Playing with dolls – adult edition.

This post might not be appropriate for the younger members of my audience. Read at your own risk.

Some of you might have heard about this over the past couple of days, while others (like me) might not have been aware. Today, during a routine conversation, my friend mentioned “robot brothels”. At first, I did not think much of it (another sci-fi thing that might, or might not happen in a couple of hundred years). (What happened to everyone having a robot slave do their house work?) But after a moment I said: “Wait, what?” “Yea, you haven’t heard? In Houston.”

Now, that I have done a little bit of research, it all started coming back to me. Well, not the Houston situation, but others. But let me start at the beginning.

Apparently, a Canadian company, which already operates such a “clubhouse” in Toronto, wanted to open a “house of robot pleasures” in Houston, Texas. However, it all came crashing down when an inspector found there was no permit for the demolition of an old building and the construction of a new one. That holdup allowed the city ordinance to vote, and unanimously agree that sex of a human with a robot should not be represented by a business. It is worth noting that the dolls/ human resembling robots are not banned altogether. One can do whatever they want in the secrecy of their own bedroom, but the city of Houston does not want a robot whorehouse to be a reality.

Let me confirm your assumptions. Yes, this was meant to be a place where men would go to perform sexual acts with a women-like robot. Those machines have body parts imitating the likes of women. But they are not just lifeless devices. Oh, no. They have a bit of AI, having voice recognition capabilities like Alexa, or Siri. Supposedly, some of them can even change their facial expressions depending on what is being said, or done to them. Their “bodies” are coated with silicone, and equipped with heating devices, which are to simulate body heat. Some of them are able to be “seduced”, having “pleasure” sensors all over their body. How is that being measured, though?

If you choose to buy such a device for yourself, you will be looking at a $2,500 – $5,000 bill for a single doll. Half an hour with the doll (if you do not buy it) in the establishment in Toronto costs around $60-80, which appears to be much more affordable. It is like a house – you can either buy, or rent. Even thought the dolls are said to be sterilized after each encounter, every client is encouraged to wear protection to decrease the chance of contracting an STD from the pleasure toy.

“The companies behind these devices are confident that they’re doing something good for the world—easing loneliness, providing comfort, offering an outlet for certain fantasies that are unacceptable to enact with another human being”

The debate is not only on the topic of: “Is it alright to have sex with robots?” It is much deeper than that. Depending on which side you are on, your views will differ. Some people say it is a shift for the better, some think it will bring more problems.

Women are mainly the focus here.

With #MeToo trends and rape talks, it is hard not to stop and wonder about the future of consents. Having sex with a robot would allow men to forgo asking for any type of consent. Some people see it as a good thing. If a man does not get a consent from a woman, he will just go and do what he wants to do with a robot. But is that what women really want? Will robots replace women in the bedroom altogether? Those who oppose are afraid that men will get so used to not asking consent that they will not ask it even when engaging in relations with a human female.

The dolls enable men to live any and all fantasies that they might not be able to fulfill with their human female partners. Again, some people say that it’s better if a man lives out a rape fantasy with a robot instead of an actual human being, while others say that such unlimited potential will just stimulate more hunger for the real deal.

There are people who are concerned about the growing objectification of women. A life-like doll is just that – a doll. Humans have more substance to them. It is feared that men will become more animalistic, and more disrespectful towards women.

It is believed that such brothels would curb sex trafficking and prostitution. Because there would be less of a demand for real females. What do you think?

What do you think about such intimate relations between a man and a robot?

Do you think that would help, or hinder society and its growth?

What effect do you think that would have on men and women? Respectively and on their mutual relationship.

Stay golden,



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114 thoughts on “Playing with dolls – adult edition.

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  1. See, this is why I wouldn’t want children.
    How am I supposed to present this to them and still make them believe life is going be a nice and fun adventure.
    Seriously, I am disgusted.

    I honestly cannot imagine any men wanting to have sex with a robots.
    But I have isolated myself from creeps.
    Most likely these dolls will become more and human looking as technology involves.
    And one day they might really replace women.
    Then the #METOO might be about “Me Too didn’t have sex for so long”.

    I honestly didn’t even know sex could be an addiction.
    At one point the body must be tired and just sore, or?

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      1. Oh, no worries here.
        I usually don’t choose the side of woman anyhow because I think a lot of them make me look bad as a woman.

        To me it’s ALL disgusting.
        People can call me old fashion and prudish for it, but I still believe in human contact where both sides are respectful of each other.

