Award Ceremony – August 2018.

*NOMINATION NO. 4 and 5*

(See page 1 for thanks and intro.)

FROM: Meher, who writes mainly poetry and reviews books.

FROMPriyanka, who dabbles in poetry, as well as lifestyle writing.

Check their blogs out, because why not?!


  1. Thank the person/persons that nominated you and make sure to link your response back to their blog.
  2. Answer the questions your nominator gave you.
  3. Nominate other people and give them new questions to answer.
  4. List the rules and display the award.


  • What do you think is the best of part of being a blogger?
    At this point in time, I believe it to be the “reach”. I know the correct answer is “people/ connections/ interactions”. I have answered it that way in the past, and I meant it. However, in order not to repeat myself, and because I have been fighting some blogging doubt lately, I choose to say the reach. My first thought was that I was “free” to express myself here. And even though my speech is more restricted in real life, I do not think that it REALLY makes such a huge difference. However, it seems like in real life, you only have a limited amount of people listening to you. Here, you have people from all over the world. On a daily basis. People whom you would have never met otherwise. By growing your web, you increase your reach, therefore, increasing your odds of finding like-minded people.
  • Which bloggers inspire you (if any)? Do you have any favorite blogs yet?
    I enjoy a wide variety of bloggers, so I think any of my followers would find someone they would like to read from the selection of people that I follow. However, I will not single anyone out. I recommend you browse through my comment sections. These are the people I interact on a regular basis. I definitely enjoy them.
  • If you could spend a day in any one book/ movie, which one would it be?
    As much as I like thrillers, I would not like to live in one for fear of getting killed. I would probably choose a comedy, so that someone can laugh at me.
  • Did you have any notions about blogging before you yourself started to blog?
    Yes, I think we all did. Those were the reasons why we created the blogs; I think. I am writing a post touching upon this. It should be out next week. Aside from that, I did not know this would be as interactive as it is.
  • What would be your top two tips for successful blogging?
    1. Be honest with yourself as to why you want to blog. Re-assess that reason on a regular basis.
    2. Do not give up too easily.
  • Are you a full-time blogger? If not then, would you like to be one in the future?
    “I am not sure” is the short answer. I would like to make a living writing on my time.
  • Look around the place you’re answering this question at. What’s your favorite thing from the place?
    The computer. Or the radio, if the computer is too lame of an answer.
  • Do you think that engaging with others’ posts is as important as posting regularly? Why or why not?
    Usually, yes. But not always. You can engage with others all you want, but if they do not engage back, then there is no point. You just waste your time.
  • What’s your dream place to be at? (It can be any place, real or fictional.)
    It feels so weird to finally not have the answer ready, locked and loaded for this question. There are plenty of things I would like to see, though.
  • What is/was your favorite subject to study at school?
    It changed depending on the school level/ teachers. I liked Geography a lot, Chemistry, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.
  • Is there any subject you would like to add in the school’s curriculum?
    Yes, “Life”, during which you could teach kids how to face adversities, what to expect from life, etc.

Priyanka’s QUESTIONS and my ANSWERS:

  1. What kind of music do you like?Why?
    I like a mix of many different genres. From classic rock, through 80s music, to classical.
  2. What’s the one thing you would like to change about blogging world?
    The “fake-ness”.
    I wish people shared what they REALLY think about your post. I wish people would stop pretending that they read your post when they didn’t. I wish it (blogging) was not a popularity contest.
  3. If you were not a human being, what would you be and why?
    Maybe a baobab? Because they get to live in some challenging environments, they persevere, and grow very old.
  4. Which of these would you choose – to travel the world or to visit the moon? Why?
    Travel the world. I think going to the moon would be rather one dimensional. This world has SO MUCH to offer.
  5. If you get a chance to change one thing in your past, what would that be?
    I probably would not, because everything happens for a reason and I am right here, right now because of all that. Who knows where I could be, if I changed anything.
  6. Would you like to know about your future. Why or why not?
    I used to think that I did. I do not think so anymore. Ignorance is called bliss for a reason. However, I might want to know the generals. For example: How old will I be when I die? I think that way, I wouldn’t know what I will die of (so I will not try to change it), but at the same time, I would know how much time I have.
  7. Who is your favorite person?
    My sibling is a great person.
  8. Do you see blogging as your career?
    Honestly, no. I do not exclude writing from my future career, but if it was to happen, I think blogging would be supplemental. A way to promote and connect. Not the main source of my income.
  9. What is the quality you want to change about yourself?
    I am always working on bettering myself. I would like to write better. I am actively learning how to get less irritated. I believe I am making progress in being more objective and more patient, and understanding.
  10. Which is your favorite movie?
    Do not have one.
  11. What message would you like to give to the world?
    Take care of yourself.


  1. What made you smile this week?
  2. Is there anything you collect?
  3. What would be your top two tips for successful blogging?
  4. What do you think is the best of part of being a blogger?
  5. What’s the one thing you would like to change about blogging world?


Blended Hope


Stay golden,



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21 thoughts on “Award Ceremony – August 2018.

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  1. It’s interesting what you say about learning about “Life” at school.
    In highschool I had some subjects like “philosphy of life” , “society /social studies” and “taking care of yourself”.
    I don’t if it were the teachers or the material, but I was never interested.
    Mainly dur to my parents, who only forced me to know languages and sciences.
    Now I realease, there is more to life than only that.

    I like grizzly the most too! They stole my heart when I saw them in Canada. In captivity though, but still 😉

    Liked by 2 people

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