Diversity, tolerance, and acceptance for all.

First thing first, allow me to say that I celebrate Christmas. Living and working among people from various religions, I was trained to say “Happy Holidays”. Even though I am not a big fan of such diluted wishes, I understand how not inclusive “Merry Christmas” must sound. However, if you say: “Happy Hanukkah” to me, I will NOT get offended. It is still a good wish. It was meant from the heart and it is up to ME to take it the way I want it. And it is also up to you. If you choose to make a stink about well wishes, maybe you do not really want them in the first place.

If you have read any of my NROP (New Related Opinion Pieces), you know that I can be pretty opinionated. It is rather easy for me to decide which side I am on, and what I think on a given subject. However, I always urge people to try and argue the opposite side. That is part of the reason why I started this blog – to get a conversation flowing, and to see the other side of the barricade. Often times I see and understand the reasoning that the other side has (which does not mean it is right/ correct/ something I agree with), but they do not always see my point of view.

Having said that, I never understood the side of Satanism. Maybe it is because I have not studied it in depth, or maybe there is no logic to it. If there is anyone reading this that is a Follower (of Satan), I would be curious to know how you feel about the below.

To me, it is like a slap in the face. Like someone urinating on a grave. Because of that, I would love to hear some real reasoning as to why this came to be.

As you might have gathered from the intro, this post is going to be about Satanism and the Holidays. The Illinois State Capitol decided to put up a sculpture of a hand holding an apple, and a snake wrapped around the fruit next to a Christmas tree. This time around, aside the usual decorations such as the Christmas tree, the Nativity scene, or the menorah, you are able to see the statue founded by the Satanic Temple of Chicago. To make things interesting, the statue is called “Snaketivity” as a play on words. “Knowledge is the greatest gift” is what is written on the base of that statue.

What is the reasoning behind this statue? The people of the Satanic Temple wanted freedom of religion. This time around, it was not enough to display symbols of Christianity, or of a religion “not offending Christianity”, as they said on Instagram. Does that not mean that they are purposefully trying to offend people? I thought we were all about appeasing everyone and tolerating each other’s views. There was a GoFundMe page started, in order to cover the costs of making, transporting and installing the statue. Their goal was $1,500, and they reached it ($1,700). “Please consider what you may to help us bring Satan to Springfield” – said the message on the funding page.

Aside from the Snaketivity, there also is a sign from the Freedom from Religious Foundation in the Capitol. It says that “religion is but a myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds”. Now that is even worse than the Satanic statue. While the first one is anti – Christianity, this is anti – religion. And it is an anti – religion symbol in the middle of religious Holiday symbols. Does that not spread hate? It sure seems like it to me. It is very interesting how we choose to be “tolerant”, or “inclusive” only in select ways. I am a huge fan of freedom of speech. BUT, I do have my limits. While I understand them wanting to have THEIR symbol, I do not think it comes from the right place.

Do you celebrate Christmas? If no, then what Holiday (if any) are you celebrating this month?

Stay golden,



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46 thoughts on “Diversity, tolerance, and acceptance for all.

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  1. Like you, I won’t get offended if someone wishes me well, regardless of how it is put into words. Happy Hanukkah doesn’t bother me. Someone who says that is wishing me well, so that’s how I take it. No reason to get our panties in a knot.

    As for Satanism, from what I understand, it is not based on Devil worship as we have pictured in our minds or how we see it represented in movies. Satan is their symbol, yes… but Satan is not recognized as an actual being. To them, Satan represents pride, liberty, and individualism. That’s about all I know of it and I’m not even sure if I explained that right. 😮

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  2. Satanism repels me but I would like to know what it actually is. I sense a trip to Aunty Google for me. I can’t see why wishing anyone Happy Christmas is an issue. It’s the 25th of December. It’s a set holiday. One of my employers insisted we had to say Happy Holidays so I said Happy Miscellaneous instead. Actually what I said was Happy Miscellaneous, I’ll be having a Happy Christmas myself. It’s no surprise I was on her shit list really!
    I hate Happy Holidays. I won’t say it. It’s half assed, weak and insincere.
    Bollocks to Happy Holidays!

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    1. Let me know if you find anything interesting. I’m really busy irl.
      Truth be told, I am a bit ashamed that my brain is now pre-programmed to say “Holidays” instead of Christmas. Like you said – it’s weak and half-assed. But then I remember an ex-coworker who threw a fit when someone said “God Bless You”. No, I am not kidding.
      I love Happy Miscellaneous!

