How to lose your job in under two minutes.

A big pet peeve of mine is misdirected focus. In fact, I think a big reason as to why this world is so imperfect is because people incorrectly identify the root of an issue. They focus on the wrong part of the problem. That way, not only do the “solutions” not solve the problem, but they also often create new ones.

When I entered the workforce, I had a very idealistic idea in mind. It was my belief that if you worked hard, you would get rewarded, and if you did not perform well at your job, you might get fired. Imagine my surprise when I learned that getting fired was not easy. For years, I have witnessed people not fulfill their duties, and yet they remained employed. Hand in hand with that, the people who took their job seriously got only verbally acknowledge once in a while. Basically, there was no motivation to be productive. You could be a slacker and still have a job. Why bother? With the growing trend of suing your ex-employer for wrongful termination because of whatever reason, companies became scared of firing people. I was stunned.

However, the article, which serves as an inspiration for this post, shows us the other side of the coin – how easy it is to get fired. Fired for something that is not even related to your job performance. (This post ties in with some of the other ones I wrote in the past. Feel free to read on the topic of free speech, or our obsessions with phones and with recording everything.) Since I have not read any major “drama on a plane” related articles in the past weeks (maybe even months?), I thought we might be done with it. That is not the case.

Let me tell you the story. A woman got on a plane only to find out that she was sitting in the back of the plane next to a woman with a baby. The stewardess claims the woman screamed at the mother. The woman with the child quickly took out her phone to record the incident. The recording, however, only shows the woman “thinking out loud”, not even in a raised voice. No screaming is involved. Yes, babies tend to cry on planes. When I see a baby on board I do not jump for joy, either.

What made me laugh was the fact that the mother of the EIGHT MONTH OLD told the woman to stop swearing in the presence of her kid. Really? No wonder the woman supposedly told her to “shut up”. I might have reacted the same way. I am allowed to be displeased with the prospect of sitting next to such a little baby. If I am mumbling to myself and you scold me for swearing in the presence of your CLUELESS newborn, I will probably point out your stupidity. Now, granted, I understand people with children need to get from point A to point B just like the rest of us, so other than a few eye rolls, deep breaths and a few curses under my breath, there is not much I can do.

The reported story is not a total one. The video only captures a snippet, so in this post I deal with only what I know. The agitated woman is asked to wait for another flight if she so pleases, but she says she cannot. She asks for the flight attendant’s name and says she might not have a job the next day. That was totally uncalled for, I agree. From that moment forward, however, the stewardess gets offensive in her defense, raises her voice, stomps harder when she walks and adds anger to her tone. That is not proper customer service. This is not how you diffuse a situation. She even tries to have the woman removed from the plane. The woman profusely apologies, blames the heat of the moment and THANKS the flight attendant for calming down.

After the young mother recorded the video, she posted it online for the world to see how badly her and her child were being treated. Drama much? The video went viral. Of course. It seems to me like only the silly videos “make it”. As a result, the woman, who was displeased with the prospect of sitting next to a kid on a plane, was put on leave for the duration of a thorough investigation. She can lose her job. She can lose her job not for not performing her duties, not because of royally messing up at work, but because something she said outside of work.

Are we not allowed to be upset with something anymore? Camera phones silence us. We end up scared of opening our mouths in fear of being recorded. It seems like recordings combined with social media have become our judges and our courts. We can be put on trial for anything and everything. And because the Internet is so vast, we can be as easily lynched.

Is having someone not wanting sit next to us our biggest problem? People are starving. People are homeless. People are disabled. And yet we throw a fit when someone does not act the way we want them to. The mother, who recorded the video, is regretful that the video went viral and that the woman might lose her job. Why did she not think of that before? Why would it not be enough if she just verbally vented to her family once she landed? She is 19-years-old. People her age are programmed to live and breath through their phones, and post everything pertaining to their lives on social media. If you are around her age and you do not insist on posting everything on-line, I command you. Spread your wisdom among your peers.

I urge everyone to focus on the REAL problems in our lives. Try to identify the correct root of it. Work towards that solution. If you do not have major problems, be grateful. Count your blessings. Do not go out looking for problems. Do not create problems where there should not be any.

In conclusion, from my observations, the only sure way to get fired is to express your random opinions out loud, and try to make sure someone records it.

Stay golden,



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55 thoughts on “How to lose your job in under two minutes.

