Award ceremony – December 2018.


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FROM: A Rad Gamer, decided to join the blogging community in the month of February (this year), loves quotes, and does tech reviews.


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  1. What is your goal in your life?

To be overall happy, and have no regrets when I am on my death bed.

        2. Mention your most favorite destination?


       3. What is the best life teaching movie you have ever seen till now?

Most of horror movies are definitely teaching. After watching so many of them, I know, that if stuck in a house with a serial killer, I should not go into dark rooms (attics, cellars) if I am trying to escape them. Also, just because we are coming off of a Christmas season, “Home Alone” needs to be mentioned. That was a pretty skillful child.

        4. Narrate one incident that changed your life?

In my opinion, we encounter life – changing moments every day. I could talk about meeting my partner for the first time, but the moment that REALLY changed me was someone close to me dying. My apologies for being grim. However, this is meant to be a positive thing – I appreciate people more, I live more in the moment, etc.

       5. What will you do if you have one chance to go back in time?

I would not try to change anything from my past, but if given the chance to go back to relive something, I would choose a family vacation.

      6.  What is the best decision you have taken in your life? 

I am not one to count my eggs before they hatch, and since most of the major decisions still have the time to turn my life upside down, I choose not to mention any,

        7. Do you think Humans still deserve to live in this world and why?

A provoking question. Even though I do not think very highly of most humans, I do think that we deserve to be here, because we are here for a reason.

        8. Best quote you remember.

There are many good quotes. If you would like to read some of the quotes I like, I urge you to check this post out, as well as this and that.

       9. What gives you satisfaction of living your life.

Now that is existential… Hunger for knowledge, and the need to better myself.

     10. One best advise to fellow bloggers you can give. 

Thicken your skin. One way, or another, sooner, or later, you will need it.
On a more positive note – have fun with your blogging adventure.

     11. Introvert or extrovert?

I used to be an extrovert 100%. I am still unsure of when things shifted, and what caused it. Currently, I feel a bit more introverted. However, when in the right situation, among the right people, I become extroverted again. I am so good of an actor, that I do not know which one is my mask, and what is real.


I would like to re-use the ones I was presented with.





PLEASE, if you would like to create a post, in which you were to answer the above questions, GO FOR IT! Let me know, so I can go and read.

Stay golden,



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15 thoughts on “Award ceremony – December 2018.

Add yours

          1. People never showedt too much interest in me. Maybe it’s better, because I think I would share too much. Looking at my family history, it’s far from boring or usual 😉

            What kind of question do people usually ask you? Too personal?

            Liked by 1 person

            1. That’s the thing, I do not like talking about myself. I’m more of a listener. I know people need to talk, and I let them. But when they try and ask me things, I feel like my privacy is being assaulted.
              Also, I know people with more boring lives than mine, yet they love making it sound like it’s the greatest thing ever. I on the other hand, don’t see much to brag about (even if I’ve done, or seen more than them), so I don’t.

              And yes, I have no idea why people think they can just ask me such personal questions. Maybe they think we are closer than we really are. Maybe it’s because other people are more forthcoming with information than I am, so they expect me to be like others.


              1. I am a listener as well, but only if people talk something which makes sense or intelligent.
                Have you met many of those? 😉

                I have become selective with whom I’d share my life story though. Too often I told things to people who just don’t understand matters like and I ended up dissappointed.

                Interesting you mentioned that people think they’re closer to you than they really are. You did mention you are now more introvert. So how does that work?

                Liked by 1 person

                1. “Have you met many of those?” You are too funny. I swear. I like how I don’t have to pretend with you. You know how people are, and I don’t have to act like everyone is the best person I’ve ever met.

                  People do whatever it takes to make themselves better, that includes using what you tell them. It’s such a low thing to do.

                  I’m not sure I understand what you meant by “How does that work?” Just my relations with others? The impact of “introversity/ introvertism” (yes, I just made that up)?


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