Today’s wisdom is pretty short and simple.

Believe in yourself.

That is truly is the only thing that matters.

Even if others believe in you, but you yourself do not, you will not go anywhere.

To succeed, to get anywhere, you need to try. And the only way to try, even if it is over and over again, is by believing in yourself.

Who cares if others do not believe in you? Stomp those odds. Show others that they have no power over you, your success and your happiness.

It is all up to you. So, straighten up, square your shoulders, lift your chin up, and march on towards your destination. Towards your goal. Because you can do it.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt

Are you self-confident?

Do you let others tear you down?

What is your greatest quality?

Stay golden,



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40 thoughts on “#WednesdayWisdom

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  1. Many times I’ve seen someone who could be so much more but due to self doubt, they settle. The common theme is that “If nobody else believes in me, maybe they see a flaw that I’m blinded to. Maybe I’m not worthy of anyone’s belief, especially mine.” They base their self belief on the behavior of those they’re surrounding themselves with. It is hard for people to believe in themselves when the preponderance of evidence suggests that they’re being arrogant or self deluded. One person I know is amazingly talented in music, another in math, another in organization, and the consensus is, “What a stupid thing to be good at.” Believing in yourself despite what others think makes most people uncomfortable because they think it’s narcissistic. This is one reason that the Strengths Leadership book by Gallup is so popular. How would you respond to these arguments?

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    1. I’ve been called arrogant, or full of myself, or whatever, because of my self-confidence. Personally, since my confidence seems to be founded in logic and experience, it usually proves correct. Because of that I do not care what people call me. I feel good about myself (it’s not a delusion, when it has supporting evidence), and others (I found) are just jealous of that.

      And yes, I’ve seen people who are ruined by self-doubt, which is why I wrote this. To me, that is unfathomable. Now, I do not try to have people believe they can just jump off a building and fly, but I would like them to realize their self-worth. Self-doubt often leads to depression and sometimes even suicide. And that’s sad. The truth is that most of “others” don’t know the REAL you. They see a glimpse here and there, but ultimately it is only YOU who are capable of knowing what you can do and pushing forward.

      I know this might sound like I’m an ass, but “just stop caring about what others think about you”. Again, their perception is not your reality. They often have their own agenda. AND, they often project onto others. All of that can be harmful to you if you’re not careful.

      Yes, I’m good at useless things, too, but oh well. We all have a purpose.

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  2. Understanding and accepting your place in society is important. There are many roles in a functioning group. All are important. Understanding you’re important wherever you fall in any given hierarchy, school, work, family, friends – that’s key to happiness.

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  3. Similar to your comment above, I have never cared what others say .. there was this quote -“what others think of you is none of your business.” I feel when people doubt you or try to pull you down they are projecting their own fears and self doubt on you.
    Also, I feel being full of yourself is so much better than being full of … 😊 love this post!

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  4. I don’t worry much about what others think of me. I think if you have god, strong values and live your life by those values then what others think is not important.
    I have also heard it said, “people don’t think about you as often as you might think they do.” I always think of this when my husband says “what do you think the neighbors think?” I reply, “I don’t care” and we move on to better things.

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    1. Ha! That’s great. I actually just today realized how me doing everything I needed to do over the weekend was a good idea. Things would have been way worse if that wasn’t the case. Like I always say “One day at a time…”


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