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        1. To all its own. There are people who will never have enough toys to keep each other happy. It comes down to a connection first. If that’s lacking, the toys will only keep you occupied for a little while.

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    1. The future totally does worry me.
      Just yesterday I read a post by Blended Hope ( on different genders. It came to mind when I saw your reply regarding teaching kids. I think you have to teach them what is right (without introducing them to some of the negative things), so then, when they find out things for themselves, they will know how to deal with it.

      You made me laugh with the “not having sex for too long”. Hilarious.

      Sex definitely can be an addiction.

      What would you do if Jasper brought such a doll home? Would you see it as cheating?

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      1. Post made me laugh. And worried.
        But what is “right” these days?
        I know many people don’t think my opinion is right for sure.

        Haha him with such a doll? 😅
        Is that why I do my daily 100 squats? 😑

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  2. This is why in my humble opinion, women want to be wanted overall. The atmosphere today surrounding sex and relationships are crumbling. At the core women want to be wanted, they want to be pursued. If men can simply take it out on a doll, then women just became that much cheaper and expendable.

    Women want to be wanted and desired sexually, but the mine field of dating and flirtation today makes it that much scarier for men. Why is female prostitution looked down upon while male prostitution is viewed differently? Why are sex dolls made to be thought of as disgusting, while the sex toy market aimed at women is thought of as men who cannot satisfy women.

    We all jerk off from time to time, yet the differences between male and female masturbation are viewed vastly different by a society that claims inclusion and diversity.

    Have you seen “The Red Pill” yet? If women are no longer the object of our admiration and love, what are we to fill that void with?

    Why is prostitution outlawed? Is it because of religion or the power women hold over men? Are women afraid that once men lose interest in the pursuit they will also lose interest in sex due to life changing ramifications?

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    1. You are so right about relationships and families crumbling because of various attacks.
      You and I have often discussed how feminists might be fighting for one thing, but are unable to see past it. Unable to see the cost. Unable to see the byproduct. Unable to see the long-time effect. Everything is about “ME” and “here and now”. Such shortsighted visions.

      I am totally not surprised that some men would rather do it with a doll than deal with the amount of BS they have to go through to get it on with another human. Of course, I am trivializing this a bit, but that is the gist of it.

      I never thought of it like that (female vs. male sex toys), but you are spot on.

      Yes, I have. I guess you should fill the void with yourself. Become self-sufficient.

      Prostitution is a weird animal. Sure, plenty of people are “forced” into it. But there are women who couldn’t be happier doing anything else.

      All of this terrifies me, because I do think that men might (at some point) lose interest in sex altogether. Maybe that;s God’s great plan – population control, because we have too many idiots.

      Do you ever wonder that far ahead about the future of men and humanity in general?

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      1. I do try to think ahead, because of my own children. Then again, I ain’t that smart most of the time!

        Sex has always been an industry and to simply tell half the population that they cannot while the other half can only leads to more division and isolation.

        You gotta let people to decide for themselves or else you run the risk of causing loathing, anguish, disgust and true hate.

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          1. Then be respectful enough to let them figure it out themselves as well. We can only control ourselves. If we are not expected to deal directly with the consequences of the decisions of others then we cannot allow ourselves to dictate what they should or should not do.

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      2. Exactly what I was thinking reading all this. I would query the number of prostitutes enjoying their job as against the millions of women/girls who even at this moment are enduring unwanted sexual attacks after being sold/stolen or just desperate for survival.

        I’m getting too old for all this. Give me love, respect and intimacy between husband and wife, that might hopefully lead to raising respectful, loving children that repeat the behaviour. Call me old fashioned or idealistic.
        Don’t get me wrong, I certainly don’t judge people’s choices these days as the whole world is so scewed that we all seek out a safe, comfortable life and love. Respect for others and their choices to say NO seems to have been lost.

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  3. Now, this is the first i’ve heard about this… and i just know i’ll be thinking about this for a while. My first thought is eek! though, yuck, and oh my god.
    and you’re spot on, what happened to the robbots helping with housechores?

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  4. No, no, no. Honestly, this is a terrible idea.

    I’m not a fan of vibrators, so I can’t support the idea of men having sex with robots. Robots can serve as substitutes for us humans in many areas but should sex be one of those areas? I mean, a lot could go wrong.

    I wonder…What will happen to women if most men choose robots over them? Would they retaliate by resolving to use vibrators and other substitutes for the real deal?

