Block party – 2nd edition

UPDATE: 9/9/18. The comment section is now closed. I hope you all enjoyed yourself and discovered some previously hidden gems. Hopefully, I will see you all next year. Thanks for coming over!

When I hosted a block party a year ago, just three months after I started blogging, I did not think that I would be in this position again. The year has gone by very quickly.

In order to see how it worked in last year, please go, and check it out here –> part 1 and here –> part 2. Back then, I really enjoyed that format. My goal was to unite the small community around me. I wanted my friends to become each other’s friends. Also, I wanted us all to get to know one another better.

However, this time around, I do not think that would work. The main reason is that my community has grown since then (plays “Celebration” by Kool and The Gang). Moreover, I feel like all of the “Award” posts satisfy the “get to know me” part quite well.

What I did not want to do was create a post, and have people spam their links. I did not want it to be another “Community Pool” type of thing, because many people are overlooked. Some people get a lot more attention than others. Some people check everyone else’s blogs but get just a view, or two themselves.

I wanted this to be fun and fair for everyone. And easy.

With all this in mind,

Image result for welcome

My kind request is that:

  • you post a line or two (do not write an essay) about you/ your blog so that the person that reads your comment knows what to expect.
  • you post a link to either your blogΒ or a specific post (your choice).
  • you do not post more than once.
  • you check out at least the link posted last (the one before you; my comment section is organized the way that the oldest comment shows up first, so be sure to scroll down for the latest comment). Please feel free to check out as many as you can. Maybe all. I just want everyone feel included.
  • you leave some sort of a comment on the blog of the person you visited (leaving a “nice blog” as a comment in this comment section is not enough) AND comment here under the link you visited with a short “commented”, or something similar.

Please!, include a short description of you/ your blog/ your post. Do not just post a link and leave.

If you are the first person to post, please come back to this post, and visit a random person’s blog.

If you are the last person to post… I will have to think about it. (Maybe that is enough of an incentive for you to share this post with others so that you are NOT last?) Rest assured that you will not be forgotten. I will think of something.

My plan is for me to visit ALL of your links. It might not be on the same day you comment, but it will happen. (Unless, this goes viral, and I get MILLIONS of comments. And even then, I would probably do my best to respond to all.)

As of right now, the comment section will remain open for a week. However, I do retain the right to close it sooner or keep it open for longer. It all depends on how all this goes.

It is so great when I read someone’s blog, and then, in the comment section, I see someone else I know. You grow your community that way. That is my goal with this Block Party. For all of you to get to know each other, and for me to get to know your buddies.

It is my hope that you come in, take a look around, and maybe chat someone up from another country. Or maybe you will discover someone that is your literal neighbor? Who knows?

Feel free to reblog this post and/or share on social media.

Stay golden,



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191 thoughts on “Block party – 2nd edition

  1. It’s cool how you have composed this post!
    I will be the first one then!

    Name of Blog:
    The Perks of Being Different

    I blog about:
    Sharing my opinion and experience on the every day things anyone could go through.
    Yet I feel so very different from others.
    (mental health, bullying, career, doodles, relationships, lifestyle)

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        1. Thank you.
          I understand your reservations.
          The problem is that not everyone is accessible through the name link. So that is why I was trying to make things easier and equal.


  2. Hello guys, I am Pia Majumdar, owner of the blog- Finally Unchained.
    A writer in making, a sucker for words, and trying to write decent poems, all in all, my blog is one hell of a rollercoaster ride. Here is the link-
    Do read my posts, and go crazy with feedback.

    It’s a nice initiative taken by you pal. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. First off, greatest idea ever, Goldie!
    Hello people! I go by the name BunnerBooky and my blog is all about books. I started off just recently and there no many posts for me to show off, but I have more than three(was that funny?) I’d love it if you could check out my blog and be friends with me.
    Please check out my blog and here’s the link :

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  4. Oh yeah I was planning to do something similar in a month or two maybe. Glad that you did it. πŸ˜€

    Hello people! My name is Saumya and I blog at Randomness Inked ( about anything and everything random- poetry, stories, snippets, letters, etc. Feel free to browse through my blog and read anything of your choice. Would love to connect with you!

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        1. I was able to follow like Goldie mentioned but I only see the email option on your page. To add a wp follow button you can try this- go to wp administration click on appearance – click on widgets – there will be an option to add wp follow button. this will make it easier for wp readers to follow your blog.

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      1. Great question. I had similar issues with Coffee’s site. Only after Coffee followed me, was I able to go into my stats page, recent followers and click on the “follow”. You raised a great issue. Hopefully we will get a satisfactory response soon.

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    1. “I visited your blog and commented on one of your posts. I was wondering if I could follow through wordpress I only saw and email sign up.” by Ruth
      That’s a valid question, Coffee! Any comments/ thoughts?
      I forgot about it, but I had trouble following you, myself. And only managed to follow after you followed me, and I was able to check the follow on the inside of my blog stats page. There should be an easier way to do that. The easier for people to follow you, the more people get to follow you!

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      1. I have noticed, if you’re viewing my blog on a phone, you need to turn the phone horizontally and the follow button will appear in the lower right hand corner. You may have to scroll up and down a few times to trigger its appearance. From there I’m still learning myself. I also recently added a widget with a follow feature. Other than that, I think it appears at the very bottom of the page.

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    1. In all fairness, this was the post above mine….and then it wasn’t. However, Saumya, I just spent a little time checking out your blog and I love your layout! It’s easy to follow and check out what you want. You have so many ideas and tidbits of info and stories and thoughts….it’s like getting lost in your favorite department store…more treasures found with every turn! Bravo! PS . I need help changing my layout!

