Award ceremony – January 2019.


(See page 1 for thanks and intro.)

FROM: Jeanne, who shares comprehensive food recipes, food reviews, food history and more. I have tried a few recipes and they turned out great, so give them a try yourself.


  1. You must thank the person who nominated you
  2. Use the graphic provided.
  3. Answer the questions given.
  4. Nominate other people.
  5. Give the nominees questions to answer.
  6. HAVE FUN!


1. What present did you always want as a child and never received?
No clue. Maybe that means that I always got what I wanted. Maybe it means that I never want unnecessary thing. You decide. BUT, my sibling wanted a reindeer, which they never got.

 2. What are your top 5 Christmas movies?
Home Alone, Home Alone, Home Alone, Home Alone and probably Home Alone. It is a family childhood tradition that I just cannot let go of.

3. Out of all the Christmas songs, which one makes you truly joyful?
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town!

4. What special memory do you have of Christmas morning?
Joyous faces coming together.

5. What was your favorite Christmas gift?

6. At what age did you realize that Santa was not real?
I think somewhere around 7-8. At least the image that I had in mind. Santa IS real, though.

7. How long do you stay awake on Christmas Eve?
Depends. Ideally, I go to bed at the same time I would on any other day.

8. What traditions have you made for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
    Working on my own, but I am all about ditching stress and enjoying the Season. There are plenty of food traditions, though.

9. Are you a all year Christmas shopper or a last minute shopper?
Neither. I think last minute shopping is ridiculous. Who wants to be running around… wait.. Who wants to be snailing around and be stuck for an hour in the parking lot? But “all year” is too much. If I see something in January that I think someone will like, I do not keep it until Christmas. I gift it to them just because. I think the end of October/ November is when I do most of my Christmas shopping.

10. What is the hardest thing you have ever had to put together during Christmas?
A funeral.

I will not nominate anyone, since you might not be like me. You might not want Christmas-y things on your blog in January. But, if you do, feel free to answer the above questions. (Or share in the comment section!)

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25 thoughts on “Award ceremony – January 2019.

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  1. Hey congrats!

    What makes you choose a book to read?
    Its adventurous plot

    What makes you keep reading with fervor a book you started?
    The suspense of the story and my fondness of the character

    What makes you ditch a book you started reading?
    If it has certain “language” or if it’s boring

    Funny/ weird question: What are you wearing
    Black pants, white shirt , orange sweater and socks , brown/green walking shoes, and brown coat

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  2. Wow. I really enjoyed reading this one. 😊
    Congratulations on your awards and thanks for nominating me.

    Now, let’s answer your questions.

    What makes you choose a book to read?
    An exciting story plot that’s not cliché.

    What makes you keep reading with fervor a book you started?

    The characters (and the plot). If I’ve bonded with the characters, I would keep reading the book with great enthusiasm, except in a case I would elaborate on in my answer number to your next question.

    What makes you ditch a book you started reading?
    Complex vocabulary. Who wouldn’t love a book that has a good plot and is written in Hemingway’s style? If a book seems like a comprehensive chemistry textbook, I would stop reading it, no matter how intriguing the characters are.

    Funny/ weird question: What are you wearing?

    Multicoloured T-shirt (Blue and grey are the dominant colours) and grey knickers. I’m about to strip down to just a singlet and my boxers. The weather is soooooo hot! 😔

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been cooler here the past few days, so I can’t wait for warmer weather.

      Thanks for answering. I see a lot of people have similar answers. Very interesting. I didn’t think a properly developed character was so important. To me, the plot is the main thing.

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  3. Goldie, as always, you crack me up. This was a fun post, and many many thanks for my nomination as well. I loved the golden goose. That was perfect for me and “A Jeanne in the Kitchen”. There are plenty of days when that fells like the only thing I have time for. You can find me at Please feel free to stop by and say hi. Let me make you dinner, even if only virtually.

    What makes you choose a book to read?
    The story line. If it intrigues me and/or tickles my fancy, I read it.

    What makes you keep reading with fervor a book you started?
    The book, plot, story and or characters have to hold my interest.

    What makes you ditch a book you started reading?
    Very rarely do I not finish a book once I’ve started it, regardless of how bad I think it is. I keep thinking something has to get better, often times to find out I was wrong. Maybe it is a little OCD about finishing what I start and not being a quitter after starting something. I like to see things through to the finish.

    Funny/ weird question: What are you wearing?
    I am in wearing yoga pants, my CUDA team T-shirt and a grey pawprint sweatshirt.

    Please be as detailed as you wish.

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    1. I don’t often put a book down, either. Like you, I expect it to get better. But I’ve learned that most often than not, it doesn’t. So once I feel like dropping it, I give it one more chance. After that, I’m allowed to drop it if it doesn’t meet my expectations.

      I hope the sweatshirt is keeping you warm and you are recovering speedily.

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  4. Hahah, this is wonderful.
    You gave me a pug! I will treat him like a princess!

    You seem to know your readers. 🙂

    Here are also my answers to the questions:

    1. What makes you choose a book to read?
    Bizarre murders.

    2. What makes you keep reading with fervor a book you started?
    The book needs to be a page turner, but it also depends on the location I am.
    I like reading on the beach, plane or car. At home, not so much.

    3. What makes you ditch a book you started reading?
    I guess that never really happened. I am always too curious about who commited the crime!

    4. Funny/ weird question: What are you wearing?
    Maple leaves PJ pants and an aubergine colored shirt.

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