    Personally, I believe the freedom men will get by having sex with these robots whenever they want to, without having to ask for permission, will make them disrespect the women folk.

    SMH. There’s something wrong with humanity. We’ve lost it.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. A lot of things CAN go wrong. Great point. I wince in pain just thinking of such possibilities.

      Robots are not humans. We’re supposed to be the “top” specie. Why do we lower ourselves to such standards?

      I think in a way, women are already revolting. Instead of coming together, the 2 sexes seem to be set on growing apart.

      It definitely is less work and hassle to be with a robot than another human being with their own thoughts and emotions and opinions.

      Yup. I think we’ve lost it, too…

      How are female/ male relations in your part of the world? Are both genders trying to split from one another?

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      1. Here in Nigeria, people are usually sceptical of trying out “trends” like this, but I think it’s more because they’re scared of the possible repercussions than because they feel it’s wrong.

        Male/female relations are still strong here anyway.

        I remember some months ago when a lady made a post about vibrators. She reviewed her experience with a vibrator and said that while they gave her orgasm, she still didn’t get the feeling of satisfaction she usually get when having sex with a man.

        Most of the females on her friend list who have had a similar experience agreed with her.

        That was the first time I was hearing about vibrators, even 😂
        I didn’t know there was anything like that.

        So, I guess, we’re still “normal” but are slowly revolting against each other. We’re experimenting. We’re delving into things we shouldn’t delve into and it’s scary.

        How long till we realise it’s foolish to play God? Men were made for women. Not robots.

        I remember teaching my students today in a biology class that an organism can’t (shouldn’t) breed/mate with an organism that’s of a different species. But THIS contradicts that claim.

        Do robots even have a species?

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        1. The Western world often thinks about African countries as less progressed. The thing is that progress is not always what it’s supposed to be. It’s not always something good.
          I hope that while your nation experiments, they will realize what’s worth it and what is not, instead of blindly chasing the Western world.
          Good question regarding the specie. It’s not a living organism…

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  5. In my humble opinion, bring on the robots! Sure, why not?! Because no matter how many of them are out there they will never EVER be able to replace the love of, or sexual contact with or intellectual stimulation of a human woman. I don’t care how life like you make these robots – the fact is, they are NOT humans and will never be. Just like vibators cannot replace the touch, feel and love of a man, these robots will never replace a woman. So hell yeah, bring them on, they cannot and will never ever be able to compete with a REAL WOMAN. I, for one, am not scared.

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  6. I actually watched a documentary about it a while ago. It all seems weird to me.

    Also, there was another thing in Japan where the guys now have digital girl friends in either a tablet type thing or a virtual 3D projection.

    With advancement of technology our world is just getting weirder and weirder. Don’t even know what to make of it!

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    1. I remember hearing about that, too! I THINK it’s also possible for them to get married with such.
      The argument is such that some people are so isolated that they would never get that close to anyone. That it makes it possible for introverts and people with social anxiety to remain in their houses, yet still maintain a relationship.

      What would you do if someone invited you over to meet their new partner and it turned out to be a hologram?

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      1. Funny that you asked. It was last year, my husband and I went to attend my friend’s wedding. Hubby’s friend happened to be in the same town, so we went to visit him. He was in a relationship w ‘Alexa’He lived by himself. Even when we visited, the spoke with ‘Alexa’ more than with us. We were really stunned!

        I know it’s not the same thing, but close I would say. And if it was in a hologram format, that would be a relationship for sure. Don’t you think?

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        1. Wasn’t there a movie called “She”, or “Her”, or something like that a year or two back? In that movie a guy was in a relationship with Siri. The movie was terrifying. But we as humans, on some primal level need to belong. To be close to someone. So if not another human, then…

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          1. Ya, I watched it, it was the most boring, creepy movie ever.
            I understand though..humans need to belong.. in this day and age of isolation, even if we are surrounded by ppl it can get isolating..

