Today I ask for YOUR thoughts.

Why do we value “positivity” so much? Both in the outside world AND in blogging.

Please feel free to discuss whatever comes to mind on that broad topic. You can contrast it with negative posts/ words, truth, etc. But you do not have to.

Stay golden,



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46 thoughts on “#TuesdayThoughts

Add yours

  1. I think we all desire positivity in all facets of our life. The desire I think has the possibility of furthering better relationships and deepening a sense of belonging.

    Positivity has the added benefit of convincing me to continue to pay it forward and to remember where I came from.

    If I want positivity, I must then cultivate positivity in those whom I interact with, through my own actions.

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  2. I think people value positivity because it gives us a constructive direction to grow towards, optimistic goal setting. It is human nature to need affirmation (both giving and getting) and knowing we do or make things that brings others happiness/joy in turn brings us joy and that simply just makes us feel good. Positive in = positive out.

    But, I think it’s also in our nature to problem solve so pointing out “errors” or “untruths” (as least from our own perspective) is our way to organize things in our own worlds.

    Positivity (for me) requires less problem solving skills which is why I think people don’t try to strive to do it more often or are simply not aware that they don’t focus an equal amount of attention to it when compared to how much they spend being critical in all other parts of life.

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  3. There’s that scene in Robin Hood Men in Tights when King John gets a report from the Sheriff. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmpr3eLl9E0 When is truth considered bad or in need of improving to make positive? Ah…Truth is truth and the person you are, your character, your life perspective, your philosophy decides whether the truth is positive or negative. Truth is neither one. Truth is the information you need to proceed. What direction you choose is entirely up to you.

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    1. Thank for the evening entertainment.
      What a perfect illustration.
      Sometimes I think I am a bit too objective, because that is exactly what I require – information. It helps me decide how I want to take it in that situation. I like how you distinguished truth from negative/ positive.


  4. I agree with Rebecca Fegan. The truth can be very harsh and it can be very ugly, but the truth is the truth, and it is the information you need to proceed. Positivity is great, and is certainly very valuable, but one can not live with blinders on either.

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    1. Yes, and kinda no….I think we have to consider the value in the truth we tell. Some people are ‘truthful’ with no consideration for the feelings of other people or the potential impact their truth might have. I think being truthful is important if it adds value to the conversation or person you are giving it to. I think was should consider the damage the truth might cause…sometimes its better to be kind or quiet…its all situational.

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      1. I’ve been working on seeing “the bigger picture”. Because I like the direct truth (so that I can act accordingly knowing all the details), I often think that is for someone’s “good” to tell them the whole truth. But not everyone seems to think the same. This is an example where “do to others what you want done onto oneself” does not hold true.

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  5. I think the inference feels like do you prefer truth or lies/distorted truth. I prefer the truth – or un softened or expanded news/ comments.
    I prefer a simple fact over a story. ‘Team A won’ rather than ‘Team B put up a valiant fight, and never gave in but the prize was stolen by Team A’
    That’s the trouble really, too much information is diluted into content
    As far as positivity is concerned, it’s my nature to find the bright side. As long as that’s not being used to mask the truth then all is good. If it’s used as a smokescreen then it turns into something else entirely

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    1. True, I think that if you try to remain positive, like any other muscle. Soon, no matter the situation, you may be able to see the positive, where others may see only negative. This type of thinking and acting is actually quite contagious.

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    2. It’s just like when you apply for a job and then you get an email saying how WONDERFUL you are… but… How does that make ANYONE feel better is beyond me.

      I can see why finding light in any situation can be good. But it has to be YOUR choice.

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    1. To me, perception and truth are different beasts. You can witness a sniper shootout and say that it came from the row of buildings on the right. It will be your perception, in which you will believe in. Someone else will say they came from the right. While being in a midst of a thing you might not be expert on, perceptions can differ. BUT! The truth is that the shooting happened. No denying that.

      As far as optimism of yours is concerned – Why? Why would you like being disappointed?


      1. I think we’re saying the same basic thing. In my mind, the shot came from the right is true, the shot came from the left is also true in that both persons’ involved believe those statements to be true. Same thing with perception. Fact is a different thing.

        As for my wide-eyed optimism, well it’s a choice. Taoism teaches that “you have to think of the glass as already broken”. Things are what they are and I have no vested interest in anyone’s actions but my own, therefore, while I believe the best I’m not disappointed should that not manifest. I hope this makes sense, basically I choose to remain positive so that negativity doesn’t overwhelm me.

        That being said, I do think society has overdone the “everybody’s special” everyone gets a trophy thing. Because, when everybody’s special, nobody is. 🙂

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        1. “Things are what they are and I have no vested interest in anyone’s actions but my own.” Such powerful words. I wholeheartedly believe in the first part. I am working on the second part. I do think I’m doing better than I did a decade ago.

          I find that being… realistic keeps me from getting overwhelmed. I am prepared for the bad, but I expect the good.

          Totally! I also get confused by people who try to stand out and be their own person, and yet, they complain when not being made a part of the group. We are more similar than different. Are you SURE you want to be different? Are you going to be OK with just being a part of the herd?

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          1. “I have not vested interest …” It’s one of those “gifts” of age. The older I get the more I accept 2 things (well others too but for our purposes 2) 1) I have no control over anyone’s actions or thoughts except my own. and 2) It’s OK to live a life that others don’t understand.

            I agree with your point about being realistic. I believe good will ultimately triumph and things will eventually work out for the best, I also prepare for the worst. Just in case it takes longer than I hoped 😉 Example, I survived a physically abusive marriage. Lying in a hospital on IV’s with multiple broken bones it’s hard to see the good. I did not pretend that things would get better or that he would suddenly change. I left that relationship, got a divorce, and rebuilt my life. It was hard. Looking back, I can see that ultimately it worked out for the best. It took a lot for me to summon the courage to fight and to recapture my own spirit. I don’t think I would be the same person if I hadn’t gone through that and I’m REAL happy with the person I am now. 😉

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            1. I know it sounds cliche when someone says: “I came out stronger”, but it really is the truth, and I’m glad that you agree.
              I’m sorry to hear that you had to grow through such pain, but I’m pleased to see that you walked out of the valley of the shadow of death.
              Cheers to being happy with OURSELVES.


  6. “We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorns have roses.”
    ― Alphonse Karr, A Tour Round My Garden

    My thoughts – When everything around you seems to pull you down, it’s only the positivity inside of you that can pick you up! Tbh, negativity and complaints never solved a purpose! 😉

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    1. A great thought. Definitely something to keep in mind.

      While I agree with the part when you say that a bit of light is needed in a dark situation, I am not sure about the 2nd part. Negativity and complaints can cause a person to think and come up with a great strategy for how to climb out of the dark.


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