Answer me this; Intro + Comments

As we changed the calendars on our walls from 2018 to 2019, many people decided: “New Year, New Me!”. The thing is that I am quite happy with who I am, and I do not see any need for a new me. (Although, improvements are a daily goal.)

However, as I walked down the hall at work during the first few days after a long Christmas/ New Year’s break, I thought of my blogging. News Related Opinion Pieces (NROP) were there from the very start. Creative Writing (CW) came shortly after. At some point, despite my initial apprehension, I decided to give hashtag – related posts a try, and that is how the Hashtag Week (HW) was born. They seem to be rather popular. The Award Posts have been another stable part of my blog, though I realize it might not last forever.

And then, all of a sudden, I got an idea for a new segment to add to my blog. Questions. Ones that pertain to blogging. My plan is to, once a month, pose a simple, blogging related question, and have you – my readers answer it. What I am looking for is a short answer (one word/ line). Of course you are more than welcome to elaborate, but I would like to have a direct answer at the top. That way, by the time next month’s question rolls around, I can post the results of the previous month – my question and your answers. I hope to form a guide/ compendium, if you will. We can all learn from one another, and master our blogging craft. That way, when we need some advice, we can just go back to those posts and learn.

Does that sound like something you would enjoy seeing here and part-taking in?


January’s question: “What makes you comment on other people’s posts?”

It can be one thing, or more. Please make the answers visible/ stand out, ex.: bullet points. Feel free to explain/ elaborate as you wish.

I  am very excited about this.

I look forward to your answers.

Stay golden,



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90 thoughts on “Answer me this; Intro + Comments

Add yours

    1. I’m always thankful for your insightful comments.

      Are there any particular reasons why you WOULDN’T comment? (Aside from the reverse of what you stated in your initial comment.)


      1. If I disagree with the point of the post or the logic, and I know that my comment will start a shit-storm, I won’t comment. I’ll just shake my head and go on. If I disagree with the point of the post or the logic and I think by enlightening the poster they may change their perspective, I will comment, but that is rare.

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  1. I vote YES! Great idea!

    I won’t lie, sometimes my comments is a bit of charity.
    I feel bad because nobody ever comments on their posts.
    (But then those are the ones that also never answer).

    I always comment when a situation is relateable to me or when I agree with the writer.

    But the main reason why I comment is when someone asks a question in their blog.
    It’s one number one advice I can give to people who are struggling bloggers.

    Ps. I also feel like the award posts are slowly dying!

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    1. I’ve been there before.

      So asking a question IS a good thing.

      Is there any reason you WOULDN’T leave a comment?

      (So it’s not just me who noticed the decline of award posts? Interesting.)


      1. Asking question is a very good thing.
        Although, and we discussed it before, I do think some people don’t pay attention to your entire story, just your quesiton.
        I have experiencing with both styles, but stuck to the questions, because that’s when people actually comment.

        Why not to comment?

        I try to stay away from “sensitive” topics like pro feminism and religion.
        I have my opinion and reasons, but I know it can actually hurt people.
        So no need to.

        Also those I don’t comment to those that I already know that will answer with “thanks for you valuable input” EVERY DAMN TIME.
        They should be banned from WP really

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        1. Yes, indeed.

          Not wanting to hurt others is very considerate of you. I, however, do not get easily hurt, and I’m all for all sorts of comments. Could it depend on the author, then? I hope you feel free to comment whatever you like on my blog.

          If all we see is people who agree with us, how are we going to challenge our opinions?

          I just wish people recognized the cop-out responses and just stopped commenting. I think that would make them realize what they’re doing.


          1. I do believe YOU on that.
            But many people say that and then you say something the opposite, but still polite, and you’re an immediate asshole.
            Don’t worry, on your blogs I have not been scared to say how I feel about a certain topic. But most of the time I actually agree with you anyhow 😉

            With those sensitive topics, I want to be really careful with giving my opinion. I have tried that in the past.
            And with what purpose? They would never agree with me.
            The only thing I can do is share my experiences about it.

