Award Ceremony – August 2018.

*NOMINATION NO. 1 and 2*

(See page 1 for thanks and intro.)

FROM: Andrea, who blogs almost daily as of late. Her posts are very relatable. (She has nominated me a few times in recent times, and I am just not sure what else to write about her.)

FROM: Bottomlesscoffee, who blogs about some controversial issues.

Give it a try. Visit these blogs and see for yourself.


  1. Link to this post, so I get a notification once you respond to it.
  2. Answer my questions.
  3. Form some questions.
  4. Nominate some people.


  1. What made you smile this week?
    A laughed VERY hard with my partner this week. We were both being creative and coming up with potential stories for people’s lives.
  2. What is your favorite type of bear? (No, not beer 😉 )
    Grizzly. But I also really like black bears. Now that I think about it, I like them all. I do not mind the teddy bears.
  3. How often do you check “spam” comments folder?
    Depending on how often I visit WP. Either every day, or at least once a week. The less comments I get, the more I check the Spam folders, in hope there are some legit ones there.
  4. Candles, natural light or a lamp?
    All. But it depends for what. Natural is the most versatile, so I will go with that.
  5. Is there anything you collect?
    I used to collect postcards when I was a kid. I think everyone did, back in the day. My family would always bring fridge magnets, playing cards, mugs, and foreign currency from travels, but I am a bit more pragmatic. I do not need to have a million of the same thing just for show. So I collect photos and memories.
  6. Apartment on the 7th level or house with a garden?
    That is an easy one. House with a garden. I like my peace and quiet. But there is so much more to do around the house…

(Bottomlesscoffee is fairly new to the awards of WP, so there were no specific questions for me to answer. I blame it on Andrea, for not including the rules with her nomination posts, which led to Coffee’s confusion.)


  1. What made you smile this week?
  2. Is there anything you collect?
  3. What would be your top two tips for successful blogging?
  4. What do you think is the best of part of being a blogger?
  5. What’s the one thing you would like to change about blogging world?




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21 thoughts on “Award Ceremony – August 2018.

Add yours

  1. It’s interesting what you say about learning about “Life” at school.
    In highschool I had some subjects like “philosphy of life” , “society /social studies” and “taking care of yourself”.
    I don’t if it were the teachers or the material, but I was never interested.
    Mainly dur to my parents, who only forced me to know languages and sciences.
    Now I realease, there is more to life than only that.

    I like grizzly the most too! They stole my heart when I saw them in Canada. In captivity though, but still 😉

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