Does free will equal freedom of choice? [7/9/17]

via Does free will equal freedom of choice?

21 thoughts on “Does free will equal freedom of choice? [7/9/17]

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    1. You’re absolutely right about those two being different. However, the point I was trying to prove is that, even though we all have free will, it does not mean that we can always do what we wish. And if that is the case, then what is the use of free will? I admit this trivializes free will a bit, but one should not think that EVERYTHING is up to THEM.

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      1. I think it is more or less whatever that person is willing to accept. We all have free will, yet there are laws that we are expected to live by. It’s all whatever that person is willing to compromise on or forsake. If freedom of choice replaces free will, then there would be no need for laws.

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      2. That is why the Kings and the Pharaohs feared God. They told their subjects that they were chosen to lead by their gods. The Jews were not subservient to the Pharaohs because they knew they were mortal just as they were. Free will gives us the choice although consequences are immediately accepted once a choice is made. The choice between Freedom of Choice and Free Will means to erase consequence. Without consequence there is no requirement for free will.

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  1. Both of those stories are a sad reminder of what too much government causes. EXACTLY what the founding fathers warned us against. We need less government not more. Politics is self serving. No politician lives in section eight housing. None are poor, it’s a power and money game and we buy right into it letting them control our lives more and more. It’s way past time to say ‘Enough’

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      1. I think we don’t need as many layers of government as we have and I think in many areas they over reach what they should’ve doing – healthcare deciding if babies live or die for instance – and don’t forget in England healthcare IS government run

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  2. I agree with you on both stories. The first one is very disturbing that they hospital supported by the government can take away the parents rights to make decisions about their child.
    The second one I think government overstepping their bounds – taking what could be a good and perhaps motivating thing and making it mandatory. I used to teach a school to life transition course to high school students in special ed classes. The purpose of the class was to help students identify their future goals then identify means of achieving their goals. I personally feel that all students could benefit from transition planning and it should begin no later than their freshman year of high school. Once students have goals set they can then select classes that will help them achieve those goals. I believe that knowing the relevance in the classes would motivate students to perform better. I do not believe that the government should have to approve a persons plan!!!

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    1. Thank you for the comment.
      It really is scary to see how much influence people who have nothing to do with you (ex. government) can meddle in your affairs (life or death of your kid).
      I’m not surprised to hear that you were an educator/ counselor. I agree – such coaching really is needed to help show young people their options, to help them focus on their talents, etc. I know I was lost without such training. But in no way would I want to feel the stress of having to figure it all out for the government’s approval. I think making sure that you and your parents are happy is stressful and motivating enough.

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  3. I have always been skeptical about “freedom”, but reading these stories, I might have taken it for granted.
    It also makes me question whether I want my children growing up in a world like this.
    Or maybe I should make an order for 10 pug dogs!

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