We all probably know the Nike slogan: “Just do it!”, but I know that does not work for everyone. Because of that, my slogan for today is: “Give it a try!”

“Just do it” sounds like something we have been considering doing for a while, but are hesitant. So can “Give it a try”. However, the difference, as I see it, is the potential failure. “Just do it” makes it sound like all you need to do is go for it and all your problems will be solved. “Giving it a try” leaves room for error. It is not because I want you to fail, or that I think you will not succeed, it is because it does not put that much pressure as “Just do it” does. The latter just sounds like: “Get over yourself, you wuss.” The former is more like a cheer-leading chant, rooting for you.

Where am I going with that? I keep getting reminded that Labor Day Weekend is almost upon us. And that to me is a big blogging deal. Last year, just 3 months after I started blogging, I hosted a block party (yes, I named it “block” just like the street parties neighborhoods in the US have). It was a blog party, but I wanted to reflect the sense of the community. I greatly enjoyed it, and I hope those that participated then did, too. I have some plans for that this year, but all in due time.

In the past year (or so), I wrote more than 150 posts (now much for those that post once a day, but a lot for me). More than 130,000 words. Can you imagine? All of this because I decided to give it a try, and created a blog. It has definitely enriched my life. If you are just a newbie in the blogging world, I want to tell you to hang on. If you celebrated your 1 year, I want to tell you to keep going, because look at all you did. To those who have been blogging for (much) longer, CongratZ! You are whom I want to be when I grow up.

This is not only meant to be a blogging motivator. That is for ANYTHING in life. It might not work out, but you should give it a try if you really want to. What is the worse that can happen? What does not kill you makes you stronger. Right?

Do you like a more gentle kind of motivation, or a more direct one?

Stay golden,



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33 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation

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  1. Direct motivation for me. Congratulations on your gusto Floatinggold. Your writings as often well thought out and heartfelt. Keep it up, you’re golden in my book.

    Just Do It, quit thinking about it and tackle it, you may fail at first, but the lessons learned will serve you for an eternity.

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  2. Grin. I once wrote a post about “what doesn’t kill you makes you….”.
    Stronger was not one terms I used to finish the sentence.
    (Bitter , weak and happy).

    Motivation is easy when you have time and inspiration. But always get rewarded by means of upgoing stats.
    But that’s just for me.

    I am definitely for “just do it” with things that won’t hurt you mentally, physically or financially.
    As hipsters say, YOLO. You Only Live Once 😉

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  3. I feel you when you explain the difference between ‘Just do it’ and ‘Give it a try’ 🙂
    Excited for the party. Don’t know what it is about but would love to know 😀
    If I go by the dates, my blog was created back in 2015. But I shared 5 posts in 2015 and only 3 in 2016 😀 Active blogging started in late Feb of 2017. Btw, how do you see the count of posts and words written in the past one year (if your count ends today)? I can see the count year wise. Like for 2018, my post count is 150 and word count is 26,642 (Most of my posts are pretty short poems :D).

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    1. I’m glad someone can see that subtle difference.

      You’re right. The count is shown annually. So I added the words from last year and this one. It’s a year and a couple months.
      (There is a “View All” link at the bottom of this year’s stats, which will take you to each individual year.)

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      1. Yeah I saw the View All link. But the stats don’t show the count for ‘one year ending on today’. Like they show the views on a post for ‘one week/month/year ending today’.

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  4. I find ‘just do it’ very liberating in a Stuff the consequences, nothing ventured nothing gained, kind of a way. Just try it is the same (unless it’s bungee jumping or parachuting or anything involving voluntarily jumping out of or off stuff) I like that take a (measured) risk mentality.. it’s why I’m here and not in the U.K.!!

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    1. It brings me back to childhood years, where peers would say “just go for it”, and you’d say “ah, what the heck” and go for it. I guess we are a bit more cautious as adults. Both, a good, and a bad thing.

      So, are Brits more cautious, you think?

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        1. Of course, when you live in a country that big and diverse as the US, you don’t go abroad much. And you can use your driver license to go to some of the countries abroad, too, right? I.e. Puerto Rico.
          I think it’s the silliest (to not have a passport), but I understand how some might think it a waste.


  5. I like both ‘ Just Do it’ or ‘Give it a try’! I use Just Do It when I really want to get something done- like the Peru trek i did a couple years ago. I use ‘Give it a try’ because I will give something a try at least once before I decide I like it or not.

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