Award ceremony – April 2018

*NOMINATION NO. 6, 7 and 8*

(See page 1 for thanks and intro.)

FROM: Parth, who puts his emotions into words. He shares his anime sketches, poetry and various life experiences (like job interviews).

FROM: Cynthia, who documents her journey through faith with the help of her Pastor. She shares scriptures and her own take on them.

FROM: Erica, who blogs about parenting, food and widely understood “life”. Her posts are often accompanied with apropos gifs and a healthy dose of sass.


  • Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you in the blog post and link back to their blog.

  • Answer the questions the blogger(s) asked you.
  • Nominate other blogs to receive the award and compose new questions for them.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award Logo in your post and/or on your blog.

QUESTIONS (from Parth) and ANSWERS:

    I remember driving out with my father to get a new dog. It was the cutest puppy I have ever laid eyes on. And then he puked in the car. Still the cutest.

    Now, why would I tell you this? (Do you watch “Lucifer”?)
    But in all seriousness, it’s happiness. To be able to be content with the live I’ve lived once I close my eyes for good.
    A couple. But which proposals are we talking about?
    South America. Maybe Chile. Or Peru. Or Belize.
    I was never a person to have “crushes”. No celebrity crushes for many years now.
  7. ANY 3:00 A.M. FRIEND?
    Good question. Depends for what. In case of emergencies – Yes. Otherwise, my friends are like me – better not bug us while we sleep.
    No clue. I tend to laugh at the most ridiculous things.
    A trench coat?
    I can only survive without food, air and water for so long. In terms of earthly possessions – my laptop is hard to part with.

QUESTIONS (from Cynthia) and ANSWERS:

  1. What is your fav tv show?
    I do not do well with “fav” questions. So hard to pick. But since I mentioned “The Leftovers” earlier in this post, I will go with that in case someone wanted to check it out. It has 3 seasons. It aired its final episode last year.

  2. Favorite candy?
    Again, no idea. Does it count that I like Reese’s?
  3. If you had to choose just one thing to have with you on an island what would it be?
    Solar powered MP3 player.
  4. Is there a song that comes on the radio that you consider your jam? If so what’s the song?
    For this, I will redirect you to a post I recently wrote, which is filled with my “jams”.

  5. Where are you? State? Country?
    The US. Here and there.
  6. Do you have pets? If so what kind.
    Not at the moment. 
  7. Mountains or Ocean?
  8. Been to movies lately? What did u watch?
    “Game night” I enjoyed it.
  9. Favorite wild animal!
  10. Favorite Book?
    no idea
  11. Favorite Scripture?
    not sure

QUESTIONS (from Erica) and ANSWERS:

  1. Is a hot dog considered a sandwich?
    Are you crazy? Of course not!

  2. What is your favorite book of all time?
    Don’t have one.
  3. Worst advice you were ever given?
    “Don’t do it.”
  4. Who do you think Hollywood would cast to play you, in a movie about your life? Not who you want cast as you.
    No clue. Knowing my luck, it would be the most annoying person ever. 
  5. What is your favorite thing about yourself?
    I am reliable.
  6. If you could live in any decade, which would you choose?
    Past or future? Assuming you meant the past, I would have to go with the XVI century. Any decade.
  7. Favorite season?
    Spring, I guess?
  8. What is your least favorite food?
    I’m sure there’s plenty. First thing that comes to mind – celery.
  9. Does pineapple belong on pizza?
    Again with the crazy. HELL NO!
  10. Favorite genre to read?
    Mystery, psychological thriller, adventure.
  11. If you had to move to another country permanently, which would you choose?
    Australia. Hands down.

MY QUESTIONS: (I will re-use throughout this month’s post.)

  • What would you use pickle juice for? Feel free to give more than one answer.
  • What’s the time of day you enjoy blogging the most?
  • How do you promote your blog?
  • Do you think being an only child is a good, or bad thing? Why?
  • What’s your ideal weather?



Walk The Goats


Stay golden,



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41 thoughts on “Award ceremony – April 2018

Add yours

  1. Whew! You demonstrated how it’s done, getting the Rubic’s Cube of awards nicely lined up and delivered. Inspiring and fun to read your answers and questions.

    Congrats on the recognition from so many other bloggers. And thanks for tee’ing up some new blogs for me to check out.

    Also thanks for including me as a nominee of The Sunshine Blogger Award (let me know if I didn’t align my name with the right award; don’t want to post the wrong banner). It’s such a happy visual and positive idea.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Thanks for letting me know you noticed. I’ve gone through several avatars. I started with a goat, but you really couldn’t tell it was a goat.

        Then I switched to a giant “all-seeing” eyeball. It was distinctive, but kind of creepy.

        Next was a ladybug. Cute, but I felt as if whatever “bigness” I was trying to achieve in my life wasn’t represented very well by such a tiny bug.

        When I was in the Community Pool yesterday, I realized some Avatars are really distinctive. Britchy’s was one; yours is, too. PTSD Gal as well. Mine? Well, I wasn’t so sure.

        So I decided to switch it up to something bright, that would, in its color, stand out. No photo. Just WTG inside.

        Glad you recognized the change. Any comments? Good? Bad? Meh?

        I suspect it’ll continue to evolve. When I first started this blog, I didn’t understand the “utility” of the Avatar as part of “a brand.”

        Thanks for clarifying “sunshine” and for the award. It’ll take me a few days, but I WILL be doing it and looking forward.

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I like it. My only question is – what is the purple line at the bottom supposed to be? Are we not getting a full picture? My OCD is triggering on that. Otherwise, the color really catches the eye and it’s easily recognized. (I liked the eye, too.)

          Liked by 3 people

          1. I eliminated the line. It’s now just bright pink with WTG in the middle, and bigger; a minimalist look but hopefully identifiable (I gotta stick with it).

            I liked the eye too. But I wanted something brighter. And not as…creepy.

            Thanks for the feedback!

            Liked by 1 person

  2. My favorite answer was the trenchcoat one.

    I think it’s cool that you choose to be in between jobs.
    I’ve often made a mistake to stay too long at a job which made me miserable.
    Even though I keep saying that I will never do it again, I just want the money at the end of the month. And you know by now how I feel about money 😉

    Thanks for the nomination! From now on I will participate in these more!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank-you so much for the non so deserving nomination I got. I am just a beginner, learning only now. But blessed to always have such Wonderful support for you. ☺️ Woukd try to keep up to that.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Goldie! I see what you did in NO 3. I was almost sure you would respond to the question in a gender specific manner.
    But, not you!😒
    At least I got some facts to take back to my detective board.😋
    You are a person with a trench coat who wears glasses, would rather have vanilla and may be seen with a laptop logged on to WP. I think I can draw you at this point😎
    As always, I enjoyed reading your answers.❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I didn’t know you could draw. It seems like everyone on WP is so talented. Cool, yet intimidating.
      I’m glad I didn’t live up to your answer expectations?


  4. Just saw this! I loved your thoughtful response after some contemplation ‘Eternal Life’, you got a good point! & SPOT ON with all the questions you answered from Sim. Tiger!!! Yes! I wanted to be called ‘Sam’ as a kid because of the show ‘Bewitched’, her name was Samantha (Sam)!!:)

    Thank you for the Nomination as well! 😀 Excited for this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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