We are getting close to the finish line.

2018 coming to a close.

Another year behind us.

Time for a new beginning.

A clean slate.

Carte blanche.

You have to feel motivated today. If not today, then when?

Yes, I agree, coming up with resolutions does not have to be reserved for this time of year. However, if one is struggling with implementing change in their lives, now might be a great opportunity.

Why? Because it seems like A LOT of people are eager to do stuff NOW, and you can ride the wave, feel the kindred spirit, and maybe reach goals you have not even dreamed of before.

Today, on the brink of a new year, I urge you to at least vow to yourself to strive to be a better person. I leave it to YOU to define what a “better person” means. It can be in your family life, at work, here on the blog, etc. I know I will do my best to do exactly that in ALL aspects of my life. I cannot promise total success, but I will try.

Also, do not get discouraged, if you break your resolution on January the 3rd. No, it is not over before you say it is. Pick yourself up, and try anew. And then again, and again, if necessary. Because, if we stop trying, we fail.

Any particular resolutions that you are making?

Stay golden,



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37 thoughts on “#MondayMotivation

Add yours

        1. Just a small get-together with family and friends. Food and drinks.
          When I was a kid I thought as an adult I’d be going to those fancy balls/ clubs/etc. When I grew up, I realized it’s not for me. Lol
          Any special snacks/ drinks/ menu for the occasion?

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          1. I hope that you had a fun and relaxed evening? I know what you mean, NYE for me now is a pretty quiet affair usually. Last night we just had ham, eggs and chips and I was asleep before midnight…and I don’t mind one bit 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I witnessed very young kids waiting for midnight (I wasn’t allowed at their age), who were absolute zombies, but insisted on waiting. It reminded me of the fervor I used to had growing up. It’s a night like any other night. We, as humans, don’t all celebrate the same NYE, anyway (ex.: Chinese New Year’s), so why is it so important?

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  1. I’ve vowed to surround myself with people who would encourage me to be a better person spiritually next year.
    I’ve also resolved to write and blog consistently next year. It would be sad if I waste 2019 like I wasted this year.

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  2. I will think about “becoming a better person” and how to achieve that, if possible for the current circumstances.
    As for new year’s resolutions, maybe this time not let my money go to waste which I paid for the gym.
    And, drink more red wine 😉

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Haha – the last time I tried that I ended up at university for four years! Unless I cough up for a second Master’s, the next step for me would be a PhD and that’s not an option at the moment. I started a new job within pharmacy back at the end of October and this 18 month course is integral to the role, so it’s quite exciting but may limit my blogging activities – unless I get organised! 🙂

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