I woke up with a vague idea that I already knew what I wanted to write today about. It was a joy when I looked into my drafts and I saw a post entitled: “#ThrowbackThursday”. YES! That almost never happens. Very rarely an idea pops into my head and I am near my computer to be able to write it down. 99% of those “very rare” occasions go anywhere. I either forget about them, or I simply do not “feel” the idea anymore when it is time to write. But this time around, the idea was there; it was written down; and I still like it!


On this magnificent day, I would like to throwback to your first blogging buddy. Take that as it may – your first follower, the person you followed first, the person whom you became close with.

For the purpose of this blog, I scrolled through MILLIONS of my followers. It took a long time. It was hard work… Are you impressed yet? (Yes, I have been told I have a weird sense of humor.)

When it comes to people that decided to follow me in the beginning of my blogging adventure:

  • some people deleted their blogs.
  • some people have not posted in forever.
  • some people I interact with here and there.
  • some completely ignore me.

I look through the first few followers and remember one, or two with great fondness. I thought we were going to have MANY great debates for a very long time, and I am sad that they just left one day without saying a word and never came back.

I look at the people who decided to follow me, but whom I have not heard from in over a year. Why would you follow someone if you will not read their stuff? I might not be following them, but it’s not tit for tat. I would like to think they followed me, because they liked SOMETHING about me/ my blog. Is that “something” gone? Not too long ago, when I had some free time, I went to these blogs and commented on their latest content in hopes to revive the relationship. I got a like or a “thank you” and that was that. Still dead.

The people who deleted their blogs surprised me. It makes me wonder what happened in their lives. They were in the midst of their active blogging journey. Did they create a blog somewhere else? Did they have a meltdown and took it down? What happened?

When it comes to people that I followed in the beginning:

  • some have not posted in a while. That is sad, because I liked their stuff and it makes me wonder how they are doing and why they stopped blogging.
  • some people I have an odd comment conversation here and there. That’s nice, but nothing too committing.
  • some people are still active and I keep reading their stuff and leaving feedback. But they never come over to my site. It hurts a little, but I understand that I might like someone/ something and they do not have to like me back.

What I realized while writing this post is that I seem to be going through the same cycles:

  • I find a blog I like and they leave.
  • I find a blog I like and they do not like me back.
  • I find a blog I like, we chat, exchange ideas…. and then they leave.

Does anyone else feel like that?

On one hand, I feel victorious, because it shows my perseverance (I keep on going and they quit). But on the other hand, it can be a little disheartening to feel like you are building a community of your own, and then, one by one, they drop out.

Some bloggers post apologies for being MIA, while others do not. Some people warn us, while others do not. Some people say: “Who cares” when someone says: “I will not be here for a while”, or “I’m back now. Sorry I was gone.” Well, I care. I need closure. I understand life happens and you either move onto bigger and better things, or simply do not have time for this, but at least, take a moment and let us know. That way, I will not be wondering if you are dead, or ever coming back.

First followers.

First people you made connections with.

Where are they?

What happened?

Do you miss them?

Will you and I turn into nothingness, or just 2 ships passing in the night soon enough?

And those that are still there, but never engage. Why?

Stay golden,



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49 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday

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  1. This was a fantastic, well-said post. There are times when it seems like I drop from the face of the earth, I just don’t have anything to blog about. I am so hooked on WordPress. I can sit all day and just read posts, which I have done numerous times. I thank you dear friend for commenting as it makes me think and I love reading your posts as you have a lot to teach.

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    1. There are times when I just read other stuff without blogging myself, too. There’s always new content.

      Thank you for beating a repeat “customer” on my site!

      I’m enjoying your blogs as well!

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  2. there’s a blogger i met at the beginning when i first started blogging. we became quick friends, talking by e-mail, through our blogs and so on. and then one day she just disappeared. her blog is still out there, but no new content, her twiitter and facebook still out there, but again nothing new. i sent her an e-mail every week, then every month, and now i haven’t sent her anything for the past four months. I need that closure too, but sometimes life can catch us by surprise. who knows? maybe she had an accident and an amnesia? or maybe she just died. i would never be able to really tell.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s weird.
      I understand that some people have a blog only email they never check, so once they leave, you don’t really have a way of getting a hold of them.
      But if you had more of her details, and you never got a reply, then that is plain weird. She could have said – I’m very busy, but all is well. Something. Anything. Unless your emails are going to her spam (like one of my blogging colleague’s went to mine, and I never saw them, until she spoke out on the blog).

      Agreed. It’s just so eerie not to know what happened. Especially because we, as writers (Can I call myself that???), come up with a million scenarios a minute.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that.
          Maybe that’s why some people just leave. Because they don’t want to cause heartache for other, random strangers. I might feel terrible if I wasn’t able to help them…

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  3. I can understand what you are saying but I have not yet experienced it. I am a very new blogger, I just started this spring. I am still dipping my toe into the pool. I use my blog more like a public access journal at the moment. As I go I will get a better feel for what I want to put out into the world. I have stumbled across several great bloggers that I follow. I do my best to read whatever they put out there. I hadn’t thought about the comment section as an ongoing conversation, that is a new perspective. I had only commented if something really grabbed me in a moment or there was some sort of question posed in the post. I am typically very hesitant to just speak up but I will have to mull over this idea of feedback and continuing conversation, it sounds like something I would enjoy.

