Equality. How real is it? [7/17/17]

via Equality. How real is it?

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  1. I loved this. You made your points perfectly and I was first pumping the air and shouting yes!
    I now how a traumatised Daisy, two cats who have run away to hide behind the couch and Milo who is still farting and snoring. No equity in fear in this house!

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  2. I think you know how I feel about this 😉
    It’s probably called different in English, but translated from Dutch, there is something called “Positive Discrimination”.
    For example, a woman would get the job easier in a male dominated world.
    I’ve been often accused of that.

    These freakin’ feminist. They are making my life very f*ing difficult. GRRR

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  3. Dammit floating gold, your good. Yeah, merit has been replaced with equality and equity and no real participation. Equality and equity requires participation whereas merit only requires the best. Remove the colors, remove the genetalia, and before you know it people are being treated based on their merit and how they treat others. Equality and equity are just another attempt at people control.

    If I decide to hold the door open or allow someone ahead of me inline, it is my choice, my my choices are being made for me then we got a problem.

    I wrote a few articles myself concerning these very subjects.




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