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      1. Yes I’m a joy to work with lol
        Apparently Satanist groups that appeared after the 1960s are widely diverse, but two major trends are theistic Satanism and atheistic Satanism. Theistic Satanists venerate Satan as a supernatural deity, viewing him not as omnipotent but rather as a patriarch. In contrast, atheistic Satanists regard Satan as merely a symbol of certain human traits.
        I think it was far more interesting in the Dennis Wheatley novels and Hammer House Of Horror films *sniff*

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  3. Great post Goldie. I guess everyone get their “day in the spotlight”. You already know me, I say “to each their own”.

    I guess the crux of this is that we are in the U.S.A., the freest nation in the world. When we live in freedom, some tend to take advantage at our expense.

    However, it is only at our expense when we give ourselves into it. Satanist, like everyone else want to “preach”. It doesn’t matter if they are atheist, Republicans, satanist, Democrats, holy rollers, climate change radicals, etc. they all feel as if they are right and everyone else is wrong.

    They do not want to be judged, yet they freely and happily judge everyone else who does not adhere to their edicts.

    I am a Christian, a pretty bad Christian, but a Christian nonetheless. I have my beliefs and when asked I happily discuss them with whom ever wants to know.

    When it comes to Christmas vs Holidays. They will say that people are too rigid with religion and tradition. That simply saying “happy holidays” isn’t that big of a deal. Yet they freak out up at corporate when an employee replies all “Merry Christmas”. It seems to me that they want to erase Christmas. Why else would everyone constantly bring up the same story about Christmas supposedly being a pagan holiday? How come Christmas is pagan, but everyone else’s holidays are supposed to be celebrated?

    As far as the satanist go, if you ever speak to any of them. Be ready for the same old spiel and some “feel good” bs. Just like any other church. They need funds and members. That is all.

    Then again, if satan is real, wouldn’t that mean that God is also real?

    None of em can get their story straight. So instead of talking, everyone thinks they need to “take a stand”.

    In the end Goldie, they are all freaks. In one form or another. They all just want attention.

    Imagine discussing which imaginary superhero would defeat an imaginary super villain. That’s all they are doing, is rolling their dice hoping more are lonely as they are.

    It’s actually quite sad when you stop and think about it.

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    1. Thanks for your phenomenally detailed comment. So true.

      You’re right – in the end, I do support their freedom of religion/ expression/ etc. But it does irritate me how it’s all about “taking a stance” like you said. About being known and heard. About trying to be “more right” than the rest.

      There definitely is a war on Christmas. I mean, I agree that it’s become ridiculous to have Christmas songs playing in November, and people going crazy gift shopping. All the essence is lost. But they definitely are trying to promote other “Holidays”, while erasing Christmas.

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        1. Easter IS such a non-factor. Since it falls on a Sunday, and there is not Easter Monday in the US, it seems like just another weekend. But it shouldn’t be! I’m trying to change it in my life. In the Christian world, Easter is the most important of Holidays!

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  4. I can’t keep up with all these new religions.
    And they are creepier and creepier.

    In my family there are a couple of religion, so I am used to say “Merry Christmas” on the 6th of January to the Orthodox husband of my Grandmother.
    Or wish my the husband of my aunt a good Ramadan.

    But I was raised strictly Catholic.
    Of course, with my background, a lot of Dutch people considered me to be Muslim.
    Even though I wore a cross on my necklace every day and they would see me in curch.
    Their stupidity and sense of logical thinking bothered me a lot.
    Which Muslim would EVER name their child Andrea anyhow?!?! Come on!

    I don’t what celebrating Christmas really means, to be honest.
    A lot of people claim to be celebrating Christmas just because they dress fancy, overload the kitchentable with food and put the newest iPhones under the Christmas tree for their kids.
    But really, was Christmas really about all that?

    As for me, I do believe in God.
    But if, for example, my parents would need medical help, I won’t be the one praying in a corner.
    I will be the one who takes actions, who has already saved money for them to make it possible.
    So no “Thank God” in this case. Rather thank the social system and doctors and so on.

