Award ceremony – December 2018.

It was this time, last December, when I decided to host Award ceremonies on a monthly basis. Oh, how the time flies.

Admittedly, I am a little bit shocked, that 12 months later I am still receiving nominations and tags. However, I am still as pleased about getting them as I was a year ago.

THANK YOU for sticking with me for so long.

THANK YOU for waiting for me when I was MIA for a variety of reasons throughout the year.

THANK YOU for your comments, Likes, and follows.

THANK YOU for thinking of me when presented with those awards.

THANK YOU for being YOU.


The award I received in the month of December is:

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15 thoughts on “Award ceremony – December 2018.

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          1. People never showedt too much interest in me. Maybe it’s better, because I think I would share too much. Looking at my family history, it’s far from boring or usual 😉

            What kind of question do people usually ask you? Too personal?

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            1. That’s the thing, I do not like talking about myself. I’m more of a listener. I know people need to talk, and I let them. But when they try and ask me things, I feel like my privacy is being assaulted.
              Also, I know people with more boring lives than mine, yet they love making it sound like it’s the greatest thing ever. I on the other hand, don’t see much to brag about (even if I’ve done, or seen more than them), so I don’t.

              And yes, I have no idea why people think they can just ask me such personal questions. Maybe they think we are closer than we really are. Maybe it’s because other people are more forthcoming with information than I am, so they expect me to be like others.


              1. I am a listener as well, but only if people talk something which makes sense or intelligent.
                Have you met many of those? 😉

                I have become selective with whom I’d share my life story though. Too often I told things to people who just don’t understand matters like and I ended up dissappointed.

                Interesting you mentioned that people think they’re closer to you than they really are. You did mention you are now more introvert. So how does that work?

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                1. “Have you met many of those?” You are too funny. I swear. I like how I don’t have to pretend with you. You know how people are, and I don’t have to act like everyone is the best person I’ve ever met.

                  People do whatever it takes to make themselves better, that includes using what you tell them. It’s such a low thing to do.

                  I’m not sure I understand what you meant by “How does that work?” Just my relations with others? The impact of “introversity/ introvertism” (yes, I just made that up)?


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