    Thank you for putting this into my world, you may have opened a new door for me.

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    1. You have so much to experience, Young One.
      I hope you get to find what you are looking for, here in the land of WordPress.
      Please feel free to reach out to me should you need anything/ have any questions. I don’t know it all, but I will surely try to help.

      Your blog will develop as the time passes. Do what feels right “in the moment”. We have all been “evolving” here.

      Yes, the comment section can be a really cool playground/ sandbox. It’s whatever YOU choose to make of it.

      Good luck!


  4. You were one of my very firsts! First Friday in my second week of blogging to be precise! I’m surprised how many have dropped that started around the same time and how a few that were here longer have gone.
    Some I mourn. I keep ‘following’ in the hope of seeing them reappear one day. Some are sporadic, only one has become a FB friend. I have a core group that I guard jealously. If any disappeared I’d email them – the ones I truly don’t want to lose touch with or just to at least know they’re okay.
    When you develop that kind of relationship, real names, ages, faces etc are unimportant. It’s a deeper connection somehow when you’re talking inside to someone else who’s replying from inside their’s.

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    1. I always feel so fuzzy when you bring up my involvement in your beginning. I feel like a Godfather, or a Fairy Godmother. It’s an honor, and I’m glad we’re still at it.

      Same here. I was thinking of “purging” my list, but I thought: “What is they come back one day and cry, because I never see their posts, and so they leave again?” And I wouldn’t want others to delete me, either, if I was to leave, because maybe I would come back? Not that I’m planning on it, but who knows what might happen.
      You are absolutely correct about some of the connections we create on here. They really can be cool.

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  5. Mhh. I started blogging with a friend (that I actually know in real life 😉 )
    She still has her blog, but posts very rarely.

    I think a lot people think it’s like any other social media.
    They think you can easily gain 1000 followers in 2 weeks.
    Unfortunately for them, blogging requires a little more maintenance than just posting the sandwich you’re eating.

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    1. I laughed at the “sandwich” part of your comment. But yes, SO true. Not everyone has the stamina to build relationships. Not everyone wants to put in the effort. Insta-fame is the trend.


  6. Interesting post! Also, yes, very impressed 😛

    I think you were one of the first followers I had (and I followed right back because of the content you post). You may have mentioned in one of the comments about having the same brain? LOL!

    I would say we are still going strong! 😀

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  7. I was one of those who did a disappearing act! After a couple of months, I went MIA for over a year. Soon I will have been blogging again for a whole year! Some days I’m slow with the Reader but I do try and catch up. When I’m bemoaning my lack of active followers and minimal stats I remind myself that others are probably in the same boat, busy and playing catch up! In fact, I seem to have a knack for choosing bloggers that quit, too. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “a knack for choosing bloggers that quit” That’s just precious. You should put it on your CV.

      Yes. I used to read EVERY post that popped up in my Reader, and then all recent posts of my commentators, and more, but now I end up overlooking many. Unintentionally of course.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m definitely going to take a look at my earliest followers – to my mind – I have one that very occasionaly likes something of mine, but I may end up surprised. To me, all my active followers are bloggers I followed when I started posting again last October.

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  8. I am newer to blogging but I have already noticed that many bloggers seem to come and go quickly. It has definitely been more work than I had initially thought it would be, but totally worth it and seeing posts like yours give me hope 🙂

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    1. Maybe it’s because of summer – more people are out and about, instead of sitting in front of a computer. Maybe when fall/ winter comes, they will return. Not sure, though.

      It really is a lot of work. Well, I don’t want it to sound like it’s a tedious task, but I think you know what I mean. It takes time, and dedication, consistency, etc. It’s not as easy as writing a few random words on a blank post page.

      The social aspect of blogging takes a lot of time, but it truly makes it all worth it.

      Thank you for stopping by, reading and commenting.


      1. I never realized how much time it takes. It seems like I spend a lot of time thinking about the next post, lol. You are probably correct with the weather correlation and the amount of bloggers, I hadn’t really thought of that 🙂

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  9. I agree. I lost hundreds of followers, people I so enjoyed reading and interacting with. I found out it wasn’t their fault, it was a problem with WP and it deleted 1000’s of wpers. I’ve never found most of them. They’ve never found me. Still, I’ve found a few new people, such as you, and I really enjoy you. My contact with you was blocked for some reason, now I can see you again. It’s wonderful. Expect me to return as long as I am able.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I remember you saying that a while back. That happened to someone else, as well. Glitches like that tend to happen when you upgrade/ transfer your WP account, which is why I’m steering clear from it for now.

      That’s great to hear! See you around.


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