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    1. Ah, yes, I know a few Orthodox people, who celebrate Christmas on January 6th. But the interesting thing is that this particular friend of my Mom’s would celebrate Christmas with us, and then invite us over for January 6th. Double the Holiday spirit. Instead of going to our own corners, we would come together to celebrate the same thing. Same with Easter. They would part-take in some of our traditions, and we in theirs.

      As a kid, Christmas was magical. It was about the Christmas tree, food and the presents of course. Then there was the craze of cooking/ cleaning, and A LOT of church. As an adult, I vowed to keep it to a minimum and make it spiritual/ religious/ about family without the craze and hassle.

      I understand what you mean – I am the one that acts, too. But while I do so, I talk to God as well. It’s a duo project.


  5. Oh my! I had no idea that this was displayed anywhere. I think if I were to read this in a public place I would quietly cry because it is sad. Just saying.

    I was also a victim of the “Happy Holiday” confusion for many years. Being a manager at one of the largest restaraunt chains means that I always had to be ready to say what was accepted as “corporate and customer approved” or face the consequences. I also had to lead my team in that confusion as well. I remember it being wishy-washy though because some years you had to say only “Happy Holidays” and other years you were allowed to say whatever you wanted so it did get confusing. I never really found a huge trouble with it though because I used to pair it with warmth, smiles and hugs so the words were just words after the feelings were shared.

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    1. It is sad to me as well.

      The corporate world is sometimes too focused on clients. The thing is that some people won’t ever be satisfied. Someone will always find something to pick on. I would be totally fine if: I said “Merry Christmas”, and someone responded: “Thank you, but I celebrate XYZ”. I would THEN wish them Happy XYZ. That way we are all happy. Saying “Happy Holidays” like you and many others have said – it’s just so diluted.

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      1. I agree. It sounds fake. Better to truly express ourselves if allowed. Corporate seemed even on edge about it because they switched back and forth. Guess they have some real people in the top too.

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  6. I say Merry Christmas to all. I don’t think anyone gets offended, it’s a heartfelt sentiment. Happy Holidays has (to my knowledge) never caught on in Britain, thankfully. I have worked with people from lots of different religions and we all would look forward to Christmas and the days off that accompany it – the people that don’t celebrate Christmas per se still have get-togethers with family and friends. My hubby works with a guy who doesn’t celebrate and he looks after the bank holiday shifts so that others who want to celebrate, can.

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    1. The US is an amazing country, but I have to admit that sometimes it goes too far, and that the UK should be proud of not always following suit.
      That’s nice. I know of people who don’t celebrate Christmas (or any Holiday around that time), yet they still request time off before the Christians get to. It’s sad.

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  7. I don’t know anything about Satanism as a religion but I do know that Christianity, especially in the U.S., has been whitewashed and Christians have been become complacent. We seemed to have removed Satan from the equation and believe that being a Christian will give us a good life here on earth. We should be acknowledging that Satan is alive as is Christ and they are waging war over our souls. It seems to me that perhaps Christians should view this statue representing Satan as a reminder of this.
    This actually seems to me to be similar to Britchy’s recent post about removing historical monuments and denying that past events even happened. It is dangerous to deny the existence of Satan.
    Merry Christmas!!!

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  8. 😮

    Oh my God! That’s horrible, they should be ashamed.of themselves!!
    Isn’t Satan already ruining our lives around the world without inviting him even closer?

    That’s outrageous ! I think they’re abusing of the freedom of speech.

    I don’t celebrate christmas as I’m not a christian but as a family tradition, we celebrate in the new year’s eve by having a nice dinner and lots of gifts.

    I’m sorry i didn’t know you didn’t like happy holidays

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    1. It’s not that I don’t like “Happy Holidays”, I prefer “Merry Christmas”. Any good wish is appreciated 😉

      As Muslim, do you not have any Holidays in December?

      I think it’s pushing the freedom a little bit too far, too.


      1. As an atheist, no, I don’t hold with ‘snaketivity’, nor any ‘ivity’ for that matter. I’m in favour of uniity, not division. Anyone who, either seriously or purely to deride others, advocates worship of the antithesis of a ‘good god’ (in this case, Satan) has evil in their heart. While I don’t believe in a magical sky fairy who knows all and sees all, I do think that the teachings of Jesus (if, indeed, any such man ever existed) are worthy ones. Love each other, be kind; such maxims should be valued. In truth, it’s the very fact that so many who profess to be ‘Christians’ demonstrate by their actions that they don’t hold to those tenets makes it impossible for me to believe.

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