Palm – because your phone deserves a phone.

My first cell phone was so small that most people thought it was a toy. Back then, it did everything I needed it to do – make/ receive calls and send/ receive texts. Sure, I could only store 10 or 20 texts, but that seemed to be the only inconvenience I had with the phone.

After quite a few years, I was gifted with a new phone. Slightly bigger, but it had color display, it had a camera, and I could store quite a bit of data on it. Unfortunately, not too long after I got it, I left it in a public place, and never saw it again (I curse the thief to this day).

So a replacement phone was given to me. Functionality wise, it was between my first and second phone. It did its job, but it was nothing to rave about. It was the least favorite phone I have ever had. However, being the pragmatic that I am, I had it for quite a few years (because: If it works, why change it?).

Getting a smartphone was not something I looked forward to. My old phone started falling apart, and I felt like I needed to have a phone with Internet access (GPS). The new phones were far from what I wanted. I cut out and glued together rectangles from cardboard to imitate the size of my soon-to-be phone. This was something I carried with me for a couple of days to get used to my soon-to-arrive new phone.

To this day I keep my cell phone usage to a minimum, and I still curse its size. While plenty of people look for larger screens on their phones (so they can watch stuff/ play games, etc.), I just want my phone to fit it my pants without pulling them down to my ankles. Baggy pants hanging from halfway down your butt used to be trendy. Not anymore.

If people want bigger screens (You know you can watch TV on your actual TV, right?), then why are some companies working on foldable phones? We already had flip-phones and the like. To me, it seems like we are going back in time a little with the smartphones.

Another proof of that is a new release of the “Palm”, which is … wait for it… a phone for your phone. As you can guess from its name, it is supposed to fit in the palm of your hand. It is just a bit larger than a credit card (and a bit bulkier).

This new phone is not meant to be a primary phone. It can only be ordered by Verizon customers, and it can only be ADDED to an existing plan. So you need to have 1 phone in order to get another phone. It will run on the same number you already have, so no, it is not a second phone. I guess you can look at it as “backup”, or additional batter for when your main phone dies. (Are you excited for the prospect of carrying TWO phones with you now?)

Let me tell you what the intended purpose for this Palm phone is. There are two main reasons as to why someone might want that product.

  1. its size
    Because it can easily fit in a pocket, or a lady’s (small) purse.
    And here I was thinking that bigger is better?
  2. its ability to minimize the amount of notifications
    So that you can go out to dinner, or clubbing (or whatever) without having to pull your phone out every 5 seconds due to incoming notifications, emails and calls.
    But I thought that we had to be connected to the World Wide Web 24/7?

That way you can leave your phone at home after hours, and just take your mini phone when you go out.

What is sacrificed in this phone? Obviously, the battery life. It is not meant to be your main phone, remember? The camera is also TERRIBLE – 12 megapixel rear and 8 megapixel selfie camera. The “terrible” was just my sarcasm, because I look back to when I had a digital camera with 5 (?) megapixels and it was THE BOMB.

The feature that I really like is the energy conserving one. It prolongs your battery life, as well as it cuts off data/ wifi usage AND blocks any calls/ texts if the screen is not engaged. I think that is something a lot of us could use.

It seems to me like instead of working on a better phone (smaller, healthier), we just think of gimmicks (extra phones). Instead of solving the problem, we just think of a band-aid. What do YOU think?

Would you get a Palm?

What do you look for in a cell phone?

Does size matter?

How many phones have you gone through in your life?

Do you change your phones often?

When is it time to get a new phone?

Stay golden,



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51 thoughts on “Palm – because your phone deserves a phone.

Add yours

  1. A smaller phone? One to take out at night in a little bag? I’d rather have a bigger bag! My requirements for a phone are phone, text, camera and can I have Audible? I was tempted when I renewed my last contract for the Note to write with but I remained sensible as I really didn’t need a bigger screen.

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    1. Then years later came the smartphone.
      Whatsapp and sending pictures to family and friends was a wonderful thing since I lived abroad.