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            1. I’ve encountered these people, too. I wonder if they were just hoping they wouldn’t get called out/ they wanted to appear open minded, or if maybe they are working on being more open to criticism, but realized that they cannot handle it.

              We all have different experiences. I think that’s the beauty of it. The fact that I have people comment on the same subject from almost all continents is phenomenal.


  2. I like it!

    My answer:
    I answer on other people’s post when I think that they’ll be happy to know my opinion.
    I’ve seen some bloggers who don’t care if I (you or anyone else) comment or not, they never reply.
    If I don’t comment it is because I didn’t find anything suitable to comment either by a lack of idea or because there isn’t much to comment

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  3. I think it’s a great idea, too!

    I always comment when I enjoyed reading the post, learnt something, or think the post has a message I agree with.
    Most times, I comment because I want to share my opinion on the topic the blogger is discussing.

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  4. If I don’t comment on a post that I liked reading, it’s usually because I don’t have anything to contribute to the topic. Or maybe it’s that I have something to say, but I can’t form the right words to express my thoughts at the moment.

    Other reasons I wouldn’t comment on your post is if I find it bitter and negative, or if I know you’re not going to reply my comment anyway.

    I also wouldn’t comment on your post if I know you plagiarised someone else’s work to write it.

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    1. An awesome response. It has all the details I wanted.

      You bring up an interesting thing that I’ve never seen anyone write about – plagiarism. I thought about writing a post about it, but thought that some might see it as negative, so I decided to hold it for now. I know of 1 person FOR SURE who plagiarized a full story. I could not believe it. No one else seemed to have noticed, and everyone seemed to have loved it. It tormented me for a while – I didn’t know if I should let everyone know, or not. Needless to say, I now withdrew from that person’s writing, as I can no longer be sure they are writing original stuff.

      If a post is bitter and negative, why exactly don’t you comment? Is it because you try to be positive?

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      1. What that person did is terrible. In your shoes, I probably would have done the same thing you did. Or not. I don’t know… I don’t trust myself. I hate plagiarisers so much and reading a plagiarised article might vex to the extent that I’d call out the plagiariser for what he did.

        To answer your question, I think it’s because of that, yeah. I have read several posts on controversial topics like gender equality/discrimination, LGBT, religion, race, pornography, etc.

        Most times, the people writing on these topics are biased. They often direct their anger and hatred to a set of people. For instance, the feminist writing about equality might say nasty things about men. Or the atheist might make rude comments about Christians or religious people. When I read articles like these, I get angry, and I usually don’t comment.

        Now that I think of it, I don’t think I don’t comment on such posts because I try to be positive. I think it’s because I try to avoid a hot debate that could go on for days. I love my peace of mind.

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      1. When the topic doesn’t interest me or when I cannot grasp the words to fully express my thoughts and feelings on the topic.

        I want to add to the conversation, not just a quick “nice” or “great post”. I don’t think those comments actually give the author good feedback.

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          1. Yes and no. On one hand yes. I’m not looking to be backed up or legitimized, I am however interested to read and hear what others have to say or what their take on it is.

            I’m a sucker for the Socratic method.

            I just want to have an honest conversation about what everyone is seeing and how we all process it.

            So yes again, if someone disagrees, then I want to understand why they disagree, because I could be overlooking something.

            I want to have a balanced understanding, and the only true way I see of achieving that is to ask questions and welcome feedback regardless of whether it agrees or disagrees or if it’s just plain of trash talking.

            All three of these: agree, disagree and trash talking are very important to understand. I seek out adversity and conflict Goldie, I figure the more discussions and arguments I get into the better I get at laying out my own views.

            I hope that makes sense.

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      1. Like is a “like” where you’ve liked something that’s been shared/said.. But when something touches you (or moves you) or may be makes you smile/think/ponder, that’s when commenting comes into picture.

