HW: #WednesdayWisdom; Open your eyes and see what you have. Appreciate.

Throughout my life I have lived in various places.

To me, they were home.

To outsiders, they were tourist destinations.

The more I stayed at that particular place, the more used to it I got, which meant I noticed less and less of its charm.

Just recently, I was talking with a friend about the place I currently live in. To them, this city/ region is nothing special, because they have lived here most of their lives. To me, it is still fairly new. We both acknowledged that for people living in other parts of the country/ world, the place we call home is wonderland.

I keep being asked if the fascination wore off for me yet. It has not. Maybe I have not been here for long enough. Or maybe it is because I fall in love slowly, but for forever. I still hold dear the places I used to live in before.

At the same time, I realize that somewhere between the daily routine and various trials and tribulations, we stop looking around in amazement, and we focus on what is right in front of our noses. It is my intention to not let that happen. Like a child who gets a new, shiny toy, only to grow tired of it in a week, we move onto another obsession. I hope that when the shine wears off, I will have the presence of mind to remind myself of why I wanted that toy.

Take a walk around your neighborhood/ town when you get the chance. Notice the good things for a change. Try and see what people from out of town would find fascinating. See the world through a kid’s eyes. Treat it like it is something you have not experienced before. When we do that, we often discover things we have overlooked in the past.

This, of course does not have to pertain to the geographical place we live in, but also our home, our family, our workplace, etc.

Do you appreciate what you have?

If I was to visit you in your city/ town, what would you show off to me? 

Stay golden,



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20 thoughts on “HW: #WednesdayWisdom; Open your eyes and see what you have. Appreciate.

Add yours

  1. Q. Do you appreciate what you have?

    A. Yes, I think when someone starts to not appreciate or no longer appreciates, then it is that much easier for them to lose what they may have once cherished. I think we cannot sometimes explain why we value something or someone, it’s almost as if the feeling allows us to see and feel deeper. But once the glasses are removed, we see another aspect that was always present, we just weren’t bothered by it. I think everywhere is relatively the same, it’s the feeling and the attitude that is different. We choose on our own, whether we like to or not. We make excuses, when really we knew all along. Some places click and others don’t. It’s life.

    Q. If I was to visit you in your city/ town, what would you show off to me? 

    A. My backyard where I relax with a beer. Would you like a drink? I have soda, water, milk, tea, coffee, beer or something a tad stronger?

    Swing on by Goldie!

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    1. I don’t know. I have always been able to find myself in ANY place. Maybe I was just lucky, or maybe it was my mindset. Like you said – the feeling and attitude matters. Some people feel good only at home. I’m not like that. Everywhere is home. Well, not everywhere, but it can be!

      Sounds like a plan. Something stronger, please.
      As far as beers are concerned – American, or imported?

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  2. I appreciate what I have, and I don’t even know why I do. I suppose it’s how I’m wired. I tend to value the things I have because I can imagine how devastated I would be if I ever lose them. But it gets to a point when we become so used to the things we value and start taking them for granted. It’s not like we stop appreciating these things. We just don’t notice their importance anymore. This life is full of paradoxes.

    If you were to visit my hometown, I would either take you to a restaurant that serves our native foods, or take you to participate in any of our cultural festivals – probably the Iri Iji. (That’s our New Yam Festival)

    For your sake, I just hope you know how to dance like mad.

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    1. That’s good.

      I don’t think I was always like that (appreciating what I have), but I have re-wired myself that way throughout the years.

      You’re right – we don’t notice things anymore. That’s why we need to remind ourselves to stop and take it all in every now and again.

      I thought you would cook something yourself. Cultural festival sounds amazing.

      You made me laugh with the dancing part. I would probably bring you shame, and embarrassment, but I would surely try.

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      1. I can’t cook the foods that we recognize as native foods. 😂
        Cooking those foods is not for the fainthearted. It takes years of learning and practice to master the art.

        I can only cook the native foods that aren’t so native.

        Eh, so long as you try, there’s no problem. I might even learn some dance steps from you since I’m so bad at it.

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  3. Like you, I have moved quite a lot of times.
    I never liked where I lived. Nothing was home to me.
    It was just a place to sleep and work.
    But I have not yet lived in the country that is meant for me, so it’s hard to feel happy.

    To answer your question, NO I do not appreciate what I have because I know it’s just temporary.

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  4. I love to travel. It always helps me reset and regain energy for my work. I find I feel comfortable just about everywhere I go. I LOVE to explore and see new things. I do find that the longer I go without a vacation, the more I dislike my surroundings. But I also have very little appreciation for cold weather.

    I love to talk to people who move to the Midwest, especially where I am. I am very interested in why they move from places with ocean and/or mountains, for flat grass land.

    But if you were to visit the city I live in, I would suggest the the cultural history museums here and checking out the newest urbanization happening downtown.

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    1. I 100% relate to your paragraph about travelling.

      Midwest… there are the Great Lakes! They are beautiful, too. And interestingly enough, I know people who love Midwest for exactly that – being mild and average in many aspects.

      Sounds like a plan!

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