A day after a Holiday. At least here in the U.S.A. We had a long weekend. Some people even took Friday off to have a 4-day-long weekend. I did not, but still, when I was leaving the office on Friday everyone was in high spirits, excited about the prospect of a no-work Monday. And off for the weekend we went.

Saturday was a house chore day. Sunday, a bit of running around, but also some relaxing. Then came Monday – family BBQ. While it is meant to be relaxing, it does involve a bit of pre-planning and some stress. Especially when you are not a socialite willing to face a million people on your day off. And then, before you know it – it is time to wake up for work on Tuesday.

Suddenly, you realize that your 3-day-weekend was not enough time for you to recharge your batteries. You realize that you will have to work extra hard today to make up for the lost time yesterday. You realize that the longer weekend made you lazier, and that instead of being eager to go to work after so many days off, you got so used to the idea of not working.

To me, those first days (after longer weekends, or vacation), are always harder. And even if they are not, I seem to dread them more. It is like I need to be conditioned again. Like I erased all the “adulting” I have learned, and now I have to build the skills back up again.

However, what motivates me to get through the Monday of Tuesdays is that this work week is only 4 days long! That means that it will be the weekend in just 4 days. Not 5. That makes me feel better.

Did you get a day off yesterday?

How do you adjust to going back to work after a longer weekend?

Does it help you that the weekend is not too far ahead?

Stay golden,



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50 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts

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  1. We here in Nigeria can relate, especially the students here. Students have been on a holiday since Wednesday last week and will be resuming tomorrow. (There’s a public holiday here today — Democracy Day).
    Me, I also dread the first day after a long weekend; it feels so weird, so unnatural, and I always feel lazy and sluggish at work. I usually manage to adjust on the second day of work, though. Anyway, since our week is 3 days long, I’m anticipating the weekend again, before it’s even over. 😂

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    1. I didn’t know you were in France.
      Hope you enjoyed your day off. It feels so good to know that you have a day off while others don’t. It makes it more special than when EVERYONE gets a day off.

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  2. I feel like you never have time to find the balance. The right amount of time to relax and also time to run errands and do chores. I’ve always been one or the other. I think keeping a small amount of momentum would be helpful to ease back into work, but sometimes it is just nice doing nothing.

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  3. Thoughts like these indicate that you’re not happy with life.
    I have them too often and, indeed, I do not feel happy.
    Change takes such a long time, no matter how much you work towards it.

    I remember the days when I have felt so motivated to go to work.
    I couldn’t wait to work on my projects and meet my colleagues.
    That seems like such a long time back now 😦

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    1. My life has recently changed a bit and I feel like I am happier with it than I was before. However, I always strive for more. I want to do better, so there is never “enough” of anything for me. I always want to reach for the stars, so anything else in between is somewhat disappointing.

      I noticed that the harder the work the more I enjoy it. I feel challenged, and I like it. If it’s boring, then I’m not too happy, because I don’t feel stimulated. But I count my blessings. Maybe it’s better to not be fully happy (but not unhappy) than to be stressed all the time. At least I hope to live longer thanks to that approach.


      1. I thought I read that you had a break from work. But you’re back in the office again?

        My job is sometimes times extremely busy, other times I just don’t know what to do.
        I must that I prefer the times when it’s busy so much more or else I feel extremely worthless.

        Good to read that you’re going to the happier side!

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  4. One of the things I’ve noticed working in HR is that, if I look back over the figures, there is ALWAYS a spike in people quitting or behaving in a way bad enough to need disciplinary action/termination. The longer people are off for the more difficulty they seem to have readjusting to work. Vacations and sick leave even more so. It’s always hard to go back to humdrum routine after a good time or extended absence and some just can’t do it.

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      1. I notice weird stuff but knowing that and being creative about making those ‘first days back’ fun – pizza parties, balloons on desks, taking time to talk to people all really help with retention!

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  5. No day off. The chickens still needed to be let out of the coop at daybreak and closed in the coop before dark. Since it was so hot we did take a midday nap in the house with the A/C on then I went for a dip in the pond while my husband watered the strawberries. Today will probably be much the same. I do love not having to report to a job.

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  6. Im with you long weekends are great but those first few days afterwards always seem more hectic and even if its a relaxing weekend it always seems to go out the window that first day back.

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      1. Glad to hear you survived. I think its cause all of a sudden the stuff that would be Monday’s problem is suddenly urgent (or perceived that way) cause its now Tuesday and everybody wants it yesterday.

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  7. The struggle is real. I always find myself in “too many days off” trap. And the first day of the comeback always seems too long, boring and tiring for me. So, I can definitely feel you…

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  8. I love public holidays.
    Although when it us time to resume I feel like I am not ready but like you the fact that the number of work days in that week are less boosts my moral a little.

    I used to hate public holidays a lot in secondary schools(high) school. The bullying in my boarding school shyrocketed on public holidays.
    We got beaten(with sticks or a go-to-hell hanger) for the weirdest stuff like one time a senior punished us for over 5hours because we allegedly said she has long useless legs and another punished us all night because we allegedly said she has distant beauty.
    They just made up stuff and punished us.
    My love for public holidays started when I became a senior.

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