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  7. Brutal, bottomlesscoffee007, direct and brutal.
    First, I have been so busy figuring out how to get kids to do chores, teaching my partner how to use power tools, and figuring out how to automate the power tools I don’t want to risk her fingers on that I didn’t even realize this was happening, either.
    My first thought was that this is a rehash of the Playboy magazine. As someone that conspires to make things that consumers want en mass, I agree entirely that the market drives the product. Women sure didn’t like being objectified back then, but the market grew forth anyway. Like it or not, the market for sex exists and has in one form or another for a long time.
    My next thought is to my girlfriend, whom I have sworn never to marry even while we romanticize our growing old together. We may one day get a dog to have together, but we will more than 99% certainly never have a baby together. This fact crushes her, but the preliminary fact is that another woman is allowed to continue to “deal her shit” onto me for two whole decades after I’ve tried to sever her shovel from its handle, and I won’t take the risk of letting history repeat itself. The problem is not women or men or being nothing but mammals. The problem is abuse in romantic relationships. It’s ruinous and it’s the root cause of all gender battles, imo.
    My third thought is that this is sort of like the “if you had a sexual encounter with an exact clone of yourself” scenario. I mean, there’s a little corner of everyone’s brain that takes a certain fancy for something other than the standard few arrangements. Yes, everyone kinks to some degree.
    Lastly, as someone working on the cutting edge of technology, I’m not the least bit surprised it has come to this. They’ve been trying to make dolls more life like ever since they looked laughably like pool floaties. I bet one day they’ll come with new features like fetching a beer and cooking food, too! (Because too many women still don’t know the way to a man’s heart is his stomach)
    This brave new world certainly has issues with the way people relate, but a sex toy isn’t one.

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    1. I feel a bit bad for your girlfriend for having to suffer for something another women did. But I understand being jaded.
      I’ll take some beer and good food, too.
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.
      Here’s to everyone keeping their fingers!


  8. I’m not so worried. The tech is really not up to the level you might imagine. It’s like, uncanny valley to the max. I don’t think this is going to be something that men flock to… robot sex is super creepy, so only fetishists who get off on “super creepy robot sex” are going to enjoy this stuff. Hahaha

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You have a rather optimistic view on this.
      I don’t think it will become a norm, because it is not something that’s cheap, so not many would be able to afford it.
      But if men start getting all the benefits with no negative strings attached… Who knows…

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  9. I think we’re taking this too far. We can program AI to do practically anything we could need. Sure, it eases loneliness but it’s completely artificial. It’s a computer designed to provide comfort, and at least for me, I would see right now through it. It’s not a real connection. But that’s just me. I just think we’re going too far with robots just because we were able to. Just because we can solve most problems with computers in a capitalist society doesn’t mean we need to. We need to take a step back and look at what we’re doing as a society. But I’m biased- I’ve always valued real emotions and sensitivity. What do you think?

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    1. I’m in the same boat.
      Even though I am not the biggest fan of humans, I definitely think they are better for socializing than robots.
      It all depends on perception. I guess you can fool yourself into believing anything.
      What is necessary for a “real connection” for you?

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        1. I agree.
          Though I wonder if the effect depends on the recipient. Some people think they have a real connection with other people when they really don’t, which means that we can be fooled if certain things are done right.

          Liked by 1 person

            1. Btw, I’m not sure if it’s my browser, or what, but I’m having troubles leaving comments on your post all of a sudden. The comment box is cut off and I cannot types, and/ or hit submit. Is it working alright on your end?


  10. My first thought after reading this post was concern that these robots are meant to be life-like, but to some degree, because they are manmade products, their physical looks will most likely be exaggerated in a sense to appeal to men’s desires. I get that the main outcome from the doll creations is to provide sexual comfort and relief, yet it bothers me that whatever physical traits the doll(s) are meant to both mimic a real woman and at the same time make the doll(s) look like a ready and available sex object they can use at any time. I just feel like that is such a mixed signal in what kind of perception some men have towards women. Then again, these are sex robots for men. I’m sure I would feel as conflicted if these were sex robots for women…

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    1. I think your concerns are very valid.
      There are all sorts of toys (for kids, too) that appeal to their target demographic, but aren’t really good for them, or the people around them. Same with food.
      It is up to us to make SMART decisions.


  11. I didn’t read all the comments, but I think that there is no reason to be worried, not everybody is going to use these services, I would never for example, and I believe you wouldn’t either, would you ? It’s good to have choices and options. If they managed to offer the service it means there is a need.
    In Japan some people are in a relationship with a virtual partner (really virtual, like a cartoon or something), they explain that at least their mate will never end their relationship and hurt them. How weird is that ?

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    1. I’m aware of the virtual relationships in Japan. Weird indeed, but also, understandable on a basic needs level.
      Options are good. And like you said – it is not for everyone, but sometimes I fear that some options are meant to prey on those who don’t know better.

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      1. I Believe in free will. So the sellers offer services and products, it’s up to us to buy and consue them or not. The human nature will survive no matter what. Have you seen the movie Wall-e? Well, a robot saved life on earth, but there’s hope.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Indeed, free will is important. Sometimes I just wish I could protect and save everyone and make the world a better place like Superman, but I know we are all responsible for ourselves.
          Wall-e was a nice movie.
          You’re right, there is ALWAYS hope.