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  1. I’m so fed up of these ludicrous non stories. It seems that everyone wants their fifteen minutes of fame regardless of the consequences to others. The plane attendant needs to learn how to do her job properly, the mother needs to put the phone down and maybe concentrate on giving her child some attention. It’s not an accessory. Thank you for highlighting the sheer lunacy of this and similar stories

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    1. Very well said. Communication is such an important skill, yet it eludes many. Aside from that, I also see that younger generations are not taught to cope at all. Because we live in a society where everyone tries to appease everyone, people are shocked when something doesn’t go their way. They simply cannot handle the real world. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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  2. This is a very relevant and great piece. Also had a toddler seated right behind me on a recent trip and I cringed before taking my seat.. but this time the parents were so thoughtful and had everything prepared to keep the toddler entertained. He kicked once but Other than that didn’t even know there was a toddler sitting behind me!:)

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    1. I inhaled when you uttered the sentence with the words: “toddler”, “seat”, “behind”. Glad it wasn’t a horror story. You make a good point. I know parents cannot fully control their kids in every situation, but conscientious parents make SUCH a difference. Thank you for sharing your experience and thoughts.

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  3. Wow, I hope that woman doesn’t loose her job over this. It seems to be the way of the world now in some regards. Companies taking such a large value in a video (which only shows a snippet of a situation) is quite scary to be honest. Though in certain job professions, like medicine, you can be struck off as a doctor for things you do outside of work, e.g. Things you post of Facebook, but someone would have had to report you. Maybe this is an extension and amplification of something that already existed in society (since the invention of the Internet)?

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    1. I agree that some jobs are different, but then again, why does it matter what a doctor says on his Facebook? I know that in today’s world it does, but shouldn’t we just care what kind of care he provides?

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  4. Wow this is absolutely crazy and so uncalled for!! No way should that have had any effect on her job! One big problem with social media is how quickly things seem to spread… even 5 years ago, we’d never have known someone got annoyed at a child on a plan, and now people are losing their jobs over it?!

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  5. This blew my mind. I’m aware that things like recording without permission and posting online happen but I didn’t know it goes as far as losing one’s job because of it. How ridiculous! People who record videos of other people without permission should be thrown in jail. And young people should be taught proper communication (especially in social media) etiquette.

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    1. You point out communication etiquette. I think it really is crucial. We now communicate with “Likes”, retweets and emojis.
      And I agree, to me, recording is a violation of privacy. I often look another way, or even put my hands up to hide my face when people record whatever around me. Who knows what kind of video they are filming and then I will find myself who knows where on the Internet.

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  6. its amazing how ppl can make go viral totally stupid or ridiculous videos… but i guess if somebody is watching them (or like them) – those videos are really required (by us? a big part of new-narcissistic-generation?)
    Will we ever wake up from “record the moment and get famous”? I dont know.

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  7. Sigh…I’m just shaking my head and wondering what the “blank” is wrong with people. You are right, is sitting next to a baby the absolute worst thing that ever has or will happen to that lady, if so she has an amazing life and should be grateful. And why would any adult want to put that kind of negative energy out towards an innocent…I include the mother in my statement. I promise the next time I get on a plane, train or bus if there is a baby next to me I will be kind.

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  8. Hmm, I was hoping for more verbal praise for the fact that I’m in an age range close to the young mother of the story and I barely remember to check social media once a week, let alone post on it, yet all I get is a command to teach my peers to do the same?

    Just kidding, I was just referencing your opening paragraph on the delusions of being rewarded. To be honest, I commend you for how often you address and confront short comings in today’s society. I often lack the eloquence to even begin considering saying something about it, but without fail, you manage to state opinions that reflect my own. For that, I thank you!

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    1. Your comments are truly a gem to my chore filled Saturday. Means a lot.

      I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for having common sense and not on the bandwagon of social media craze. But yes, I COMMAND you to teach others. How else will they know? You are my hope. 😉

      I often wonder how many enemies I will make by doing that, but then I remember that I am an idealist. That even though I see the negative things around me, and even though I am often hopeless about it all, I do want to do something about it. It seems like we are in the era of speaking about things. Social movements are started by one Tweet. Videos go viral for nothing. So here I am, hoping that I reach someone, anyone. And to me, that is more than doing nothing. So thank YOU for reading and giving me the support to carry on.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *Insert Leia from Star Wars: “Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.”*

        Glad I can brighten your day!

        And don’t worry too much about enemies. While there are plenty of cyber bullies and trolls, they can only use words.

        One of my coworkers, she’s in her fifties, said something about the #MeToo movement that has given me a lot of thought, and that is “When will the other shoe come down?” Women are calling out men for rape, but what about the women who used their sexuality to advance in their career? What will happen if men decide to call them out?

        I don’t it’ll be good if/when that happens. At some point, someone needs to be the bigger person.

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        1. Save yourself. We live in the age of equality. Plus, I don’t want to be accused of harassment by helping you. (sarcasm)

          Very valid point. I was thinking about it, too. Surprised that it has not come up yet…


  9. What the heck? Really interesting and different post, love how it shows the other side of the coin (is that the saying? I feel like it’s a thing) … I have to say, I am enjoying stalking your blog!

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