Today, I thought about satisfaction.

You know, because:

“I can’t get no…. satisfaction…”

Sorry, I could not help myself.

I do not change my mind that often (because I do my research before making up my mind in the first place), but I do battle myself when it comes to complaining.

Many things irritate me, and I do like speaking out about it, in hopes that something will change.

However, sometimes, I slap myself and remind myself for all the amazing things in life. I do not preach being eternally grateful for everything, but I do urge you to acknowledge something good in your life every now and again.

Where did all of this come from?

Well, I was out in the sweltering heat today for quite some time. I must have lost half my body mass in sweat. Standing right there, I reminded myself how I just told someone the other day that I was loving the warmth. And there I was, ready to complain about it.

Even though I was ready to complain, I decided to bite my tongue. Not too long after that, after everyone else complained about the heat, rain clouds started coming in. We could see lightening in the distance. It started drizzling. And there I was, keeping my mouth shut, while others started preparing for the rain, and complaining about it.

In the end, it VERY lightly drizzles for a few moments, and then it stopped. But the clouds and the breeze remained.

Finally perfect weather.

Only it was not sunny.

The sky was not baby blue.

And that just made me think of how hard it is to satisfy us as humans. We are so skilled at finding SOMETHING wrong.

I was glad to have kept from complaining today. It was not easy, but I found it more bearable once I accepted the weather conditions. Yes, it was hot, but after-all, I was not freezing. Yes, it started sprinkling, but it was nowhere close to melting me (because I am made of sugar).

All in all, it was not a perfect day. But it was a really good one.

How quick are you to complain?

Do you think complaining does anything?

Do you appreciate the good things in life?

Stay golden,



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25 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts

Add yours

  1. As I am getting wiser( read older) i have started appreciate little good things and blessings in life.
    I don’t think complaining does anything, maybe makes you feel better at the second but i feel it leaves you feeling bitter. No, I don’t complain much, unless it is for flight delays then i actually complain and get some miles out of it😁😉

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      1. Venting is necessary sometimes, totally agree, gives you a release.

        Also, yes, flying the airlines that compensates you for their delays and your inconvenience helps. That’s why I stay loyal to them! 😊

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Ha Ha, yep! If they are gonna take me to another state (instead of where I am supposed to go) after 5 delays, they are paying for it! Doesn’t make up for the lost time, but it’s something:D

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  2. Some complaints can be prevented,
    e.g. a friend once laughed at me because I wore old sneakers on a night out. Later she was the one with cramped feet due to high heels.
    Sometimes it gives pleasure to say “I told you so”.

    Some complaints you cannot do anything about.
    e.g. the weather. I complain about summer, yes. It’s not my season.
    I haven’t heard that many ambulances driving by in the past few heat wave weeks.
    I think people are allowed to complain about something like that.

    Some complaints you can actually do something about.
    e.g. I’m not happy at my job.
    Finding a new job is not easy, but definitely possible.
    If people still complain after I have given my advice and help, then it’s a NO-NO for me.

    In general I do complain about the things I cannot do anything about. But I try to do it in a funny / entertaining way. Not everyone is amused by it, but then again I stay away from people as much as I can 😉

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    1. That’s a great distinction!

      When people complain about things that could have been easily prevented (your shoes example), if they just thought about it, I just roll my eyes.

      When they complain about something, but do nothing about it in the long run (your work example), I listen, then roll my eyes, then just lose my cool (that progresses as the complaining continues in time – days, weeks, months, years).

      Yes, I feel like complaining about something we can’t change (weather) is somewhat acceptable. We’re just venting our frustrations. However, if it’s something I cannot change, then I try to learn and accept it, because it will keep happening, and I will keep getting annoyed if I don’t make peace with it.

      I think I complain in 2 ways:
      -logical, to lay out my reasoning, so others understand and help change it
      -in a light way (like you said – entertaining). However, not everyone sees it that way.


      1. Ha! I see we think the same about this topic. 🙂

        People complain a lot about people who complain btw. So if someone is annoyed by my complaining, that’s the feedback I’d give them. 😉
        But you’re right, you won’t actually achieve anything by complaining about stuff that cannot be changed.

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  3. I am not much of a complainer. Complaining would indicate that I am stressing about something and I do my best to avoid stress.

    I think you are on the right track when you using gratitude to combat complaining. I think that empathy or compassion can help as well. (if you think of the people who are losing their homes and lives because of wildfires would you dare complain about rain?)

    Along the lines of Andreas comment is The Serenity Prayer – “God Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change. The courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference”. Here is a piece of wisdom I have gained from this – The one thing I can control is my reaction to things.

    One last thought – I think complaining is contagious and people with strong personalities can easily infect others. I think the opposite is also true – if you can find something positive or make light of the situation others will follow.

    Have a great day.

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    1. Complaining a sign of stress… Hmmm… even though obvious, I never thought of it like that.

      Yes, I have discovered the Serenity Prayer a few years back, and it really stuck with me.

      You are absolutely right when it comes to complaining being contagious. I’ve read studies about how strongly people bond over something negative. More than over something positive.

      I wish we can all be those that inspire others to talk about the positive.

      Liked by 1 person

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