A big part of the United States of America is battling dangerously cold weather, which is a result of a split in the Polar Vortex. Multiple people were already pronounced dead due to the weather conditions this season. I hope you are all safe and warm.

The cold and the snow reminded me of the winters when I was a kid. I seem to remember that they were worse then than they have been in recent years. Maybe it is true, or maybe I just grew taller and got used to things. Do you remember your childhood winters being extremely cold/ snowy?

As an adult, I find winter to be a nuisance, but as a child, I thought of it very fondly. It was my favorite season. The moment it started snowing, I had my face glued to the window, checking (way too often) how much of it fell. The second I woke up, I would run to the window to see if there was added snow, or if it melted. The fun began as soon as I left the house. If there was someone else leaving it with me (parent, or sibling), a snowball fight would ensue immediately. It would end rather quickly most of the time, since parents were “no fun” and refused to participate. If they stayed inside, I would throw a snowball at the window. And get yelled at for it because that made my gloves wet, rendering them useless. Of course there were snowball fights on our way to school whenever I met with other classmates. The ultimate goal was to smear snow on someone’s face. Doing so would get you mad respect, but the victim could get very upset. Or angry. And then you had to watch your every move so as not to become a victim yourself.

When I was a younger kid, my family members would have me sit on a sled, and they would pull it all the way to school and back. I felt so important having my own driver at the age of 6.

The real good times, however, occurred mostly on the weekends, or during a winter break. A bunch of kids would meet at a hilly part of town and we would sled down the steepest slops. There were also plastic saucers, which we used to be closer to the ground. Thick plastic sacks were also used. And sometimes, if the ratio of kid to sledding device was too high, we would slide down on our pants.

Needless to say, once we returned home our parents were strongly dissatisfied with the amount of soaked clothing there was (even when wearing snowsuits).

Aside from plan old fun, snowy winters were also very educational. You cannot build a snowman, or an igloo without learning a few things about physics, architecture and design. Have you ever built a snowman only to have your dog run it over? Have you ever completed an igloo after many cold days just for it to melt the next day?

What is your relationship with winter now?

Do you have fond memories of winter as a child?

Stay golden,



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31 thoughts on “#ThrowbackThursday

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    1. I hear ya. I wonder why that really is. Is it the responsibilities that we have? Or the fact that adults shouldn’t be having fun in the snow? Or the cold. Why are we cold all of a sudden, when as kids we didn’t feel it as much?


  1. Winter is and has always been my favorite time of year.

    Q. What is your relationship with winter now?

    A. I love it, so many fond memories. When my wife and I first met, it was winter. When my Daughter was born it snowed. I love everything about it.

    Q. Do you have fond memories of winter as a child?

    A. I do, from falling into a frozen lake to building snow forts and sledding. Making money by shoveling people’s sidewalks and driveways. The best time of year!

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  2. I spent a lot of winters in my childhood hoping for lots of snow so I would not have to go to school, haha. Other than that, I hated it when the weather got very cold. This year’s winter is not so bad, only because the temperatures are not in the minus region. I am waiting patiently for spring.

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  3. You’ve read my woes about winter, being from Newfoundland, the weather is all we talk about. Our winters are like if mother nature went on a four-night bender and decided to use this island of ours as her personal toilet. Lol. Seriously though, I am the same, so many fond memories as a kid, but now I rather hibernate straight through it.

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  4. I saw something like 8′ in a week last time I lived in Colorado at 7500 ft elevation. I think it was 94 that I lived in a house with a door to nowhere on the second floor, and subsequently found out why it was there! I’m with bottomless coffee, I loved winter as a kid. Still do, just that I now get to choose when I’m ready to deal with the snow about 363 days of the year. The remainder of the time I laugh at the city’s paralysis! We *might* get a dusting next week, we’ll see!

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    1. It’s really annoying how the winter-> roads->drivers-> traffic ->annoyance. Don’t you think?
      Do you get to move between a summer home and a winter house? Or do you just simply live in a milder climate?


      1. I’m in a temperate rainforest. It hardly dips below freezing, and some of the natives have never seen a windshield scraper. At the same time, Mt Hood, an hour away enjoys snow year round. In snowy climates, people generally know how to drive in it. Here, people lose their mind at the first flake of snow. It’s just panic and chaos until every road is a parking lot. I once saw a car slide itself 90 degrees perfectly rotated in place in two frigging inches of snow. Crazy!

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  5. The only bad thing about winter is that next season is spring.
    Sunlight, chirping birds, ants. Ugh!

    I used to always make a snow duck! I was pretty proud of it. Seeing it melt away made me sad.
    I always liked winters though. Cozying up at home and good nights of sleep are the best!

    Is there any real winter where you live?

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    1. You made me chuckle. “Chirping birds” Too funny. But that part I agree with. Annoying.

      A snow DUCK? I’ve never heard of it.

      It’s colder, but nothing below freezing yet.


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