  12. and the world is ending lol
    Just recently I was watching something about AI being the next generation of companions not just as toys and I remember something about an AI called Sophia championing the rights of AI to be recognized as citizens and not just machines and I was thinking the rise of the machines it begins, soon someone will be marrying a robot

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised.
      That’s where the future is headed. For years, people have been saying how robots will take over the world, etc.. It has not happened yet, but it seems like we are getting closer to it each day.

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  13. Great post!

    Q — What do you think about such intimate relations between a man and a robot?
    A — There is no such thing as an intimate relationship with a machine, at best the person is having it with themselves. Unless we are saying that masturbation is a two-person commitment when only one person is in the room. O.o

    Q – Do you think that would help, or hinder society and its growth?
    A – It will have no meaningful impact other than to create another revenue path for entrepreneurs. It may also help those who like to blackmail. Society moves forward regardless of the sexual deviancy within it.

    Q – What effect do you think that would have on men and women? Respectively and on their mutual relationship.
    A – The same effect hookers are having now. Zero if the wife or husband does not know and most likely divorce if they find out. (same for casual partners by the way)

    The real people who are going to lose out will be the prostitutes. They are looking at unemployment with little to no transferable job skills.

    Can society afford to absorb them and the truck drivers who will soon be unemployed due to self-driving vehicles?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. You stated — “Is it still masturbation if your hands are not involved?”

        My response — Yes. Vibrators are simply masturbation. They are just more complex vibrators there is nothing new here.

        You stated — “It looks like hard times for hookers and truck drivers. And also delivery people? Won’t they be replaced by drones?”

        My response — Yes they will have hard times. Did you see that WalMart started replacing people in the storefront?

        It’s going to be a lot of people.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. You stated — “I read and commented. I’m wondering if those robots are “team players”.”

            My response — Is your toaster a team player? If I shaped a toaster to look like a human and embedded “Alexa” in it would that make it a team player?

            Never give agency to things, only give it to people.

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            1. Well, that was a bit of sarcasm on my part. Being a team player seems to be important for a lot of companies, so I wonder how they make the robots fit into this. Or maybe, all of a sudden, it doesn’t matter, after all.

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  14. I checked out the link — but didn’t stay long. Those ‘dolls’ on there are downright creepy, like something out of a Stephen King story. The thought of even trying to ‘have sex’ with one of those gives me the screaming heebie-jeebies.

    But, as Andrea points out, technology advances, and perhaps one day it might be impossible to distinguish a sex doll from a human female. Since that’s an eventual possibility, it might be wise to think long and hard about the boundaries that are placed on the sex doll industry at this point in time. Men are already taught by the advertising industry to objectivise women (something else that ought to be seriously addressed, in my opinion).

    And taking it a step further still: maybe one day it will be possible to imbue ‘sex dolls’ with consciousness. If that were to ever happen, their ‘human’ rights would need to be considered. Bit difficult to address such a thing retrospectively… we only have to glance at the historic roots of the mess that is systemic racism to appreciate that folks who will have grown rich selling sex dollery to the world would fight to retain their wealth and power.

    PS You might want to revisit this section, it doesn’t read at all well:

    […] an inspector found no permit for demolition of old building and a construction of a new one. That holdup allowed the city ordinance to vote, and unanimously agree that sex of a human with a robot at a business.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. I wil have a look at that passage.

      You are absolutely right in regards to setting boundaries now. Unfortunately, we mostly seem to re-act instead of being proactive. Plus, businesses don’t like restrictions that might keep them from making money.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Also, what code do you use to hyperlink to someone else’s comment? That’s so neat! Do you actively research those things or is it something that you’ve learned to do a long time ago and are just using it now, too?

      Liked by 1 person

          1. Ah, you’re suffering from finger trouble, young grasshopper… two typos there: my real name contains a solitary ‘l’, and you appear to have included one too many double quotes when constructing that link. It should look like this, I think: Colin.

            PS My mind is blown by how little it takes to blow your mind 😉

            Liked by 1 person

      1. Incidentally, I would normally have linked to a page on Andrea’s site (so as to provide a potential pingback) rather than to her comment — although doing so worked out well in this case — but her site appears to have gone walkies, and her Gravatar doesn’t provide any other links (I do hope she’s OK).

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