“Thank you for being so accommodating and helping me out. Again.” – said my co-worker to me. Again.

That made me think. I sure appreciated their acknowledgement, but it was not something that I would have considered as a “big thing”. You see, if something requires little to no effort from me, and it will not affect me negatively, I do it.

Sure, I could make their job harder, and say: “no”. But, why would I do that? How would that benefit me?

One of my ex-coworkers would only do something for someone IF they did something for them first. Nothing would be done for free. Somehow, that worked for them. But what happens if two such people meet? Both expect something from the other before reciprocating.

Today I urge you to be nice to people.

To not complicate things that do not have to be complicated.

To not be a pain in the butt just for the sake of it.

How do you feel about doing things for others and being nice?

Stay golden,



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17 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation

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  1. That’s why I’m a wonderful sales person. I don’t see the need in keeping a tally of everything I do for others. The payoff for me is the referrals I get from my clients. They appreciate that I am providing more service without expectation of purchases. When they need something in my line of products, I’m the first one they come to because they know I won’t pressure them to buy something they don’t need, and won’t expect quid pro quo treatment…”If I do this for you it’s because I’m nice not because I want something from you.” The community is refreshing way of doing business, and my clients become my friends.

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    1. That’s wonderful. That’s how I believe things should be. Wouldn’t it be easier on everyone in the long run?

      It’s a testament to you being a wonderful sales person, but also a testament to your clients for being equally wonderful.


  2. I’m like you. If it’s a small task and I can do it quickly, I do it.
    I’m a bit impatient. If I see people struggling, I’m annoyed by how slow they are.
    But I also help because I remember how it was for me to learn something new.
    People don’t ask me often for help though.

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  3. My husband phoned me the other night from the street outside asking me to help. He’d taken the dog out for his final pee and found an older gent lying on the pavement and struggling to get up. It turns out he was very drunk. He was accusing his friend of spiking his drink, he gave him a strong spirit and he swore he usually only drank beer. It took a lot of effort, but seeing as he couldn’t put one foot in front of the other, we talked him into getting in our car and I drove him home. Luckily, he only lived a couple of minutes’ drive away. But then he got on his knees to thank us, took my phone number to arrange a thank you etc. Within minutes of dropping him off, I’d received several texts. Once sober, he didn’t text again, maybe my message of ‘pay the kindness forward when you have the opportunity’ sank in. Paying a kindness forward is a nice philosophy, to my mind, some little act may mean something big to another, and it makes it worthwhile.

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