, the formal dance was considered a “big deal”.

However, as the day approached, I got less and less excited due to not having a date. My friends and I finally decided to skip it all together. There were not many people in our class that were actually dating, but at that point, I did not seem to realize that. Back then, I did not know one could have a good time without having a proper date to the ball.

My Mom, on the other hand, would not have any of this. She did not care I did not want to go. She said she would make all the arrangements and that I had to go, or else I would regret it. And so she made sure my friends and I ended up having dates for the evening (hail family and their friends). I had no choice then but to go.

And go we did. We danced most of the night away. We talked and we laughed, knowing that we would all go our separate ways in just a couple of months. We had A BLAST!

Today I am happy I went…

Did you go to Prom? Did you have a good time? Any fun stories to share about it?


“Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.” – Søren Kierkegaard


Song for the day:

“…If you can’t get what you want
Then you come with me
Up on melancholy hill
Sits a manatee…”

Stay golden,



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37 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday

Add yours

  1. Well i have to say no.In elementary i was the only one who didn’t had the date for the prom,and i felt miserable and lonely and discriminated from my class.In mostly my class was broken after finishing elementary school,so in basically this or that didn’t talk to each other.Separate ways separated people.So i didn’t went for celebrating 5 years and 10 years of prom.It wakes inside of me bad memories.I really don’t want to see children who became really bad people.

    In high school i went with 26 girls in my class so i could pick whatever girl i want to for my date 🙂 .I had better time on this prom unlike in ES.

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    1. ES prom? My only prom was after high school. I’m sorry you had such a lousy experience, but that you enjoyed your high school one. I’ve never gone to a re-union, either. I meet with a couple of my friends, but I do not need to see all the phonies, whom I didn’t get along before. You make a good point.

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      1. ES-Elementary school.In Serbia you have two proms-one in elementary called “little prom” and second in high school called “big graduation” or “big prom night”.Well yeah why would i see some people i don’t like to see, only because i went with them 8 years together.All the best in life to all of them, but we don’t need to pretend to be buds.That is why i understand everyone’s problems and i write about it.

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          1. Every country is different on its way, for example over here school year begins September 1st, while my brother’s daughters starts September 15.

            In Switzerland classes last four hours-from 9-13.In Serbia from 8-14.Everywhere is different !

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  2. Never had a “prom” properly speaking… after high school we gathered once or twice, but not really a “prom” you know…
    Love the K. quote…. I particularly relate to this right NOW…

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    1. I get too easily distracted. On my way to get something to write on, I get sidetracked… and the rest is history. I’m glad you don’t feel like you missed out on anything. It seemed like all the parties I didn’t go to were the best ones,…

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  3. Oh gosh, so many memories… First thing I should probably mention is that I was homeschooled, so we didn’t have prom, we had a formal dinner. To sum up the evening, the most hilarious part was getting lost in Indy, and then watching our Limo driver walk into someone’s house because we had the wrong address and he was kind enough to check if it was the right place. We just didn’t expect him to walk inside XD

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    1. Thanks for sharing! Quite funny. The driver walked in, sat down, had some food, and all this while you were waiting in the limo for an hour. That’s my ending to your story. It’s good that he at least went to check and kept you safe.


  4. We didn’t have prom in high school or dates. It was a girls only boarding school so we had only a valedictory service/prize giving day, It wasnt a big deal for me. My mum did all the preparations.
    I was getting some prizes so I had to attend if not, I probably wouldn’t have attended.

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      1. Erm.. it didn’t bother me and home did nothing to help. I have 4 sisters (and a brother) and about 6 female cousins were living with us then, so it was just an extension of my boarding house.
        We weren’t allowed to go out and we couldn’t be friends with boys either.
        Although, I later realised I found it difficult relating with boys when I got into the university.
        That was the only life I knew then and it was perfect.

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  5. I relate to the comment about forgetting what you were going to write about! Usually it is an unusually good writing idea too! I did not go to prom, because I was not a blonde or a cheerleader. Now you know what kind of high school I went to.

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    1. We tend to frown at Indian castes, but the truth is that all societies have a cast system of their own. Just like you mentioned.
      Btw, I think I sent you an email through the contact page on your site last night. Did you get it?


  6. You reminded me of my high school prom. I didn’t want to go because I just don’t feel like going and I hate dressing up, but my mother forced me to go and bought me a dress. So I went to make her happy but I don’t remember much.😆

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