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      1. Hey! Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you liked spending time on my blog. ❀ Would surely love to help. Feel free to ask anything you wanna know via my contact page or here itself (whatever suits you) πŸ™‚

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    1. Hey there! I just checked out your blog, “she” is lovely! I love your blogging tips. I know I’m in need of a little makeover on my blog. That’s a good thing right? I’ll be following for more advice! Thanks!

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      1. She’s just as lovely as your blog! And thank you so much for the follow. I also have checked out your blog and I’m already glued to your stories. 😊
        Guess who’s your newest fan? This guy!

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  5. First of all, thank you Goldie! You’ve been so much help since I started blogging and I always enjoy our conversations. I’m Britchy from Bitchin’ In The Kitchen. My blog is about my daft adventures and the embarrassing situations I inevitably fall into or cause! A recent example is this:
    I know a lot of you already so I’m going to alter the rule slightly and seek out the blogs that are new to me in this thread. I intend to visit often for a good old snoop through our Goldie’s blog stash 😊

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  6. Hello!!
    My blog is all about how I think towards some issues around our world. I am good at combining imagination with the reality. Here’s my link
    Kindly go through once, your suggestion will be highly appreciated.

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    1. Thanks for re-posting the link. It makes things easier.
      What I noticed right off the bat is that your background is composed of tiles of the same picture. Maybe it would look a bit better if it was stretched? I’m not sure. I’d recommend playing with it a little.
      I also noticed there is a default widget on your site. You can edit it either straight from your website, or by going to customize-widget.
      I’ll read some of your posts now.


  7. This is really nice of you Goldie! Thank you! I always enjoy your posts so I look forward to reading some posts of your followers as well!

    Miraculous Smile has been a great outlet for me thus far. I started it back in April and have met some great people along the way! I write about a few different things: I share my thoughts about God and blessings, my life changing move from the States to Romania, Multiple Sclerosis, Art, Motivation and more! I look forward to meeting some new people… thank you!

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    1. β€œI share my thoughts about God and blessings”

      That was the line that won me over. Right now, my spiritual life needs reviving and I’ve seen a few of your posts. I feel like I can gain a lot from you. I’ll follow to stay in touch.

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  8. Hi! My name is Hannah πŸ™‚ My blog is for a community of people who enjoy writing short true stories from their lives and reading the stories submitted by others. I write a prompt (along with my own story that corresponds) and then any readers can use their own blog to write their response to the prompts and leave a link to it in my comments for others to find and enjoy.
    It’s new so I’m still trying to build the community, but even still, I’m having a lot of fun!

    The link to my blog is

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  9. Hi all,
    What a great idea – thanks πŸ™‚

    I’ve been wondering if I should host something similar on my blog and call it ‘a trip to a museum’ or something along those lines and make it history themed. What do you think?

    Anyone that isn’t familiar with my blog might have guessed by now that it is a history blog. I don’t stick to any particular theme, I look at stories and themes that I enjoy and then share. πŸ™‚

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  10. Thanks for the invitation Goldie.
    My website was initially started as a place where people could go to learn about the soaps that I make and sell and while that remains true (the products page) it really has become about blogging. My blog is somewhat of a journal of our life as small farmers/ homesteaders. I will share a welcome post that I wrote in January 2018.

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  11. First up, Goldy, it’s so nice of you to lay down those rules, as the thing about the community pool being unfair sometimes does happen. I think this is a great idea for everyone to get to know each other.
    And secondly, hola, amigos! I like to define my blog as a workshop of ideas, so you’ll find poetry, fiction, parodies of famous poems, stuff to (hopefully) tickle your funny bone, and sometimes articles and rants.
    This is the link-
    I do hope you’ll enjoy your time there.

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    1. I commented on Covert Novelist’s post. Well, not the “tree” post, but a different one I found after poking around. Then I thought, did I follow the rules and read the right blog? Hope so. If not, direct me to where I was supposed to go! Thanks again, FG, for doing this post!

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      1. The follow is the RSS feed at the top of the page. πŸ™‚ It’s either RS or RSS I’m quite blind so I can’t tell you which says follow beside it, but I know one does. My son set the page up for me well the entire blog to be honest πŸ™‚

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        1. I followed you through my WP stats page. Because you followed me, I was able to click on follow back. Otherwise, I would have been in the same both with Saumya. I think it hinders your potential new followers. Is there a way for you to have a WordPress follow button? Because I clicked on the RSS link on the right of your site, and it just takes me to a new tab full of code.


          1. WOW thank you for telling me. They’ve screwed up again. Annoying. We can’t get a follow back button to show up and or work. It’s been forever since they broke my blog a year ago. I’ll have to see when my son has time to ck this out. He’s working 13 hour days so he’s exhausted.

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              1. When I want to follow someone else, I click on the name that appears, “floatinggold” for example and then when your site comes up I can auto follow. Not sure how that’s set up, but that’s how it works for most blogs. Mine however seems to be different since we can’t get a follow button to work on it. yay wp

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      2. Very good point. I had to go to my Stats page where it lists followers and click on follow that way.
        But yes, it would be benefitial for CN to get a proper follow button. Not sure if it can be done, though. Maybe it’s not a WP supported site.

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  12. Sorry, was interrupted by guests. My blog consists of mystery/romance stories I write and poems. Oftentimes when I’m unable to respond, or when the mood strikes, I include humour ie comics sayings memes I’ve found to share.

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  13. Hi ya’ Floating G. Cool idea. As was your one a year ago (I poked around there). A form of Community Pool, with a twist.

    Walk the Goats is about mindfulness and personal exploration; about spiritual ideas melded with Shakespeare’s view that β€œall the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” It’s about the many inner-voices who show up to address the mundane and the life-changing. It’s about the experience of being “of two minds” (or more!) about stuff. Some people might say it’s about the crazy voices in our heads…

    This post captures the concept. Enjoy!

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