      My phone is pretty much my life now,
      Sounds more dramatic then it is.
      But it’s a way to keep in touch and frame memories.
      Or when I wake up after a nightmare, I watch a funny video and feel better.

      Many colleagues have an apple watch and seem to like it.
      I understand why.
      Like you said. Phones are large and heavy. They do make the pants fall off haha.
      I’d consider a palm to be honest.

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      1. I use the computer to communicate with family/ friends that live further away from me. But it is convenient to be able to snap a photo and then instantly send it to someone miles and miles away.

        I like to think that I could live without my phone. But the truth is that I once forgot my phone and was so mad because I could not check the bus schedule in advance (I didn’t know how long I was going to wait).
        And then I thought: “What if I had to go somewhere new and I wasn’t sure how to get there, and I had no Google Maps”. So yes, it definitely is something we get to depend on.

        About the smart watch – first of all, I need to be able to look at my watch and see the time without having to tap it (yes, I know you can now set it to show all the time). And secondly, don’t you need to have your phone on you, anyway? Just for it to work? Is it worth not having to take your phone from out of your pocket just to read a text on a tiny screen? I’m not so sure.


        1. If I’d forget my phone, I would be so annoyed. I need my music and headphones to not get disturbed by others who might be loud around me.
          And google maps has been a “life saver” more than once indeed.

          Ha! Yes. You do need your phone nearby.
          I have experience with the watch, it’s just the stories I heard. I am skeptical too.

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      1. Pagers still exist. It flabbergasts me a little. Such ancient devices. (Though a lot of people have their pagers transferred to their cell phones. So what’s the point?)
        And it’s so weird not to see pay phones everywhere. God forbid you forget your phone and you need to make an important call…

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            1. That control others have on us and we have on others is something we have all unfortunately learned to need. Sad but true.

              When I was in Florida I remember when the bigger hurricanes passed through, this meant loss of power, which also meant no cell service. This was an issue when you were so used to texting and calling at the drop of a hat. I don’t know how it would be if the slip in technology took a longer break? Frankly, I don’t really want to find out either. 😳

              If I need a break I take one. If I don’t then I don’t. Going cold turkey would probably suck. 😬

              But definitely no new gadgets that cost and arm and leg for me. Loosing those high cost beauties would be beyond horrible. 😶

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              1. You seem very reasonable – moderating your own usage.
                And the cost of these gadgets is ridiculous. No wonder people don’t have money for anything if they get the newest one every time it hits the market.

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  2. This sounds like the iWatch, but a credit card looking version instead.

    I would probably drop it or loose it. Also… I purposely forget my phone at home sometimes just to get away from it all… so this is not for me. 🤷‍♀️😁

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    1. You make a good point regarding losing it. It would totally make sense that people would not pay as much attention to it (for it being smaller and lighter), so that it would be left behind (or stolen and not noticed).

      Good for you for “forgetting” your phone ever now and again. I think that’s healthy.

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  3. I’ve never had a cell phone and have no clue how to use one. Everyone I know has one. I have a housephone and the internet. All I need. If it’s urgent, you know where I am, otherwise, everything else can simply wait! If I’m out and about, I’m in the moment, I don’t want or need to be disturbed. I’m old fashioned that way:)

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    1. You’re like a unicorn. But I totally respect that.
      There’s this “worry” though, about people going outside without their phones. What happens in case of an emergency? How will you get help?


      1. I can’t speak for others but I’m never alone outside unless it’s at home. I can’t see well and I can’t walk far so I always have someone there. It is great in case of emergency I surely agree with you there.

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  4. I still carry a flip phone much like my first. I do not have internet access and have texting blocked. If you want to talk to me you have to call me. There have been a few times people have said to me didn’t get my text. I guess it just assumed that everyone texts. I have also learned that people don’t know how to give directions anymore. Anything I do online is done at home from my laptop. It’s not easy to find flip phone’s now a days but I don’t plan on changing this. Oh and when I take pictures I just use a camera.

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    1. That’s pretty neat. Texting does make life easier, but it takes a bite of our culture and communication. We don’t know how to talk anymore.

