Emotions can be tricky.

I have emotions, but I do not consider myself to be overly emotional. Because of my interest in psychology, I do practice mindfulness and introspection, though. I believe that it is very important for everyone to know oneself as deeply and intimately as they can. Many problems in life can arise because of our lack of self-awareness.

When we hear the word “emotions” we often think about someone laughing (happy), crying (sad), yelling (angry), screaming (scared), or making a weird face (disgusted*). While it is usually easy to identify those emotions in others, it is not equally as easy when it comes to our own emotions.

Sometimes we think we feel sad, but we are not really sure what is causing that feeling. Mindfulness teaches you to get to the bottom of things. To be aware of what you are feeling and why. When we know what we feel and why we feel it, it is much easier for us to control those emotions, and to even change them if they are not desirable.

Think back to when you felt “mixed emotions”. Which emotion were you REALLY feeling? Were you aware of that? What did you do about it?

I have encountered people who say they do not want to do a specific thing “just because”. They say they have a “bad feeling” about it. And to an extend, I agree with that. Intuition can be a very strong sense of direction for some people. However, I do not think it should be used as a default excuse.

Thinking about the future, I found myself not feeling excited. I was not jumping for joy, and it surprised me a little bit. It surprised me because I WAS excited. I WAS happy. If that was true, why was I not acting like it? Was I just lying to myself? Was I trying to create a positive illusion?

It did not sound like me. Faking emotions to other people is one thing, but faking emotions to yourself is just plain stupid (and can be very detrimental) in the long run.

So I dug deep and found something I have not thought of in quite some time.


It turns out, I WAS happy and excited, but the tiny bit of fear at the bottom of my soul was tainting it all. However, once I realized what it was, I acknowledged the fear factor (Anyone used to watch “Fear Factor”?), realized that it was just the rational and realistic part of me, and I went back to being excited.

Next time you stand at the brink of doing something new, but choose not to move forward, ask yourself: “Is fear holding me back?”. Make sure that you have strong arguments against doing it. Do not let fear overpower you. YOU are in control of your own emotions. You just need to train them to listen to you. However, you need to make sure that you hear them clearly, too.

*My task for you: describe someone feeling disgusted to a person who does not know what that means. Try to describe their facial and/or vocal expression. I really did not know how to do that.

If you feel like taking a silly emotions quiz, click here. They think I am feeling “sparkly”. Whatever emotion that is, but they were right saying I am not afraid to speak my mind and that nothing feels out of reach for me today.

Stay golden,



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31 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts

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  1. Sparkly is such an odd word for an emotion. It could be serene like water sparkling in the sun, celebratory and joyful like sparkling champagne, exciting and dangerous like sparklers, fun to watch but dangerous to get too close to. It’s very enigmatic and as such, I think it’s quite perfect for you!
    Fear is healthy providing you only let it temper your exuberance and not drown it. It’s wise in all things to proceed with caution but if you let fear overwhelm then you never proceed at all. They key, as with everything, is finding your balance

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  2. Someone once said that God put all the good things on the other side of fear. We’ll have to cross to get them. I totally relate to this article. Thanks for writing. My heart’s grateful.

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  3. You clearly had a good day! 😀

    I’m not sure what fear exactly is.
    Is it the same as anxiety which effects mental health?
    Or like nervousness before an exam or presentation?
    Or is just like a fear of height or spiders?

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    1. That’s a valid question. I think a lot of people get confused about all that. To me, all these ale under a big “fear” umbrella. The anxiety and nervousness are like a subset of fear. “Spiders or height”, etc. I see just as a challenge.


  4. First of all I’d like to answer for the initial question put up. And yes I was aware when I got the mixed emotion, I can say I was aware because it was something bitter, something so turbulent from inside making me feel very unpleasant about everything. Infact I was struggling with it few days back.
    And my approach to it – I usually love to take out some time and spend alone when I get such thoughts. Staying alone and looking back in my life, trying to check what are the areas i went wrong and also thinking of what steps or action to take to help myself out of it helps me to cool down and get myself together. And unless I spend time alone and analyse myself I don’t feel any peace.
    And the task you assigned- I think if a person feels disgusted the facial expressions I can picture would be something like that person would be giving a frowning look, and may be his body won’t be so still. And the vocal that goes with it may be a husky reply or something. Even some yelling may be. Haha 😂

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    1. I like how you described the mixed emotions.
      I also agree with the way you deal with them. I’m happy to hear that you tackle them as they arise instead of letting them build up, which would lead to an explosion.
      Thanks for telling me the disgusts symptoms. It totally makes sense.
      It really shows that you read the post thoroughly. I really appreciate that.

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      1. Haha I am sorry. Everytime my comments gets so lengthy. I tries to shorten them but somehow it gets length hope I dint consume much of your time making you go through such length paragraph..😁😁

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  5. I find it’s hard to really understand what’s going on inside, hence my writing about “of two minds” or “mixed emotions.” I think stuff gets tossed around and we think we know what we’re feeling but, well, do we really? At least, that’s what MY brain thinks!

    If you haven’t already heard it, you might find this Invisibilia podcast about emotions (there are two parts) interesting. As they say, it’s a provocative new theory about emotions.


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    1. Thanks for the link, I will definitely check it out once I have some off time.

      Good point. We can’t always be sure, which is why I try to analyze it in depth and not just accepting the superficial ones.

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  6. Your articles are insightful as always and made me think. Fear to me is something & anything that holds you back from taking a positive step forward. As we get older, I feel ‘fear’ grows a little more. When we are younger, we are pretty ‘fearless’. Think about the time when we were teenagers. We were ready to take on the world.

    As we grow, we get set in our ways and perhaps its being scared of being sad, alone, ashamed etc.?

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    1. You are totally correct in regards to the change in size of fear. I would do anythink without thinking twice back then. I’m aware of the risks and think of a million reasons of how it can go wrong. I do still push myself to do it anyway.


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