I was thinking about what I can “throwback” to, and thought that I really do not have many prominent memories. Some people remember their first snow, or their first school day, etc. It seems that I did not become “aware” of things later in life, so I have no idea what I did the first time I saw snow. I do not remember what I said when my sibling was born. I do not remember what I wore on the first day of first grade. Are you one of those people, who remembers things early on from your childhood?

It occurred to me that it would be interesting to write about the first time I got on a flight. But then,Β  realized that I was too young to remember. I did decide to throw back to my first “conscious” flight. It was my first REAL family vacation abroad, and I was 13. The only thing that I remember from that plane ride were our snacks. Chips in particular. Instead of taking our luggage out from the above-head compartment every time we wanted a snack, we decided to take them out at the beginning of the flight, and put them in the pocket placed on the seat in front of us. After take off, we noticed that the bag of chips seemed to get more and more inflated as the time went. It looked like it was ready to explode. We had a close eye on it, worried that we soon would be covered in paprika flavored chip dust.

No such thing happened. The chips did not explode. We opened them only after arriving at our hotel.

Have you observed a bag of chips on the plane before?

Have you had any other fun observations while on the plane?

Do you remember the first time you got on a plane?

Stay golden,



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29 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday

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  1. I would be so tempted to open the bag!
    Is paprika your favorite flavor?

    Apparently I was on a plane when I was 3 years old, but of course I don’t remember this.
    So the first time I do remember, it was on a trip with friends to London.
    I must have been 17 years old. It was the first time for all of us.
    We were SO EXCITED.
    Then 5 days later after a lot walking a long nights, we were too tired to be excited on the way back.

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    1. Paprika definitely used to be my favorite.
      I don’t eat chips all that much anymore, though.

      Haha, yes, the excitement does wear off. Since my first plane ride, I’ve been many more times, and it’s really funny to observe some people who are there the first time, or don’t fly much.


  2. My first time on a plane was actually my really really long trip to the USA, I must have been 18-19. It was a triple-decker Air China plane where we were packed like tuna, and the pungent smell of food I can never forget. I think I decided I would never use that airline after that, lol. I still haven’t and won’t! πŸ˜€

    I remember being excited, nervous and scared because it was my first time ever away from home and I was coming to a new country where I didn’t know anybody. Fast forward to now, I have flown many many times but this was one of the few times I actually think about that plane ride. Thanks for the throwback post! =)

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  3. I was 25 for my first plane ride. Remember it vividly. October 1991. US Air. Free ticket because I was working in corporate travel for a pharmaceutical company in my hometown. We were flown to Manhattan for a day as a treat.

    I was such a nervous wreck, I couldn’t eat breakfast or a snack on the plane. I sipped on a Coke. The take-off was @ 7:30a out of Greensboro, NC and, was simultaneously exciting & frightening.

    The tour of Manhattan was head spinning. How do you shove a visit into less than eight hours? The flight out was @ 7:30p out of LaGuardia and seeing all of NYC lit up at dusk was AMAZING. That’s when I discovered that I like window seats.

    I’ve never seen a bag of chips on a plane. I have seen a flight attendant roll drinks across the floor to folks…Southwest Airlines. That was an hysterical bunch. Flight out of Texas…

    A classmate of mine is a pilot. I’ve been up in a prop plane with him that was so small that our knees & shoulders were touching. The backseat dovetailed into a wooden bench for one person. Got a really good aerial view of Houston Hobby airport.

    I haven’t flown nearly eight years.

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    1. I felt like I was reading a full on book. Your description is so vivid and detailed. So cool. Thanks for sharing.

      Cabin crew can make, or break the flight.

      That’s so cool that you had such a unique experience with your classmate. Even though I was supposed to be on a private plane a time, or two, it never worked out, so I am left wondering.

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  4. I have never observed a bag of chips on a plane before πŸ™‚ The last time I was on an airplane what stood out to me was a monk wearing an orange robe. I found this fascinating because I don’t recall ever seeing a monk in real life (only on media).

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  5. I do indeed recall my first flight on a plane. It was when I was 14, travelling to France on a school skiing trip (which matches serendipitously with your snow anecdote!). I remember that as the aircraft took off, the song that was playing was ‘The Windmills of Your Mind’.

    I absolutely loved the experience. I was the first in my family ever to take to the skies in an aircraft; and I was also the first in my family to resolve, some years ago now, never to fly again (as a measure to reduce my own carbon footprint).

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    1. Never got to travel on a plane with my classmates, though I always wanted to. Was that a fun experience? Traveling with your peers, I mean.

      Wow, remembering the song that was playing is neat. Is this tune special to you in another way? I wonder what made you remember it.

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      1. Yes, it was definitely a fun trip. No, that tune isn’t particularly special to me in any other way. I think it’s lodged in my brain as part of the exhilaration of that first-time take-off. I remember thinking that it may have been deliberately chosen for the take-off because of its soothing melody, to calm the nerves of a bunch of youngsters on their first flight. That could, of course, be total bollocks πŸ™‚

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