      Those assumptions regarding phones are ridiculous. I had people from work call me and waste my time telling me things they could tell me the next day. Or send me a million texts. When I tried to explain that my phone is prepaid (paid per text, by the minute) they were stunned.

      You are spot on regarding directions. Not many people ask, but those who do rarely get a helpful answer.

      There is something about cameras that a phone cannot replicate. No matter how good it is. The feel is just different. The experience…

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      1. Great point about how texting has degraded communication. One of the main reasons I don’t like it is that I can’t really know who is sending it. If I can hear the voice (someone I know) I know who I am talking/listening to.
        I also hate that everyone has a camera with them all the time. It’s bad enough that we seem to be constantly under surveillance but now everybody and their brother can snap your photo at any time and you don’t even know about it. It’s pretty scary.

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  5. No, it’s not for me! I enjoy my phone, it’s very useful and with the advent of apps like Waze, it’s made other things like the sat nav redundant. Waze updates better, works better and doesn’t cost the extortionate amounts the satnavs do to update. I’ve used the app in England, Ireland, Tenerife, Canada and the US so far and it hadn’t cost me a penny. I rarely use my phone as a phone as texting is easier. I rarely phone family due to time zones and my dad is deaf so texting is awesome. I just can’t see the need for a second phone

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    1. The navigation really is truly amazing. Even though I like an old-fashioned map, sometimes (on a bus, for example) you’re not able to stop and figure out what street you just passed.
      Interesting perspective with the texting. I have not thought of that.

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      1. I like maps too. I’m a big fan of having a map book in the car and amazingly for a ‘mere female’, I’m better at reading maps than most. My husband has frequently said I’m an excellent navigator, years of rallying finally paid off!

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  6. Would you get a Palm?

    Probably not, it only seems to exasperate what is already too much.

    What do you look for in a cell phone?

    I don’t really shop around, I tend to just get an iPhone that is a few generations old.

    Does size matter?

    That’s what he asked, LOL!

    How many phones have you gone through in your life?

    Probably 5-6, I don’t rush to buy the latest.

    Do you change your phones often?

    Not hardly, about once every 3-5 years.

    When is it time to get a new phone?

    When my current phone breaks once and for all.

    A caveat: I also do not trade in my old phone. Perhaps I am too untrustworthy, but I don’t want anyone or anything to be able to capitalize on my history. I’d rather pay full price today than regret later.

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    1. So you’re an Apple fanatic? Any particular reason?

      Good for you for not getting a new one every time one comes out.

      I never trade in mine, either. But maybe it was because I never thought it had any value. It definitely is good thinking on your part. I shall remember that.

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  7. OMG. Geez… I miss my Samsung Alias II (used eight years). The only reason I stopped using it was because the battery wouldn’t hold a charge anymore. I bought a second, used one. Same thing, like, they were programmed to all stop working @ the same time.

    Couldn’t find anything else like it so…my first stupidphone…a Samsung S5. I would have kept that but, before I could even pay the damn thing off, it started blinking & wouldn’t stay on. I dropped it one too many times. My Alias II was far more sturdy.

    Now, I have an S7. The S5 was actually better…until it wasn’t.

    I remember my grandmother complaining about the switch from metal parts to plastic parts in sewing machines. They couldn’t make a lot of money on well made machines. No one needed to buy another one for years. So, they made cheap, plastic parts and made money on servicing.

    I believe phone manufacturers follow the same idea.

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    1. The Alias looks like something I would enjoy for sure.

      When I had my old phone I laughed so hard at people with their “smart”phones, most of which had their screens cracked. When mine fell, the battery separated from the screen and the cover and that was it. You put it together – good as new. Now you need a screen for your screen. And a brick case so that your phone doesn’t break if it gets hit on one of its corners.

      Of course! It’s just business. Why do you think they make phones which you can’t take apart? So that you can’t fix it by yourself, so that you can’t replace the battery, so that you HAVE TO get a new phone every couple of years as they intended. Makes me mad, so I do everything I can to not give them more business than necessary.

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