The new era of shopping – Tips for easier shopping.

No, I will not preach about online shopping today. Even thought I personally try and keep that to a minimum, I understand the appeal of convenience.ย Do you shop online? Are there specific things you buy/ avoid buying online? Why?

This post is going to be about an upgrade of an in-person shopping experience. Have you ever thought of picking up an item off the shelf, and then walking out without stopping at the cash register? I have, too. Wait, it is not what you think it is. Or, is it? I guess you will have to read on to find out.

Since the Holiday season is getting closer and closer, many of you might be thinking of Christmas/ Hanukkah shopping for your loved ones, or Black Friday frenzy to spoil yourself.

Last year I wrote a post about the shopping craze. “Shop till you drop” is available for free, if you care to have a read.

This year, I thought that I would give you some pointers on how to complete your shopping in a hassle-free way. First of all, do not shop. Save your hard earned money. Simple enough. *drops mic*

But in all seriousness, it seems like certain stores are listening to their customers, and are trying to make the shopping experience less stressful and less time consuming. Namely Amazon and Walmart.

Back in September, in Chicago, Amazon opened their first store (outside of Seattle) without cash registers. The store is appropriately called “Amazon Go”, because you literally grab a few items and “go”, without needing to stop at the register to pay for what they bought. When I first read about it, I did not know what to think. Truth is, I’m still not sure I would ever go in and shop at such a store. The way it works is that a customer “checks in” with an app, to let the store know that they are ready to shop. Then, there are cameras installed that watch your every move. As you shop, the cameras and sensors place the items you place in your cart in a virtual cart. Once you leave the store, your account is automatically charged for all the items you bought.

It makes me wonder what happens when someone forgets to “check in” on the appropriate app. Or if their bank account is in the red. But maybe I should just stop and smell the roses, instead of thinking of potential drawbacks.

The second move comes from Walmart, which claims to have your best interest in mind during the Holiday shopping season. Their approach is a little bit different, and it seems that they are actually needing more workers (compared to Amazon’s store with little no no staff). This retail giant is putting more “checkouts” in the busier aisle of their stores. You will be able to pay for your item right there and then. A receipt will be given to you, and then you can go on your merry way out (if you are there for just one item), or onto another aisle (if you need more items). It sounds like you might have to checkout multiple times (if you buy multiple things), but that does not have to be the case if you plan strategically. And, I think it will curb the time of you waiting in line. I know my head starts spinning when I see those horrendously long lines at the store. Sometimes I leave my items and go. This should avoid such reactions.

Have you ever had a chance to have such a shopping experience?

What do you think of such time saving solutions?

Are you someone who actually likes going through the check out?ย 

Stay golden,



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49 thoughts on “The new era of shopping – Tips for easier shopping.

Add yours

  1. I did stitchfix for about a year and enjoy shopping on Amazon. I like the convenience of both.

    I think if a store like this opens close to me, I would try it out!

    I may not be open to grocery shopping online though, I like to pick out my own things specially veggies and fruits!

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    1. I’ve heard of Stitchfix before, but never tried it.

      I might give it a go, if it opened in my neighborhood, but I would scrutinize every single thing, in anticipation of errors and problems.

      I often wonder how people order groceries online. Are they of the best quality? Who makes the choice which veggie or fruit to pick?

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  2. Checkouts are often frustrating as I find myself 365 a year waiting for my turn. So yes , checkouts can be hateful.
    I never heard about that Amazon store and i didn’t even know it existed. i was there about 7 years ago. This must be something recent then.
    I don’t think that I’d like to go shopping there because at the back of my mind there will be a “what if your bill will be too high to pay?” ’cause grabbing and leaving brings temptations ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think i would prefer the Walmart way, at least if a checkout is busy i can chose another one

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    1. Checkouts are evil. I get into the one with the least amount of people/ items, and then I end up waiting the longest. Go figure.

      Yes, the store in Chicago opened 2 months ago. I’m not sure about the ones in Seattle.

      Like you, I’d worry about the bill, too. Sometimes you read the label wrong, or the label IS wrong, and you don’t find out until checking out. This way, you won’t know until it’s too late.

      Yes, I’m curious about the Walmart one, too.


      1. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
        Hmmm wrong labels ๐Ÿ˜• yep been there too .
        Well… thanks for sharing , now i know what’s new up there๐Ÿ˜

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  3. Don’t think this has reached Europe yet.
    There are shops who let you do scanni g and stuff yourself, but there is always an error, do an employee would need to help you.

    Shopping for me is terrible. I recently bought all my clothes new.
    I have 5 of the same pants in 3 colours. 20 same shirts in 4 colours.
    If I like an item, I buy many of it.

    Online shopping is an alternative. But there always seem to be a delay or the package gets delivered at the neighbours. I hate bothering them with my stuff.

    All in all, shopping makes me nervous and frustrated. So anything to improve my shopping experience is much appreciated! I’d like to try the shopping convenience of Wal-Mart and Amazon.

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    1. This are just isolated ideas. Most other stores remain unchanged. Maybe for the better.

