My eyes are hurting today.

If you read some of my Q&A posts, you might know that I wear glasses. My eyesight is not 20/20. I am not very happy about it, but it is what it is. Not much I can do about it.

Both my parents had perfect vision (until they got older and needed reading glasses), so I am not sure why my sibling and I, both, have eye problems. The explanation I cam up with is twofold.

One – I was a bookworm. I was told to switch my light off pretty early on in the evenings, which was not conductive to my reading experience. I could not just put a book down once the lights went off, so I continued reading them for hours, under the covers with the dim light coming from various flashlights. It could not be too bright, because I did not want anyone to know I was not obediently sleeping.

Growing up, my TV time was limited. There was not much educational material, or appropriate for a child of my age, so I just had about 20-30 mins of cartoons a day during the week. When my parents went out (with friends and family (not too often)), it felt like the Holidays to me. I would sit in front of the TV for hours without blinking.

I know they did what they did because they were trying to be good parents, but it backfired a bit.

As an adult, I sit in front of a computer at work most of the day. And in the evenings, at home, I do check my private emails, blog and watch movies. So, I am aware that my screen time is abundant. I am trying to limit that.

I could not help, but notice that they young kids in my family all wear glasses. And it worries me. I think of evolution. Are we heading towards a blind society? Will we evolve into nocturnal mammals?

Today, my wisdom to you is to try and limit your/ your kid’s screen time + reading without natural light.

Kids nowadays are born with a tablet in their hands. Soon after, they get a phone, and a computer. They do not take their eyes off of these devices. I could not believe when I heard kids do their homework on their tablets. No paper workbooks. Just apps. In college, we require young adults to carry laptops to class to take notes, write essays and take exams. At work, we want everyone to be receiving emails every breathing minute of our lives. You want to apply for a job? Fill out an application online.

Screens are so prevalent. It is not easy to stay away from them (I think, while writing this… ironic…), but let us try.

And remember that natural light (daylight) is best for reading a paper-book. Give it a break once it gets dim. Too bright of a light is not good either.

Stay golden,



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28 thoughts on “#WednesdayWisdom

Add yours

  1. Hey Goldie,
    I wear.glasses.too while.my parents only use reading ones now. Probably because i.read.a lot when i was young with all kinds of light and none 😁
    Plus, in my life, all i have is online or in a tablette, my dad has everything in his laptop , he can’t live without it. I bepieve that once we had notepads, books and pens, now we have more practical tools such as electronic devices which help us achieve things in a third of the time that we used to take. So.it is better for what we need to do, but not too much on our health. We walk less, we talk to our loved ones less, we prefer.online friendship than our neighbors (in my case that’s tye only option i have).
    Now for your poor eyes, i will recommend you to use a free tool that comes.with windows 10 called “night light ” 8t take off all the noxious blue light from the screen and leaves.only the red. It is the damn blue light that.hurts the eyes and stops the melatonin to for in the brain, and the person can’t sleep at night.
    Or if you don’t have windows 10 you can download f.lux for free it does the same job.
    And you can install android apps in your phone too that will keep your eyes safe from the blue light , for instance “twilight”

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    1. Interesting. I don’t really use the electronics at night, but I’ll try and give it a try anyway.

      You are totally right about how these items are “convenient”, but how they bring so many bad things with them. Is the price we pay worth it? I don’t think we can “undo” the progress, but I’d like to slow it down. If we acknowledged there are some negative sides to it, and tries to curb it even a little, it would help all of us. But instead, the majority still seems to be mesmerized with technology, and they don’t see anything bad in that.

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  2. my kids have limited time on a tablet, but they can watch tv if the program calls to them – it happens on occasion – i like that they play a lot outdoors, climbing trees, bicycles, hide and seek and so on, but i’ve noticed that my daughter, if she’s watching tv or playing on a tablet, she has her eyes really close to the screen. my mom has warned her a few times that she can’t stand in front of a tv and watch the screen. she’s just turned six, but i think she’ll be wearing glasses soon.

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    1. That;s great that they get to play outdoors. Nowadays, people are scared to leave their kids unattended. And if you live in a big city, there is no yard to play in. Concrete jungle with no playgrounds. It’s frightening a little. Climbing trees used to be so much fun!

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  3. You should eat more carrots 😉

    Kidding. You are right!
    I have only a few hours with screen time in a day and that’s during sleep!
    Although my eyes seem to be fine, you are right, I should limit this too!

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    1. I know. Every now and then I try to eat carrots more regularly, but then I just get tired of them after a couple days.
      It’s good to stare into a distance to relax your eyes. Preferably look at something far away that’s green. If you don’t have anything like that available, then I recommend covering your eyes totally, so when you open your eyes it’s pitch black. They relax that way, too. I need to start practicing this regularly. They get less tired that way.


      1. I do daily meditation so I either close my of just stare at the white ceiling. I can recommend it to anyone who is patient enough.

        Eat them carrot! Or they might get very cranky 😉

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  4. You might be onto something and it is probably overlooked since it can usually be corrected with glasses (remedy). There is always a compromise, and since the temperance movements and feminism, the price of goods has gone up, now everything is priced based on a two income household.

    Parents are tired so they look to the tablet or smart phone to entertain and babysit their kids. Nothing is free. Safety and freedom are mutually exclusive!

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    1. An interesting perspective.
      There’s so many things that influence that.
      1. We have more things to keep us entertained at a moment’s notice.
      2. Parents are afraid to let their kids “go out”.
      3. There is nothing fun to do in big cities for kids.
      4. Both parents work most of the time, and so they are too exhausted to manually entertain their kids.
      It will just get worse…

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      1. Yeah, then again we’re always told to slow down and “smell the roses” at the same time we give the same advice. Kids playing outside and kids working, i.e. cutting grass or shoveling snow is hardly seen today as well. Who knows where this will lead.

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      1. Can you imagine listening to Morgan Freeman read — well — anything? I’d be asleep in minutes, unless I was driving, and even then…

        Languorous voice maybe. With a jigger of scratch and catch.


  5. Limiting electronics for kids is amazing advice for eye sight and for their well-being overall. Ipad time is “given”… not just readily available in our house. Great Wisdom… thank you!

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