#ThrowbackThursday – the things people find “cute”.

There is this photo back from when I was a little kid, in which most of my face is covered in chocolate. I seem to have a wide grin, so I must have been enjoying it at that time.

But now, I think: “What a waste!” So much chocolate did not make it down my throat to my belly. What a shame.

Good old times. When we were young and ignorant.

Today, however, I do not cry over the spilled milk, but I do wonder about the reasoning behind picture taking. I remember my parents laughing when viewing that photo and describing me as “cute”. How could they think so? You do not look at a grown man, whose face is covered in BBQ sauce and think he is cute. You think he is a slob. Or you look for a napkin for him to use.

Not my parents. Not when it comes to me. At least not when I was a kid.

I have seen other baby pictures throughout the years in which the kids’ have all sorts of food smeared all over their faces, which means that apparently, there is something picture worthy in such situations. Something appealing to the photographer.

I ask you: “Why are people so impressed with messy babies?”

Do you have a “slob” picture of your own, back from when you were a kid?

Do you find it adorable?

Stay golden,



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34 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday – the things people find “cute”.

Add yours

  1. I wish that you share that picture of yours someday. I do have adorable pictures of mine when I was a baby. And I do live babies.

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  2. Grin.
    I don’t find babies cute for this exact reason.
    If possible I’d like my new born to be teenage (if I’d have one).
    If I’m seated next to a person with a young child in a restaurant I will refuse to sit there.

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  3. My t-shirts all seem to be covered in cooking ingredients from when i cook and forget my apron, this isn’t funny and costs me a fortune in t-shirts!
    But yes lets all laugh at messy babies and give them a deep seated paranoia they’ll carry into adulthood!

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  4. As I come from a different generation to you, photos were things taken when we went on holiday or a relative visited, or a natural disaster like a flood or fire happened. Nothing embarrassing like covered in mud happened, though my younger brother was caught pulling faces in a family pic once. In this day and age they seem to abound. My grandson was caught by his mum the day he fell over in the yard and went face first into the dog poo.I’m sure he’ll love having it shown in years to come.

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    1. Back in my day (analog cameras), we did not take photos of everything, either. But some baby pictures here and there managed to get through.
      I feel for your grandson. You illustrated a great phenomenon – we document everything. We have our phones glued to our hands. We take pics/ video before we ever think of helping someone up, or calling 911.

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  5. The childhood photo of me I’m fond of is asleep on a staircase, a pillow under my head, my little body draped over three steps. It had been a long Christmas day, me thinks, and I just couldn’t make it up the steps. No messyness. Just realness.

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      1. I don’t think so. I had my raggedy ann doll which I suspect I was walking around with. Still gripping it. My parents may have tucked the pillow in before taking the picture. I’ll have to ask them!

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  6. As the mother of 4 (now adults) I could probably dig up photos or videos of each of mine with cake or ice cream on their face and I’m sure they would not think the pictures are as cute as I do. Every new thing a baby does is exciting for a parent. Babies learning to feed themselves is a milestone and doing it neatly does not come naturally. They need lots of practice. I’m afraid if I sat there and wiped every bit of food off their face in between each attempt I would develop a person with severe anxiety disorder or something in addition to causing myself tons of unnecessary stress. I rather that we both embrace the learning process, including letting them fail (miss their mouth) repeatedly knowing eventually they will succeed. I say let them get messy. They are easy enough to wash.
    Comparing an adult behavior to a babies behavior is an unfair comparison.

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  7. I ask you: โ€œWhy are people so impressed with messy babies?โ€
    Do you have a โ€œslobโ€ picture of your own, back from when you were a kid?
    Do you find it adorable?

    A1. a) Dunno. b) I’m a fan of the barrel method of raising children, myself.
    A2. Nope.
    A3. See A2 and A1(b).

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