      I remember when I first encountered self-checkout. It was a dream come true – I could scan my own items, and pay for them without needing to stand in horrendous lines and making small talk with the cashier. I thought I was pretty efficient. I would bypass all sorts of checkout lines. People were scared of the machines. Worried they wouldn’t know what to do. I learned how to weigh fruits and vegetables soon after, too. I was a pro. And then, everyone seemed to learn the tricks, and these lines became longer than the human registers. Even though these people would have just a couple of items, they wouldn’t always know what to do, so it took forever. Like you said – there are plenty of times when something goes wrong and you have to get the attention of the assistant to come and clear something up.

      I’ve experienced a lost package. I’ve seen mail being delivered to the wrong place. I’ve seen a package delivered to an empty apartment (wrong number), then the crew that was rehabbing the place put the package inside… for who knows how long. The person who ordered it probably had to file a “lost” claim, etc. All sorts of issues were going on back then, and I was observing to see how far this insanity would go.

      Shopping isn’t something I enjoy, either. For a variety of reasons.


  4. Amazon has a store now? I have only been gone for a year and this is “new news” to me. I agree with any and all efforts made for smooth transitions out the door, if no then customers like us walk out when the line is too long.

    Best. Advice. Ever!!! “Don’t Shop!” ๐Ÿ™‚ hahahah!

    I think it is best to start early and stay organized because the last minute shopping is the worts no matter where it is. Great post Goldie. Thank you. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Yes, they do, but I’ve never been to one. Not that I want to. I’m not sure if you know, but Amazon also bought out Whole Foods, so it’s a pretty big thing.

      You are absolutely right about the starting early and being organized part.

      Have a blessed week.

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  5. I cannot stand retail shopping. Grocery shopping doesnโ€™t bother me although, I tend to be a hungry shopper!!!

    I usually stick to online shopping. Itโ€™s easier to compare prices, plus I save time and money by shopping online. I donโ€™t have to drive around, look for a parking spot, go from store to store trying to find what I am looking for. I am a very particular shopper.

    I couldnโ€™t see myself shopping in such a store as amazon, how would I get resolution if there was an issue? I prefer to talk face to face or over the phone. This is the number one reason I despise chatting with help advisors, itโ€™s so hard to convey and express issues I may be experiencing.

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    1. I made it a point to not go shopping when I’m hungry. I’ve learned my lesson one too many times.

      If you know exactly what you want, then online shopping is the one to go to.

      You raise a great point – you might not even know there is a problem until it’s too late. Do they have customer service? (I don’t know.)

      I once got a Groupon (never again) and had to chat to try and get a refund. I wanted to throw my computer at my computer lol.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. It’s been alright. However, I’m procrastinating a bit today.
          I was supposed to stay away from WP, and I find myself reading a lot of posts, writing and replying to comments. I write A LOT. Just not always on the project.

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    1. Just thinking of Black Friday gives me anxiety. I always stay far away. I hope to get a couple of items online, and a pick up a few over the weekend. HOPEFULLY that will be it.


      1. Nah, for a person who stays at home 24/7, with just two friends and a husband to talk to – Shopping is my gateway to seeing more people and getting a chance to experience the “outer” world! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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        1. That makes sense. We all have different lives and different perspectives. I interact with a million people at work, and then I sit in traffic, surrounded by a million people. Then I just want to crawl into an empty cave. Hahaha.


  6. I used to use online grocery shopping all the time in the U.K.
    Iโ€™d order all my heavy stuff, cans, flour, sugar, soda, laundry detergent, pet food and frozen etc.
    Iโ€™d still go to the store for meat, cheese, fresh vegetables and a browse but I let the suckers do all the heavy lifting for me!

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  7. The Amazon Go shops have interested me since I first heard about the plans to open them. My life is busy, so I am all about convenience. I currently use Prime same day delivery pretty frequently. It’s so interesting to see our world change as social media and online shopping become more popular by the day!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, the changes are astonishing. I remember when it would take weeks for something to be delivered. Now, if you pay, you might get it the same day. How crazy is that? Will we be able to snap our fingers and get what we want soon enough?


  8. wow I don;t know if this makes me happy or sad LOL easier ways to shop! double-edged sword, at least form me. I have saved so much money since I got annoyed with the holidays frenzies. If they make it that easy for me I may not saved that much ๐Ÿ™‚ Great Post!

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    1. It was pretty funny to see your internal struggles.
      Definitely an interesting perspective. I bet those that own those stores were thinking about all the potential profit that the changes could streamline.


  9. I donโ€™t know how to feel about the no checkout line implement. I am reasonably introverted so I mostly dislike it whenever I go into a shop and the employees either hover furtively in case I need “help” or they keep their distance yet watch me and that makes it hard for me to feel like I can act naturally. I like self checkouts because I get a weird kick out of scanning the items on my own and it also feels nice to do it myself. I don’t mind checkouts at grocery stores. It seems routine to me and the cashiers are usually nice and fast with the transactions, though I can’t stand being serviced at checkouts for other retail stores because some of the employees are kinda stone-faced (as in cold, not that they’re on drugs).

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    1. I totally get it. I was at a liquor store today, but I wasn’t sure what I wanted to buy. I was walking down the aisle slowly looking at the selection and from the other end of the store I was asked: “Can I help you find anything?” I ended up walking out empty handed.
      Cashiers are funny beasts. They can go from overly engaging to completely detached. But I guess that’s how people are in general.

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