Just do not have kids.

We say that children are our future.

In their eyes we see hope.

Hope for a better, brighter future.

Kids are not for everyone. For various reasons, some people want to have kids, while others do not. Some people who want kids cannot have them, and some people who do not want them end up having them.

Babies are being left at hospitals, firehouses, churches, or other anonymous drop off points. Plenty of kids end up in the orphanages. Some do not even make it that far. Some are aborted before they take their first breath on this planet.

A lot of the time children are victims of circumstance. Not all of them get the same chances in life as others do. But I do believe in trying your best. Both, the parents and the kids. You should want to make your life the best it can be. You should strive to not only live, but LIVE.

Often times I shake my head in disapproval when I see kids being in charge of their parents, instead of the other way around. Parenting is a hard thing. And no matter how hard you try, there is no guarantee that your kid will be the best human being ever.

But you have to at least try.

[The mother and boyfriend] broke the infant’s legs and arms, placed him in boiling water, burned him, and put a toxic liquid into his eyes.” You cannot make this stuff up. Life writes itself. The story is about a recently diseased 22-year-old, who spent his whole life confined to a wheelchair. He also had feeding tubes hooked up to him, and he needed around the clock care. His head injuries were extensive.

Thankfully, he spent most of his life in a loving family. Two female psychologists adopted David when he was a toddler. Doctors predicted he would not live past 6, or 7 years old. But he did. Thanks to those who cared. The women tried to make his life as “normal” as possible, including him in various outdoor activities like road trips, roller coaster rides and hot air balloon adventures.

The couple that tortured him spent 12 years in prison for child abuse, but they have been free for more than 10 years now. Until David died. Now they are facing murder charges, as the 22-year-old’s death was ruled to be a result of the abuse he endured in his first year of life.

The second example is a different kind of abuse. However, it is equally as shocking as the first one. A 20-year-old girl supposedly allowed a 2-year-old to smoke meth. It is not for certain if the kid is her own, or not. Aside from meth, the child might have been smoking marijuana as well. A witness reported that the “mother” was proud of the fact that the kid knew how to roll joints.

Aside from finding drug paraphernalia and drug residue in the house, the police tested the mother (assumption. not confirmed) and the child. The toddler tested positive for amphetamines and methamphetamine. It was found that the kid had high enough levels to assume his drug use was chronic (i.e. prolonged). The woman claims she did not share her product with the child.

Both of these examples illustrate quite clearly that some people just should not have kids. I understand unexpected things happen. Women get pregnant, people’s lives tumble down. Having a kid is not always ideal. It requires the parent(s)/ caretakers to be a little less selfish and to nurture the newborn. At least do no harm.

Giving your child up for adoption does not guarantee that they will have a happy and healthy life, but it gives them a CHANCE. A chance which they will not receive if you and/ or your partner are hellbent on treating the child like a science project, like an experiment.

What kind of human being exposes an innocent child to physical harm ON PURPOSE?

It might be a fun party trick to have your toddler roll joints for you and your friends, but to have him smoke meth is just plain stupid.

You are a grown up. You are allowed to do whatever you want with your life. But do not impose your unhealthy habits on your child.

And what kind of person “dips” kids in boiling water? What would be the reason behind doing so? Or behind breaking their arms and legs?

Are you trying to check if the water is ready for you to pour in your noddles? If so, then dip your own finger, if the bubbles of rolling water are not a big enough of an indicator. Feel like breaking something? Break the long spaghetti noodles in half, or even third. Look, not only have you not harmed a child, but you also released some stress and cooked dinner.

Stay golden,



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86 thoughts on “Just do not have kids.

Add yours

  1. It beggars belief doesn’t the things parents do to their children. We hear it so often, like recently a teenage boy was charged with sexually abusing a two year old. Good post and I agree with your conclusions.

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  2. Whenever I read about abuse and mistreatment of animals, it is so easy to become totally disillusioned with human nature. Will things ever improve? Sometimes I have to think that it is not likely, simply because if we treat our own species so irresponsibly (ref your Post)… what chance do animals have? For the supposedly superior beings on this planet, we do not set very good examples of co-habiting; of being sympathetic to other living creatures; of taking the stewardship of Earth with any thoughts other than self-serving. Very sad.

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    1. You bring up a good point in regard to animals and the supposed “superior beings”. That is also something that tugs on my heartstrings. I’m a social pessimist. I don’t think it will get better. I hope I’m wrong.

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  3. There are some angels out there who are good examples of humanity. Then there are the abusers and serial killers. It’s easy to wonder…what would it take to ensure only the best of humanity survives?

