Award Ceremony – July 2018.

And so this is the first time I am late with my Award post. 

“Time keeps slippin’, slippin’, slippin’…”


To all those that nominated me: THANK YOU SO MUCH for making another installment of the Award Ceremony possible for me. I would not think so in the past, but now I believe that I would be a bit upset if I got no nominations the whole month.


For majority of us, summer is halfway gone.

Some of you have to worry about going back to school soon.

Some of you realize that you have been working so hard that you forgot to take some time off to enjoy a nice vacation.

Whatever the situation may be, I urge you to take a day off (even if during the weekend) to just enjoy yourself. Because why else are we working so hard, if not to enjoy ourselves in the end?

I am back to being positive about life. No, nothing major happened, but nothing bad did, either. I am grateful for what I have. It could be so, so much worse.


The awards I received in the month of July are:

Image result for liebster award

Image result for blogger recognition award

Image result for blogging chums

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12 thoughts on “Award Ceremony – July 2018.

Add yours

      1. Hahahahahah, why thank you for the vote of confidence. I have no idea how. Honestly it wasn’t until I caught up on your recent posts that I saw that. Seriously, congratulations. I don’t know if my blog is good enough.

        Then again, I don’t know what the benefit of the awards are. Is it just a good job kind of thing, or do you get publicity or something else?

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  1. Was waiting for this one, including my nomination 😉
    Although I really like this, I’m almost scared to write one because each time I do ’em, someone ends up frustrated.
    Especially looking at the questions, you can expect some bold statements from me 😉

    You have mentioned before that you have seen quite a lot of the world.
    Do you usually go for one long vacation, or few a year but shorter?

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