Ignorance really is bliss.

In my early teens, I thought that having as much information as possible was the best thing ever. Deep down, I still do. You need it to make educated decisions. Knowing things enables you to change things, or work towards something new.

In the past, I used to look at people who would rather not know, and I would shake my head. Why did they want to remain in the dark? It seemed like something an intelligent person would not choose willingly. Admittedly, I pitied them.

Even though I love information and analyzing it using a million different combinations, I no longer think people who choose not to know are less intelligent. In fact, they might be smarter than all of us, who are hungry for information. Because knowing can bring a lot of pain and suffering.

Today, I walked out of work and realized how happy I felt in that moment. I have been overall happy for a while, but this was different. Maybe in the past I was just content? It led me to think that we cannot crave something we do not know. I thought I was “happy” in the past. I did not think that I needed to be “more happy”. And yet, here I am. Happy. This time around, hoping that I might become even happier in the future.

That is yet another proof that we do not always know what our goals are. Sometimes we do not know our destination, until we arrive and decide to stay there.

Do not settle. Strive for more.

Stay golden,



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30 thoughts on “#WednesdayWisdom

Add yours

    1. Thank you for your comment. I wrote a whole post trying to express something you said in a single sentence. And I STILL didn’t feel like I expressed it. This is what I wanted to say. I’m glad you understood, and found it worthy of your thoughts.


  1. You bring up profound insight that I’ve been speaking about lately. I say, facts schmacks.

    People think they know something since they read it in a book, watched a video about it or just googled it. No one actually knows anything. There is nothing original anymore since it’s all just plagiarized over and over.

    Perhaps the first step, like Plato was said to have said is…”I know that I know nothing”.

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    1. Most definitely. The more I know, the more I know how much I don’t know.
      But you seem like a person who seeks out information on a daily basis. You seem to be on top of the things that are going on in the world. Is that accurate? Why do you think you do it?

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      1. I think I’m just a really good shit talker. I don’t read hardly anything. I’ve been arguing my whole adult life, so I’ve had practice with it.

        I’ve realized that if you can justify it, you can do almost anything, as long as it is justified through the right people.

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          1. Radio, YouTube, local news, websites. My buddies and I keep each other up to date with current events. I also have friends with “interesting” jobs that have insight into how things may actually work.

            In the end, it’s all entertainment to be honest. At least that’s what I think. The more they can get us riled up and against each other out here. The easier their job gets.

            That’s why I’m trying to get people to communicate regardless of differences. The more unified we are on the smallest scale, the harder it is for “them” to continue to get over on us.

            I been a lot of places Goldie, some good, most bad. I’ve seen the politics in Iraq and Afghanistan. I even helped in the planning process for major combat and humanitarian missions as well.

            The formula is always the same. Promote, promote, promote. Get a tribal elder to buy in or an imam and the rest will follow suit. It doesn’t matter what it is.

            In the end, people want to be told they are doing good work. If we can be pleased with ourselves, then we no longer need to approval of others. Once more realize that, the freer we all become.

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              1. I lazily glaze over. When it comes to books, it’s very rare that I dedicate the time. I have however been slowly, very slowly working my way through the Bible.

                I would just rather talk to people and hear what they have to say. I just think there is more to learn from simply engaging with others.

                Perhaps some of it is misinformation, then again…misinformation abounds, especially when books and reading is involved!

                I think when people boast about how much they read, it’s an escape from actually just talking it out. Whether it’s the local library, a research book, the internet, church or anything else. You always have to take everything for what it’s worth, for what it really means to you, for how worthwhile it is for you to even consider. I’m just sayin, everything is propaganda depending on your view.

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                1. I love reading, though I don’t read enough (time, etc.). However, that’s exactly the reason why I read fiction. I read to escape, dream, and get excited. Reading non-fiction books is something I am not a fan of because of misinformation.

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  2. I actually think I would like to settle for now instead of striving for more, to be honest.

    As for wanting to know more, I am pretty much te same as you.
    Within this internet era, there is just so much information available and it takes less than a mintue to find it.
    I don’t say I know a lot, but I do know too much about stuff I rather wish I didn’t.

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    1. That’s exactly it. What if I was to lose what I have now? Then I would know “real” happiness. And it would be very painful. Wouldn’t it be better if I never knew it in such an example?


  3. As human beings we really should evolve, we all need to stretch and grow as the days, weeks, months, years roll by. It’s great to be happy or content in the moment but why stay there when we can evolve into even more content beings? Evolution brings progress, progress brings more happiness.

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    1. Normally, I agree with you about evolving and striving to do/ be better. I’m flabbergasted when I find out that not everyone wants that, too. However, I’d argue the whole evolution-progress-happiness part. My grandparents might have been happier without the technological progress. We are technically evolving, but are we definitely progressing in the right direction as a specie?


  4. I find getting new information to be relaxing and eye-opening. Since I started my blog my mind has been freed from the uneducated rhetoric that was swimming in it.

    This is just my experience and does not reflect on others.

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