CW: A talk with a tortoise.

“In exactly 99 words write only dialogue in response to the photo prompt.”
– a prompt for this week’s CW piece.
[Source: @CarrotRanch]

If you follow the above link, you will land on a contest page. You still have a day and a half to enter, if you would like.

Below, please find two of my entries.


“Hey. Hey, you!”
“Shhh, I’m trying to take a nap here.”
“You came here to take a nap?”
“I brought a class of unruly teenagers to roam around the zoo to get some peace and quiet.”
“Well, isn’t it convenient?”
“Yes, it’s a genius plan. You have to admit. Now, please, go. Go away.”
“I need your eyes.”
“You WHAT?”
“I need your EYES.”
“I heard you the first time, but what di… oh, umm…”
“I have no eyes of my own, so I thought I could have yours, since apparently you don’t use those…”
“KIIIIIIIIIIIDS? We’ve gotta go!”


“Brother Pang?”
“I’m too old for this.”
“Is that you, Pang?”
“What was I thinking having all these drinks last night?”
“Huh? Who? What? Where?”
“My poor brother. What have they done to you?”
“Teddy? Where are you? Is that you?”
“Stop freaking out.”
“Is my hangover THAT bad? Am I now seeing and hearing things?”
“Listen, brother, I know someone who owes me a favor. We can get you back to your normal form.”
“Normal form? That’d be great. My head is pounding.”
“The spell has you confused. I’ll get you help. Don’t worry.”
“Quiet, please.”


Which version do you like more? The first, or the second?


P.S. As always, you are more than welcome to use this prompt to inspire your post. If you decide to write something, be sure to pingback to this post, so that I can get an alert and check out your post. (A post on how to do pingbacks can be found here.) If pingbacks are not your thing, feel free to simply leave a link to your piece in the comment section below. The more, the merrier!

Stay golden,



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