It has been a challenging couple of days, so I am happy to say that it is Friday! I kept slacking in regards to this post all day, because I did not think any of my thoughts (and therefor feelings) needed sharing. Even though I feel much better now, I still feel like my thoughts should not make it to here. However, I made a commitment to this blog (i.e. myself), so I will honor it, and share my thoughts.

It felt like there was a big boulder on my chest for a large part of today. I consider myself a strong person. People told me I seem strong. Today, more than ever (exaggeration), I was thinking about mental strength. Andrea’s post/ comment exchange re-confirmed my thoughts. We are all so different, and we can handle different levels of things.

Today I wondered how it is possible for one person to handle “thing A”, and for another person to completely crumbled when faced with “thing A”. There does not seem to be an obvious answer to it. Mental fortitude is an easy reply. But what does it really mean? What makes us mentally strong? If you had to write a recipe, or teach someone to handle things better, what would you write/ do?

These are some heavy thoughts for Friday/ the end of the week, but I am curious to see if anyone has any ideas.

Stay golden,



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26 thoughts on “#FridayFeeling

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  1. If I had to write a recipe to “teach someone to handle (hard) things better” I think I would say something like…

    -First, Think simple: Decide what is REALLY important in life? Relationships mostly… and our health – mental, physical and spiritual. And do one specific thing each day to care for those 3 areas of your life.

    -Next, put the problem issues inside your “Big Picture” of what matters in life, so that you have a healthier perspective, rather than just an emotional reaction to a circumstance.

    -Third, find good friends, and love them for the long haul. Friends truly keep us sane and joyful; and the best ones teach us to have a good laugh at ourselves every so often.

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  2. I think mental fortitude is to see things in a positive way.
    For instance if the A is something difficult to achieve, i think it is easier to achieve it if you have a positive view on it. I very often have situations where i think that I’ll be tuck in them for a while. Then i think to myself, the fastest i start, the quickest I’m out of it. So i try to see the bigger picture when I’m done and free to do what i want. It gives me a positive view on the issue

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  3. It probably also depends on how much you want to achieve something.
    But most of the time I feel like I have no choice either.
    What does giving up even mean?
    But I do think people often forget to take a proper break to recharge the batteries.

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  4. I think part of it also is just our differences as people. Thing A might be a mountain to one person and a pebble to another.. but they’ll have a different “thing A” that will floor them.
    Having something hanging over your head or sitting heavily is unbearable for some so getting it over with is easier than leaving it. I don’t think it’s that some people are stronger/better/beaver – just that we all have our own breaking points. Pencils, fences and trees are all wood but sure as heck don’t hold up in the same way! A tornado can take a tree or a fence down but a pencil will likely survive. Then again, step on a pencil.. you know!

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      1. Just personal taste I guess.. I don’t mind bugs in the garden but if they’re in my house I’ll scream like a Nellie! I’m also terrified of snakes but mice or lizards don’t bother me. Some people thrive on a fast paced work environment, others like routine. We’re all a giant human jigsaw 😊

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  5. I do think our life experience’s and how we are raised have a lot to do with how we handle situations.
    My recipe would include having a plan b or a backup plan for the important things. It may seem like negative thinking to consider things that could go wrong but I can’t think of anything worse than being blindsided.
    The other part would to be to keep things in perspective. Several years ago when my husband would be upset about something I began saying ” If that is the worst thing that happens today then we are doing well.” He now says it as well.
    The third thing would be gratitude – gratitude seems to erase negativity – so I have since changed the above to “If that is the worst thing that happens today then we should be on our knees thanking God.”

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  6. Thought provoking post again.:) Happy to see your commitment to yourself and to see your posts.

    I have been told the same thing about being mentally strong too. My opinion on this is that- I used to think I have the mental fortitude to handle everything and that maybe I am mentally stronger than others. But I have come to realize that we all are the same. Meaning – suppose person 1 handle thing A really well and another person can’t (but the world mostly sees person 1 handling thing A well), and person 2 handles thing B really well (the world cannot see this strength, maybe because it is more of a soft skill) thing A may be more visible but thing B may be more important emotionally, so who is stronger? Who is to say?
    I feel everyone has their own mental fortitude, all in different ways. Some are apparent some are hidden.

    I would say focus on making yourself better and wholesome, mentally and physically.:)

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    1. An interesting perspective. I guess we don;t know what exactly is going on in other people’s lives. Maybe they are dealing with something very difficult that we aren’t. We end up judging their single actions, taken apart from time and space.

      You really have a hopeful/ optimistic view on humanity. Don’t you?

      Every day I work on that. Thanks for the encouragement.

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