Quote challenge. Day 2 of 3.

My second day of the quote challenge. You can find Day 1 here.

Please refer to the post from Day 1 to see links to people who nominated me. It is always a pleasure to interact with them.

My original quote: “It’s better to remain still than to trash around. Quicksand will engulf you otherwise.”

And the official quote for the challenge:

Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous

— Albert Einstein

Stay golden,



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21 thoughts on “Quote challenge. Day 2 of 3.

Add yours

  1. These quotes activated my brain.
    “It’s better to remain still than to trash around”.
    I have stood still for a long time. People told me to be more active and assertive or else I would never make it.
    Those who trashed around might not be at the same level as me, but somehow they do seem happier.

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    1. I totally get that, too. I advocate moving forward instead of remaining stagnant. But sometimes you’re supposed to remain in the same state for a reason. Change is not always positive. But of course, the quote doesn’t apply to every situation. I was still for quite a while, too, and many people wondered, but when I make a step it’s a big one.


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