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  5. I comment if something had touched me or made me laugh. If I can add something of interest or explanation.
    I don’t comment if it’s going to get into a pissing match or if it’s a subject I just don’t want to discuss or if the post has left a bad taste for me. If I sense my opinion won’t be accepted in the spirit intended I don’t bother

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    1. I get the “pissing match” part for sure. I’ve done that a time, or two in hopes it would lead to a stimulating, respectful conversation. It never did.

      What are the topics you do not like discussing?

      How can a post leave a bad taste in your mouth? (Other than not being about cake, of course.) Is when you wholeheartedly disagree?

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      1. I’ve read some things that are just plain ugly. Anti men, bigoted, racist. Sometimes you read a post and know you can express an alternate opinion and sometimes you know it just won’t be heard and it’s a waste of time. Like the phrase, don’t wrestle in mud with pigs. You just get dirty and the pig likes it!

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  6. oh I DO like this new feature! we are going to learn tons about blogging! (happy dance)

    Like iScriblr I comments to acknowledge and appreciate the blogger, a way for me to say “I read your post! And this is what I think” 🙂

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    1. I thought it would be a great way to learn myself, but also to interact with the community and give others some pointers. It’s like a live study. An experiment. Good to have you on board.

      I like your thought process. Would you ever comment without reading?

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      1. Nope! Would never! BUT my adhd brain misses some parts to hyper focuses on other parts. This happens with anything I read (books, articles, posts, emails) so some times I make comments that don’t make much sense and people think I didn’t read it! I did read it but some parts didn’t register very well lol

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  7. I usually comment if I have something I want to say in response to what I just read, whether I want to share my own experience or perspective on the topic or have a question I want to ask the blogger. I am really not a fan of those generically nice “oh cool great post” comments, so I don’t write that on other people’s blogs either.

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    1. I noticed that is something I begin to struggle with. I read, but I don’t have much to share. So then I consider writing a short and simple “Great post”, but I know some people (even me sometimes) think it’s a useless comment. What’s better – no comment, or a useless comment?

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      1. I would appreciate any comment, that means someone took the time to post a comment instead of just hitting the like button. I know some people may not have read the post at all when they post useless comments while some people may have read the post without commenting at all, so I can’t really say what I like better. How about you?

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        1. It is a difficult question. I am all about comments. I say that ALL the time. (I think I get less Likes than I used to. I wonder if it’s because people realized that I prefer comments.)
          But you are right – I am sometimes aware that someone didn’t necessarily read. You are also spot on regarding the time someone spends on your post. A “Like” takes a second and you don’t even have to open the actual post (liking in Feed), whereas leaving a comment takes more time. It is something I value.

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  8. I comment if the subject matter interests me or intrigues me. I really like to answer and respond if the post comes from a friend of mine. I like to show support. A lot of times, when I am on my kindle, it does not really allow me to respond the way I would like, so usually then I just hit like to let the person know I saw it and was interested. I don;t respond it I don;t like the subject matter or if it does not interest me at all. I love your posts. They always make me think. 🙂

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    1. Happy to hear that.

      I think showing support is important.
      Interesting thing with the Kindle. I thought that was just for ebooks. You should yell at it when it doesn’t allow you to comment the way you want.

      I get why you wouldn’t respond if it doesn’t interest you, but why not if you don’t like it?

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  9. There are many reasons that I may or may not comment on a post – most of them have been listed by others here so I am just gonna throw out a couple of reasons that I might not comment. One is time or lack of it. I find that I have to balance my time between reading – commenting and writing. So if I read something I like I will hit the like button but not leave a comment. The second reason I might not leave a comment is if I have to fill out a form to do so. In most of the WP blogs I follow I can just submit my comment but some WP Blogs and blogs on other platforms require that you fill in your name, email, website and such – again this is mostly a time issue but I will often hold back on my comment in those cases. I hope this helps.