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    1. Right?
      But by looking at various fields of life (ex. employment), you can easily see that “the best of humanity” isn’t always on top. It’s looking more and more like survival of the fittest. Kill or be killed.

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  4. This reminds me of the man who tried to molest a four-year-old. Out of shock and defense, this young girl jumped down from a storey building. Thankfully, she survived.
    Many parents today don’t deserve their children, I agree with your opinions.

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  5. It goes without saying that these people are evil and I think will always be so. We will never stamp these people out and I agree that adoption and decent fostering is probably the answer but in the UK the process is incredibly hard to get through, friends of mine took well over a year and a half to adopt a lovely young lad with Fetal alcohol syndrome, his mum had drunk throughout pregnancy and was a prime example of a person who probably shouldn’t have kids. More money needs to be spent on social care in the first place to stop vulnerable people falling through the net into an abyss of drug and alcohol abuse. Also more money needs to be spent on checking up on new children born within so called vulnerable families.
    It’s an awful fact that we hear about this abuse day in day out in the UK too, and keep trying to fix it but our government seems hell bent on producing and selling weapons, backing up the bankers, waiving the taxes of big business rather than protecting, as you so aptly said,” the children who are our future” (wasn’t that Michael Jackson too?)
    Thanks for the writing

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    1. Michael Jackson, yes, you are correct.

      I’ve also heard about the adoption system being very difficult to navigate for people who are trying to do some good for themselves and the little ones.

      I don’t know how exactly one would go about stopping people from getting into addictions, etc., but you are spot on making sure that kids born into such families are taken care of. Unfortunately, people put on a show for the officials, and yell harassment when someone is trying to check up on them.

      Thank you for your perspective from across the pond. I tend to think that everything in the USA is magnified, and so I have a glimmer of hope that the rest of the world is doing better. But then I read that things are similar all over the world. Really saddening.

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      1. You guys talk of adoption system, I can only imgain that it’s good enough you have such system. Here in India it’s so heartbreaking. You will find many many children wandering in streets. Some even forced to engage as child labour. And young girls are forced into prostitution. It’s sad and the worst thing in India they don’t favour girl child. There are many cases where they throw away the girl child right after being born wrapped in plastic bags what not.. it’s very sad.

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        1. I still cannot grasp that things like this (what you describe) still happen. That until a year or so ago, families in China were only able to have 1 kid. I know that Earth is overpopulated, but children should not be the one paying the price.

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  6. Wow, this is a powerful and shocking post. There should be much stricter laws in place for any abuse to children or animals, the existing sentences are pitiful. No punishment will stop an evil person doing these things but it may at least make them think twice. And I agree, people like this should never have kids…

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  7. This post touched me somewhere very deep. It’s sad how things work for some children. Child abuse is something that pains me alot personally. I feel children are the most innocent and they really really deserve and have every right to live to the full. Childhood should be filled with carefreeness and not to be lived in fear. Imagin the psychological damage that can be cause to a child who grow up in fear. It’s sad, and yes instead of seeing them live like that it’s so much better not to have kids.

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  8. Torture is beyond absurd. But even if you don’t have these dark thoughts, raising children might not be for you.

    One day I drove to the shopping mall and as I as I want to park my car, 3 children jumped in front of it and making faces. Their dad was right their, LAUGHING!
    After 30 seconds nothing happening, I pushed the horn and one child started crying. The dad became angry at me.

    So I went in the story to get some hair dye.
    Two younger boys were the discussing the women on the hair dye packages in very “adult” way.
    The mom was just standing there, laughing.

    I’d like to have kids.
    But they will be home schooled and very protected from the crazy outside world.

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  9. I totally agree with your opinion 100%! Everyone was a kid a some point of their lives. I don’t get why they treat them differently or let the kids own them.

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  10. This is the crazy psychopathic reality of being human. It is strange that we think of this as in-human because after watching so many documentaries based on reality and reading news articles, is it really inhuman though if we as species are capable of such acts? Obviously, human species are capable of this which is the sad reality. It is terrible when it happens to little helpless kids, I don’t know what the solution is but being vigilant and reporting unusual behavior is the best we can do. What do you think?

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    1. I really like the “inhuman” part of your comment. Because you are absolutely right. What can we define as inhuman? Definitely not something humans do.

      I’m all for the reporting and being vigilant. As adults, we should be responsible for ourselves and take some responsibility for things happening around us as well. Keep your eyes open. Don’t just narrow your focus to yourself. I’ve experienced (on many occasions) commotion of sorts and no one seemed to be interested enough to look out the window, or approach someone to ask a question. It starts with little things.

