#MondayMotivation – Memorial Day Weekend Edition

It is Monday here in the U.S.A., but most of us have a day off. We are enjoying a long(er) weekend, while we celebrate Memorial Day. Today, we remember those who have fallen for our country. I consider myself to be patriotic, so I decided to merge this #MondayMotivation post with a Memorial Day one.

I am not going to tell you to sign up to go to war, but I want to rally you up to be a warrior. To take charge of your life. To fight for what you believe in. You do not have to risk your life for it, so you do not need to be scared. Whenever you are not sure if you can do anything, think of all the men and women who knowingly enter combat.

They have the courage to do what it takes in order to achieve the goal.

They are aware of the risks.

They know they might get badly wounded, or even die, but they do it anyway.

It is not because they silly.

It is because they are determined.

So, if you want something, go for it.

Fight tooth and nail.

Fight like there is no tomorrow.

Fight like losing is not an option.

Do we celebrate people who have done great things? Yes.

Do we celebrate people who have died trying? Yes.

Do we celebrate people who never tried anything? I know I do not.

Today, with the fallen soldiers in mind, stand up, and stand up tall. And then, make your first step forward. Who know where the road will take you.

While listening to some media coverage regarding Memorial Day celebrations, I found a particular bit very interesting. Namely, the grave of the unknown warriors. It is a bit sad to not have your own grave with your own name proudly chiseled onto the stone. However, what moved me was the thought of someone unknown doing something for me. Dying for me. I do not know their name, and they did not know mine, but they made the ultimate sacrifice so that I could enjoy my life.

Sometimes, we ask ourselves what our purpose in life is. We wonder what we will leave behind. What impact we will have on the world. And we worry that our life will be pointless. We worry that we will not become best selling authors. We fear that not many people will remember our names when we are gone. But you know, what? It does not really matter. We can remain unknown/ unnamed, yet we can still impact the lives of others. Maybe even people who we will never meet, and who will never know us by name.

What I am saying is that you do not have to be known to make a difference in other people’s (or your own) lives/ life.


Stay golden,



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13 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation – Memorial Day Weekend Edition

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  1. What a wonderful and bold philosophy! Love it! I also like the questions you ask at the bottom of your blog. Would you mind if I did something similar? It’s a great idea.

    Liked by 1 person

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