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    1. No one has mentioned the forms before. For the longest of times I used to avoid those comments, too. Nowadays, if I really want to comment, I will fill it out, but you are right – it takes up more time.

      Thank you for your original thoughts.

      Time really does hinder our full potential. Doesn’t it?

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  10. That’s a great idea, and i bet will kick off nicely…. this one did.\
    now, what makes me comment? several things: the post caught my interest, i read and wanted to show appreciation; it’s a new blog i’m following and wanted to introduce myself and give my opinion on the topic chosen; someone read my post and was bothered enough to like and leave a comment – i return the favor; let’s see, i’m bored and want to meet new people…. and the list goes on.

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  11. Great idea!
    I comment when I want to appreciate the blogger’s work or when I need to express my thoughts about the topic. And I admit that sometimes, I comment only to socialise or because the writer doesn’t have many comments. But mostly, it is because I have something to say about the post. Also, there are posts like poems and stuff that are a bit vague and I need an insight to what the writer was trying to say so I comment to ask them. And yes, I also comment when I have to answer a question.

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    1. I think asking for clarification is great. I do it all the time and I encourage others to do so as well. It helps both parties.
      Socializing in the comment section is a big part of blogging.

      Thanks for answering my question and participating in this project.

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  12. 🙂 In my case, I comment because I want to share my point of view on what the blogger posted.

    Commenting is a fabulous way of stirring up a conversation among our fellow bloggers (Since everyone has a unique perspective).

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      1. 🙂 I would refuse to comment if I believe that the blogger would take what I said out of context.

        In the past, a photo blogger wrote a post pertaining to not having a DSLR camera and they couldn’t afford it because they were attending University (They had a strict budget).

        Trying to be of help, I mentioned to them that the high-end Samsung Android smartphones and the Apple iPhones take wonderful pictures (The option that I provided was way cheaper than buying a DSLR camera. But, they thought that I was being cheeky).

        So, I pick and choose whose blog I would leave a comment on.

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  13. I know I’m late but still I’d like to answer. I comment when I like feel like appreciating the post, its content or the author’s efforts, or when I’d want to engage in a conversation with the blogger after reading some of his/her posts. I refrain from commenting when the content becomes a lot factual, probably because I can’t grasp all of that information.

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    1. You are more than welcome to answer. 99% of the time I never close comments on my posts. I like to keep it open, because who knows what someone will want to say about this post in 10 years when I’m rich and famous.

      I’m not sure if that’s exactly what you meant, but I can get lost in it all sometimes, too. Then, I just break it up and compose a comment as I read. I sentence/ paragraph at a time.

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  14. I comment when something is especially thought-provoking, memorable, beautiful, or anything else that is outside the norm and will cause me to think about it beyond the time it takes to read. I will also comment when I think I have something to add or want to encourage someone in something they’re going through or they’ve said. I don’t usually answer questions. But sometimes I do.. like this one. 🙂

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    1. Interesting.
      When I started blogging, I did not ask questions. I thought it would be unnecessary. I figured that if anyone had anything to say, they would say it. Question or no question.
      Also, I often find myself wanting to focus on something else than those asked questions (and I do).
      However, there seem to be A LOT of posts on the topic of blogging that suggest you ask questions at the end in order to engage your audience. So I started doing that, and I noticed more comments. I think most people (that I’ve talked to about this) prefer to see questions at the end. First of all, it helps the author connect with specific question, but it also helps the readers who want to comment, but just don’t know what to say.

      Sometimes I ask questions just to ask questions and I get my answers. Sometimes I am very curious about some things and I get comments that have nothing to do with those questions. It’s hit and miss.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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      1. Hmm.. maybe I’ll try asking questions and see if I have the same result. I just haven’t because I usually comment only when I want to say something and not just because there is a question. I suppose I assumed most people did the same. 🙂 I’ll let you know how it goes.

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