      And of course, as much as I try to be merciful, I do believe in punishment of clearly terrible people.

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  11. Many of the younger parents think that having a child is easy. They just love you and you feed them and when they get old enough they go to school. Kids get sick. Kids cry and you don’t know why they’re crying. Kids do stupid things. Kids do thoughtless things. Kids do mean things. Kids do heart breakingly wonderful things. But they are not dolls or pets. And when these unprepared people have children, they don’t know what to do when the children don’t act like kids on sitcoms. When they’re high or drunk, everything “makes sense.” When they’re sober, they can’t handle kids. Drives me bananas.

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    1. You are so right. I’ve had people tell me that they didn’t expect their pregnancy to be more than a swollen belly. I’ve had people tell me that they didn’t know it was going to be THAT hard the first few months, etc. People are clueless as to what a child really entails.

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  12. I am glad to hear that David’s torturers are being retried for murder, as 12 years is way too short for such a heinous crime. In fact if they never saw the light of day again it would be too soon. While I would always support the harshest of punishments for these types of crimes finding ways to prevent them would be so much better. Wish I had the answer.

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    1. It does make me feel so helpless at times. I see so many real problems, but am not sure of the solutions. I think it’s mostly because of how prevalent those things are. Terrible people will not cease to exist just because I want them to.

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  13. I often feel disgusted being a human being knowing that we are capable of such great acts of evil. Argh, just makes me sad 😦 I wish we lived in a better world, a better reality… just anything but this one

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  14. In my country I see so many kids in the streets asking for money in order to feed their parents and siblings. I think that people who can’t raise their kids properly should not be allowed to have kids at all. But these things you mentioned are just so horrible.

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    1. I totally agree about those “who can’t raise their kids properly should not be allowed to have kids at all”. Not sure if it’s really enforceable though.
      It’s sad to see young children begging for money, but it is often just a ploy. Their parents know that the kid will get more sympathy and therefore more money than they themselves would. So while the parents are at home doing God knows what, the kid wanders out in the cold doing their work.

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      1. I totally agree with you. It’s so frustrating to see so many irresponsible parents in the world. Responsible parenting is supposed to be just common sense. I don’t understand why people have kids when they can’t raise those kids.

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  15. It breaks my heart to hear of harm being done to a child. When we adopted our dog (and cat) from the Humane Society there was an interview, forms, legal commitments regarding training and neutering. There is more attention paid to people adding pets to a family than adding children.
    We don’t require counselling, classes or any kind of assessment to determine our suitability to be responsible for another human being….maybe we should.

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    1. It definitely would be interesting to see. You gave me an idea for a movie. People having chips implemented in their bodies, which would alert the authorities once sex was on the table. People would have to be screened to see if a pregnancy is a possibility and if so, then more screenings.

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  16. This just gets worse everyday.
    I have my reservations about nannies because I saw a video where a nanny beat up a less than 2year old child badly and even trode on her admist the deafening cries of the child. (How hard hearted can someone be?).
    The child’s parents were lucky to find out because they put up a hidden camera in the living room. If not, they wouldn’t have found out as the child was too young to talk.

    Only today, I read how a woman stuck a stick into the vagina of a 12year old after beating her up beyond recognition.
    And now this?

    Indeed some people should not have children or even be allowed to be 100meters near them.
    This is sad.

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    1. You’re right, it’s not the case in every family, but in my views it shouldn’t happen at all.
      I think we, as a society, need to be more conscientious. Not get into each other’s business too much, but learn to keep our eyes open for anything out of the ordinary and act if we see anything wrong going on. Definitely the first basic step, but something we can ALL do to try and help.

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  17. Hello, I have so many things I can comment on for this post. I agree that having children is not for everyone. I felt anger for those parents that would allow this to their children. I was a care taker and I have seen instances. Its why I like to stay upbeat.

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  18. The last paragraph about breaking noodles for anger management and cooking dinner at the same time was priceless! Those stories of the kids though are heartbreaking. Too bad there isn’t a way to administer common sense or cure stupidity. That would solve a lot of problems.

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    1. I’m glad you found it amusing. I’m all for killing two birds with one stone.
      That’d be nice if we could provide common sense or cure stupidity. But then, the world would probably be too boring.


  19. This is hurting all the way in to my core… children is not for everyone for sure but everyone has a responsibility . This is so sad. You are right, keep eyes open and don’t turn the back if we sense something is wrong.❤️

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