It is Monday. A new week and a new beginning.

Is it not funny that we usually tend to start things on Mondays? Or is it just me, who feels like Monday is the day that one should start any of their habits? It is just so much easier to track your progress that way. Is it not? If you start something later in the week, you get rather quickly discouraged, because you are already tired out by everything that happened earlier in the week. And when it comes to the weekend, who wants to start anything remotely difficult on the weekend? Not me. That is for sure.

And this time around, even though Tuesday (tomorrow) is the first day of the month, I feel like it is today that gives a start to the new month. Maybe it is just my peculiar situation, but today is quite important. I view today as a stage. As if I have been preparing for my performance for quite some time and this is my time to go out there, in front of all these people and show them what I have been working on. Either the ballet will be a success, or I will end up breaking my leg, and be forced to leave the stage and live in the shadows again. (No, I do not ballet dance. It was just something that flew into my head as I was writing this.)

Do you sometimes find yourself stopping and wondering what others will think or say about your actions?

While it can be important to consider the people whom you might affect with your words or actions, others (and their opinions) should not be holding you back.

Remember that YOUR life is yours for a reason.

Do not compare yourself to others.

Do not worry about what they will say.

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.” – Ayn Rand

Is your life a competition? A competition in which you keep looking over your shoulder just to make sure your neighbor will not supersede you?

In such races, you are prone to injuries. Instead of looking ahead, you look behind, and to the side, and all around. Instead of running in your own lane, you cut over to the lanes of others. And before you can realize you are off coarse, you trip and fall.

Others overtake you. They might even point and laugh. Now you feel defeated and ashamed. It is much harder for you to get up and keep crawling forward once you see all the others rush past you.

Stay in your own lane, and do “YOU”.

What motivates you?

Stay golden,



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24 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation

Add yours

  1. I actually like to slide into other people’s lanes from time to time. To get sucked into their slipstream and feed off the scraps that they leave in their wake. I am a parasite. I lack original thought.
    Monday is drawing to a close here. I have achieved nothing today. So I guess I’ll have to put any ideas of progress off until next week.
    Next week will be different.
    I’m certain of it.
    But …. who can be certain of anything?
    It may be the week after.

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    1. “Having” to do it used to be something that de-motivated me in the past. But now, it actually kind of works. “You gotta do it” – I say to myself, and I feel accomplished once I do.


  2. I detest “competition”. I hate putting myself up against anyone else, to me it’s the opposite of team work and that’s where I thrive and am happiest. That being said, I’m very self competitive. I find myself trying to do things faster or better than last time and I’m always thinking of ways to improve results.. I just don’t like how the atmosphere changes and camaraderie is gone when competition enters the room. I much prefer being a cog in a well oiled machine than the shiny front plate!

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  3. Some good dose of Monday motivation. I find Monday to be one of the most boring days but the best since its like a stepping stone. How I start my Monday will sometimes affect my whole week.

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  4. I make. I am motivated by a final product and that sort of Ta-da moment. I am also self employed and entirely disconnected from a fixed weekly routine. Some days I’m nose to the grindstone by 9 am, some days I work through midnight. The hardest thing for me is prioritizing projects and family needs.

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  5. what motivates me? thats probably thr desire to be diffrent and leave a mark for myself. I write to express, i swim to stay strong, i dance to enjoy, and study to make myself better. Every person has something unique about them that sets them off from the others. My goal is to stand out and bask in the joy brought about by my abilities and knowledge.

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