Pingbacks – the illusive mythical creatures of WP.

This is a very impromptu post, which does not really fit with the theme of my blog or with my posting schedule, but I wanted to share this with you all.

Pingbacks are a great thing.I discovered them pretty early on, and thought I was the coolest kid on the block. Shortly after, it stopped working for me and other bloggers reported similar issues, which led me to believe it was not a problem on my end. Well… Recently, when I was doing the award post, I found myself manually reaching out to those whom I nominated (and whom I was nominated by) so they would not miss it. It was time consuming, but most of all, it defeated the whole purpose of having the pingback function. Then, while I got some pingbacks from people whom I nominated, others were not as successful.

Today I stumbled upon a post written by one of my newbie blogging friends, which inspired me to get to the bottom of these pesky pingbacks. (You are already teaching me!) For one reason or another, I did not find WordPress’ explanations detailed enough and I was left wondering what I was doing wrong. Thanks to Dr. Google, I was able to find TWO great posts on how to properly use pingbacks.

What is the answer to your pingback problems? Linking to a specific POST, not their site’s main address.

Of course, be sure to check the “Allow Pingback & Trackbacks” in the “Post Settings” under “More options”. Unless, you do not want to be notified of someone linking to your posts.

For more step – by – step info on this topic visit Twinbookmarks and Too Much of a Booknerd.

Thank you to all three of my teachers today. What an informative day. Woohoo!

Now you can all nominate people for awards without having to manually inform them of their nomination. You can use this also when you write a post inspired by someone else’s (blog) post, of course.

Stay golden,



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145 thoughts on “Pingbacks – the illusive mythical creatures of WP.

Add yours

  1. Thank you so much for this great post. Now I know how to get around the manually reaching out for awards and I know what I did wrong the few times I did try to link (besides the daily prompt 😉):
    linking to the blog itself instead of a specific post 👍

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  2. That’s also one of the reasons awards are so time voracious….
    By the way… WP had some bugs since the beginning of the blogging and not only about this issue… but… oh well it remains a good platform technically speaking…

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  3. When I ususally want to link a post or a blog, I copy the link of it then paste it on “insert/edit link” the first is URL then I write the link text. AND that’s it. I don’t really know if this is the case in this post, if I’m wrong please correct me. I’m still learning these tips. Thanks 🙂

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    1. Yes, you are doing it correctly. Your readers can click and go to that blog easily. However, if you want to notify the owner of the blog of you mentioning them, then you must link to a post. Not the general blog address. If you use the general address (main page), then they will not get alerted. But your readers will be able to click on it. Does that make sense?

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                1. Then they are not pingbacks. You can just paste any link inside your post, but it will not alert them. Or you can write a word/ phrase, highlight it, and then go to insert link option in the edit post window. I don’t know any other ways of pingbacks.


    1. You mean that the whole post doesn’t show up, or nothing shows up at all?
      Once you click “reblog”, then you are given an option to write an intro (or not), and then hit confirm and it should post. It does post only an excerpt though, with a link to the original post for people to go read.
      For the B part of your question – head over to My Site- Sharing- Sharing Buttons and be sure to check the “show reblog button” and then save the changes.
      While you’re there you can also add the Like button and other sharing options.

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